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2nd Week in July

National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Ideas & Ways to Celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week Every day, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and numerous other medical offices across the country use therapeutic recreation as a way to stimulate the minds of their patients. By providing productive yet fun ways to interact with their environment, individuals suffering from various mental, physical, and emotional disorders benefit from the opportunity to do more, all with the help of willing and able medical personnel.   A Brief Background Since 1984, the National Therapeutic Recreation Society observes the second week of July as National Therapeutic Recreation Week. By definition, “therapeutic recreation” describes the use of leisure activities as a way to aid in patient recovery. Its benefits include promoting an enhanced sense of well being, teaching and reinforcing everyday behaviors necessary for good quality of life, as well as offering a more entertaining avenue to help charges get better.   Recognize the Importance of Playing With a Purpose Although therapeutic recreation takes playing seriously, its importance in patient recovery makes it the perfect opportunity for your office to help increase the general public’s knowledge of its value. There are numerous ways to recognize National Therapeutic Recreation Week in your office. Take the time to lend your office’s voice to appreciating what “play” can do for medical recovery.   Keep Motivated with Quotes Lead an art event where participants can create paintings with their favorite motivational quotes. Using art to encourage creativity helps to relax those involved. What’s more, reflecting on words of wisdom […]

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3rd Week in July
Captive Nations Week

Captive Nations Week has been annually celebrated on the third week of July to raise public awareness of the oppression of nations under the control of Communist and non-democratic governments. As part of the United States Cold War strategy, Captive Nations Week was declared by a Congressional resolution in 1953 and signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959. While the political climate has changed since the Cold War, this still week gives people the opportunity to encourage nations around the world to find their own paths to freedom. ePromos has a great selection of patriotic promotional products and union made products to help you celebrate American democracy and freedoms. If you are looking to focus your support on the international nature of this week, we also have a variety of global themed promotional products to reinforce the interdependence of all nations. With the need to secure freedoms for every nation around the world, make sure that your company recognizes the importance of establishing and promoting a strong foundation of peace and prosperity with supportive promotional products from ePromos. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Captive Nations Week with ePromos Promotional Products

4th Sunday in July
Parents Day

Parents Day Marketing and Promotional Ideas for Your Brand While most are familiar with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, some may be unaware of Parent’s Day – a celebration created to recognize the sacrifices and hard work of parents everywhere. Held annually on the fourth Sunday in July, this day celebrates parents from all walks of life. The wisdom and lessons taught to us by our parents stay with us regardless of age. Thanks to this celebration, your organization can come up with countless ideas for ways to promote your brand while giving thanks to parents everywhere. Since 1994, Parents Day provides the perfect chance to recognize all that our parents – and parental figures – do for their children on a regular basis. The work of these selfless individuals helps in creating a better society for years to come. If your school administrative office or after school program wants to celebrate parents, consider some of our ideas to help say “thanks!” Family-friendly Fun in the Sunwatch full Daddy’s Home 2015 movie Because Parents Day falls in the thick of summer, it’s only best to take advantage of the summer weather! If your office still operates or holds classes and other functions throughout the summer months, consider holding events such as a barbecue or block party. Invite parents and children to play games, relax, and spend time together. Also, set up a special “Parents Only” space to give moms and dads their own time-out zone! Summer and family fun always […]