NEW YORK, NY, July 20, 2007 — ePromos, a leader in the promotional products industry, today unveiled its “green” products collection to support the swelling number of U.S. businesses – now reported at 70,000+ – committed to environmental conservation by the use of green products.

“The growing public awareness about global warming and other major environmental issues has driven more and more businesses to demand green promo products,” says Mark Yokoyama, Director of Marketing at ePromos. “Companies are recognizing that doing something good for the environment benefits not only the planet but, also, the image of the business as an environmentally responsible enterprise.”

According to Dena Rothstein, ePromos’ Merchandising Manager, manufacturers of promotional products have responded to the increase in demand. “Manufacturers have increased the number of environmentally friendly products they offer,” says Rothstein. “And more green products on the market means that they’re more economical, so marketing managers, human resources pros and others who use promotional products as part of their strategy now have viable alternatives that are good for the environment,” she explains.

ePromos’ new green product line includes more than 100 eco-friendly promotional products that fall into one of four categories: biodegradable, hand-powered, organic and recyclable.

Biodegradable products, manufactured with decomposable materials, ease the burden on landfills. ePromos’ pick: the Corn Plastic Coffee Mug (SKU: 8821530), made from biodegradable corn plastic, which breaks down naturally when composted.

Hand-powered products, useful in emergency situations, reduce the need for disposable batteries—a major source of toxic waste. ePromos’ pick: the Dynamo Flashlight / Radio / Multiple Brand Cell Phone Charger (SKU: 8817594). This crank-powered FM radio/flashlight will charge any brand of cell phone during power outages.

Organic products, made with chemical-free and pesticide-free organic cotton, are increasingly sure people-pleasers; the Organic Exchange estimates 35% annual growth in organic cotton sales worldwide. ePromos’ pick: the Organic Economy Tote (SKU: 8825983), crafted of 100% organic cotton. Also recommended are organic t-shirts by Anvil® and American Apparel®.

Recyclable products, manufactured with recycled materials, conserve diminishing natural resources. ePromos’ pick: the Recycled Paper Pencil (SKU: 8824646) feels like wood but is made from 50% recycled paper; its tip, when sharpened, looks like confetti.

The green promotional items mentioned here, and many others, are available at or by calling 1-800-LOGO-216.