NEW YORK, NY, December 5, 2008 — With consumer spending on the decline and jobless claims on the rise, leading promotional products company ePromos Promotional Products, Inc. has identified five great products for the new Great Depression. For struggling businesses, these five products were selected as the optimal use of promotional advertising budgets during trying times.

“While goofy freebie items were seen as a symptom of dot-com excess, practical promos are the ideal advertising vehicle during a recession,” says Jason Robbins, President of ePromos. “While everybody loves free stuff – even in boom times – in the current market, companies have a chance to make a much bigger impact. We feel consumers will respond very favorably to businesses that use their advertising budgets to help their customers in a time of need.”

While ePromos has always advised clients to choose useful promotional products, the epidemic of belt-tightening around the world has made this strategy even more prevalent. A recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that 81 percent of promotional products were kept by recipients because they were considered useful, and the majority of survey participants had done business with the advertiser after receiving a product. “During a time when we’re facing turbulent economic conditions, this research advises marketers and business owners to invest in advertising specialties (promotional products) now more than ever,” said ASI president and CEO Timothy Andrews.

ePromos also anticipates the advertising impact of promotional products will increase. “As people hold onto these items longer and use them more, the same investment in product gets you much more visibility,” says Mark Yokoyama, Director of Marketing and Merchandising for ePromos. “In this economic climate the average person isn’t going to throw away something useful, so the cost per impression goes way down.”

ePromos’ Top Five Products for the New Great Depression:

Jumbo Reusable Grocery Tote (SKU 8827914 – as low as $1.79) As more cities and states face budget shortfalls, the trend towards taxes on disposable plastic bags is likely to accelerate. This useful, inexpensive item is a great way to build customer loyalty, and a miniature billboard for your brand.

Insulated Lunch Bag (SKU 8825847 – as low as $2.69) As more people pack their lunch instead of eating out, sales of this product have been jumping. According to our informal calculations, it only costs half as much as the average sandwich.

Aluminum Sports Bottle (SKU 8829697- as low as $3.39) This already trendy item is bound to get more popular as more people reconsider buying bottled water when they can get it for free from the tap. It is also a great alternative to plastic bottles that contain BPA.

Color Ring Stainless Steel Tumbler (SKU 8822348 – as low as $3.89) Fewer four dollar lattes and more coffee from home are bringing this commuter staple back in a big way. Plus, it costs less than one of those four dollar lattes.

Drawstring Backpack (SKU 8822559 – as low as $1.56) Already a top seller, this promotional bargain is the perfect low-cost promo for anyone who wants to reach a large audience on a budget while still offering a truly useful item. Just add a stick and you can also transform it into a bindle in time to catch the next freight train.

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