NEW YORK, NY, July 10, 2007 — Teens spend an average of $91 to $104 a week – or more than $160 billion a year, according to recent studies by Teen Research Unlimited. And despite rising college costs, student enrollment continues to rise: 2005 saw a record 17.3 million students attending college; enrollment is predicted to increase 12% over that by 2014 – so says the same study.

To help local and national businesses in their efforts to target and attract this young demographic with promotional products, ePromos Promotional Products today released its list of top-5 strategies designed to help businesses large and small gain and keep youth attention during the upcoming back-to-school season.

“Students wield a huge amount of purchasing power and influence over purchasing decisions,” says Mark Yokoyama, ePromos’ Director of Marketing and Merchandising. “It’s important for local businesses to address this group at the beginning of the school year, which in turn can dramatically boost sales all year long.”

The top five strategies are:

  1. Know Your Target Audience. It’s essential to discover which promotional products will be most useful to teens. For instance, since 9,000 teens get their driver’s licenses every day, car-related items fare well. ePromos’ Pick: Deco Key Light (8822635), a handy keychain device that gives a student a ready light source for ruffling through a crowded backpack, purse or locker.
  2. Go High-Tech. Did you know that 63% of teens purchase electronics without the help of mom and dad? The teen demographic is particularly impressed by quality high-tech products . ePromos’ Pick: USB 2.0 Memory Stick with 128 MB of Storage (8817822), perfect for transporting homework to and from school while reminding students of your company in the process; not to mention – all their friends will want one, too!
  3. Be Visible. High visibility equates to high word-of-mouth buzz among the student demographic. Local businesses find that both buzz and traffic increase when they provide promotionally branded products students can flaunt to their peers. ePromos’ Pick : Drawstring Backpack (8822559), convenient for toting books, gym clothes and everything else a student carries with them while effectively spreading your message among the student body.
  4. Be Functional. Give a student something they’ll use regularly to maximize your exposure; athletic-type promotional products fit the bill here since 65% of students participate in athletics. ePromos’ Pick: 32 Ounce Sports Bottle ( 8820184), union-made in the USA, this product is useful both on and off the field. The silkscreen printing process ensures your message or logo stands out loud and clear.
  5. Put a New Spin on the Classics. Students are early adopters so unique, new products beyond the traditional pen, pencil and notebook have the most appeal. ePromos’ Pick: Calcu-Note On-the-Go Notebook (8824095) combines a solar-powered calculator and notebook into one to help your company impress students while achieving promotional goals.

The promotional items on ePromos Top 5 Back to School Strategies list, and many others, are available at or by calling 1-800-LOGO-216.