NEW YORK, NY, August 27, 2007 — Can promotional products really help companies open new revenue streams, drive campaign awareness, boost Web traffic and cut new hire turnover? They can – according to The Promo Know-How Zone, launched today at by ePromos, a leader in branded promotional products. The first-of-its-kind blog, designed to be a resource for customers, the press and the business community, presents and seeks stories of companies successfully using promotional products to boost business and reach goals.

“Lots of people ask us, ‘Can promotional products really help us do that?’” says Mark Yokoyama, Director of Marketing and Merchandising. “Since we’ve helped thousands of customers reach thousands of unique goals, we knew we could provide an answer by creating a resource that shares how successful promotions are put together. And that’s what The Promo Know-How Zone is all about. It’s a place where our audience—and, really, anyone interested in the promotional products industry—can turn for in-depth information on how to use promotional products in many industries and ways.”

The company compiled over 100 detailed case studies for its initial blog launch. At the site, visitors can subscribe for automated e-mail or feed updates, as well as sort and search studies by industry: from accounting and construction to healthcare and real estate, by product type: from apparel and home and garden to desktop items and travel accessories, as well as by campaign type: from corporate gifts and new product launches to direct mail and trade show promotions.

Each story, usually fewer than 600 words, shares how a particular promotion was developed, including the company’s unique goals and challenges and how and why a solution ultimately worked. Stories also include color photographs of the winning promotional items.

Yokoyama says that the firm chose the blog format because of its widespread popularity. “Plus, we also wanted to encourage and allow readers to comment, leave feedback and submit their own examples of successful promo campaigns,” he explains. “It’s a way for business people to share knowledge and for all of us to help each other.”

Jason Robbins, CEO of ePromos, shares Yokoyama’s enthusiasm. “The new blog distinguishes ePromos from traditional promotional products distributors,” he says. “It’s a place where the global community can see first-hand the difference between the order-taking and the goal-oriented distributor. Also, as a top-100 distributor out of 22,000, we’re able to harness the true power of our size to launch and sustain a Web 2.0-type community where marketers can share experiences with other marketers.”

The Promo Know-How Zone at joins ePromos’ other online educational resources, which are freely available to those interested in corporate gifts, promotional items and employee incentives. For more information about ePromos or its products and services, visit or call 1-800-LOGO-216.