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Rebuild Your Life Month

At ePromos, we want everyone to live a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why we want to help you recognize June as Rebuild Your Life Month with our promotional products. We have an enormous selection products that can help you show your devotion to the people you work with and for. These products will show everyone that you care about them on a very personal level. Rebuild Your Life Month was put in place to help people think about better and more effective ways to handle all types of different situations. It also offers a great opportunity for you to feel good about yourself. Rebuild Your Life Month is a very rewarding time and it will serve anyone well to celebrate it. At ePromos, we have a wide selection of items that can promote this great celebration! Inform your fellow employees about Rebuild Your Life Month with items like logo award recognition plaques, promotional award plaques, custom logo award plaques, printed award plaques. To plan a promotion for Rebuild Your Life Month, call ePromos today! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Rebuild Your Life Month with ePromos Promotional Products

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June 11 - 17, 2012
National Men’s Health Week

To help National Men’s Health Week (June 13th-18th) with its mission to raise awareness, ePromos offers a large selection of promotional items for distribution to the public. Each year we celebrate National Men’s Health Week as the week leading up to and including Father’s Day. The purpose of this week-long event is to heighten the awareness of some common health problems and encourage early treatment of disease among both men and boys. During National Men’s Health Week, healthcare providers, policymakers, media corporations, and citizens come together to learn more about common male health conditions. This is a great opportunity for organizations to encourage men to seek regular medical treatment and educate them about possible health risks and preventative treatment options. This week has been celebrated nationwide since 1994. Our unique promotional items can be sold to raise charitable funds or given away at Men’s Health Week events to help spread the word and educate! Our collection of promotional trucker caps, logo trucker caps, custom trucker caps, and promotional trucker hats are one of the most popular ways to communicate your message.Call ePromos today to plan a promotional campaign for a great National Men’s Health Week! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote National Men’s Health Week with ePromos Promotional Products

June 1 - 7
Sun Safety Week

ePromos is excited to help you and your customers celebrate Sun Safety Week, an important awareness event that was first observed in 2004. Sun Safety Week is organized by The Sun Safety Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and showing them how they can adopt and practice safe sun protection. During Sun Safety Week, families are encouraged to learn more about sun protection methods and to actively use these methods to protect themselves and their families. Unfortunately, skin cancer is at a record high, so it is very important that people learn the risks of prolonged exposure to UV rays. To help raise awareness and promote proper sun protection, ePromos has a nice selection of promotional items. These items can be custom imprinted with your company’s name and logo to help advertise your business while also teaching people about the benefits of safe sun practices. An excellent promotional giveaway for this month are promotional sunglasses, promotional sunglass cases, logo eyeglass cleaning cloths, and custom logo sunglasses. This helpful product will show your customers that you care about their health and want them to stay informed. Give us a call today! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Sun Safety Week with ePromos Promotional Products