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October 14

National Depression Screening Day

National Depression Screening Day is a yearly event held on the Thursday of Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Mental Illness Awareness Week is held on the second week of every October by Screening for Mental Health (SMH).  This organization started the program in 1991, and since then, more than half a million people each year have been screened for depression. On National Depression Screening Day, local clinicians from every state volunteer their time to offer free educational and screening programs at health facilities, shopping malls, libraries, colleges, workplaces and senior centers.  In addition to obtaining a free depression screening, participants can find out where and how to access help, counseling, and treatment.  Screening is the first step to getting help and becoming g healthier. Many people may not realize that depression is a very serious medical illness and contrary to popular belief, depression is not apart of “normal life phases”.  Depression does not discriminate and could effect men, women, and children. Help support this amazing program with promotional items such as stress balls, custom bottled water, and awareness wristbands.  

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National Book Month

Have you ever wanted to travel the world, attend an unforgettable sports game, or witness history in the making? Well, now you can by celebrating National Book Month! Get lost with your imagination during this month, and help promote reading for leisure and fun. National Book Month is held every October and encourages people of all ages to cozy up to a great book and actually enjoy it! Find a book that means something to you.  Anything from a biography of your favorite celebrity to the coolest new comic book series, if you are reading, you are participating. It is so easy and fun to get your school involved! Hold contests and reward the children that read the most during the month.  You can make teams by classrooms or grades and have students challenge each other to read the most pages.  Rewards such as promotional key chains with your school logo imprinted on it can be given every so many pages. If a team hits the weekly goal, host a pizza party on that Friday.  When students are reading books they enjoy, reading is fun and the rewards are more than just a physical or edible prize. If you are a company looking to get involved in National Book Month, give your employees custom book marks.  These small gestures will be greatly appreciated.  Another idea for National Book Month in the office is to create a reading nook!  In a quiet part of the office, build an awesome reading fortress-type area.  Fill the corner with pillows, chairs, and blankets that create the perfect break time […]

Photographer Appreciation Month

The oldest surviving picture in the world was taken in 1826 by a french inventor – he had to leave the shutter open for eight hours just to get an image! Today, we can take a seeming infinite number of pictures in any eight hour period with the development of digitial cameras. During Photographer Appreciation Month, every October,  we recognize the development of the photographic process and the people who take the pictures that leave lasting impressions on our lives. We rarely realize how the relatively recent phenomenon of the camera has changed the way we see the world. Can you imagine a newspaper or even a special celebration without pictures? In today’s world, everyone thinks they are a photographer because of smart phones.  Apps like Instagram allow the public to share photos in seconds but, that is totally different than the actual art photographers produce.  Show your favorite photographers today how much you appreciate their skill and recognize their talent. ePromos has the promotional products to help your company celebrate Photographer Appreciation Month.  As a gift, give your photographers customized flash drives to hold their masterpieces on.  These gifts would be perfect for them to sell to their clients to just use personally.  You could also surprise photographers with personalized photo books.  Make a vey best of collection for them to keep in their household or give to loved ones.   Call an ePromos Promotions Specialist today to get started!   Promote Photographer Appreciation Month with ePromos Promotional Products