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January, the first month of the brand spankin’ New Year, is a time when so many of us look to refresh, revive, and often reset our lives. With the glittery madness of the holidays behind us, it’s like a clean start; an opportunity to finally do all those things we said we’d do last year (and the year before that and the year before that…), like (finally) join the gym, pick up a new hobby, or start volunteering, à la New Year’s Resolutions. While resolutions are typically a personal experience, there’s no reason a business can’t set their own. This year, why not consider starting the year by celebrating or raising awareness for one of the many events taking place this January? It’s a great opportunity to make a media splash, engage with potential new customers, and have a little fun while doing some good in the world. In this piece we explore the many awareness events taking place this month. Keep reading to find an event that resonates with your business, then start brainstorming – it’s time to plan an event! Holidays in January After the whir of holidays between November and December, January is a much needed quiet month. There are only two big holidays celebrated this month in the U.S. Check them out below: • New Year’s Day – Believed to be the most celebrated holiday around the world, New Year’s Day is the official start of the new year. And while each culture may celebrate it […]

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1st Week in January
Women’s Self-Empowerment Week

What better way to start the year than by celebrating Women’s Self-Empowerment Week? This is a time for women to reflect on and feel good about their accomplishments, role in society, as well as establish new goals for the future. Although dedicated to women, this week is really meant to be celebrated by men and women, so this is a great opportunity to integrate all of the members of your company or community through various products and activities. This is a great time to thank the women in your company for all their hard work and dedication. It is sure to be appreciated! ePromos has a great selection of quality promotional merchandise that can be given out in appreciation of women’s achievements. Promotional chocolate candy is a sweet way to express your gratitude. A great way to realize a sense of empowerment is through exercise and sports, because they not only make you stronger but they motivate healthy competition as well. Distribute promotional sports equipment and sets in the office or in your community to inspire women to achieve that sense of empowerment. Another way to make women just feel good about themselves is with promotional massagers. These items will give women a great way to unwind after a hard day’s work! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Women’s Self-Empowerment Week with ePromos Promotional Products

December 26 - 1

Updated December 2018 ePromos has a variety of promotional products that can be used to help you celebrate Kwanzaa. Established in December of 1966, Kwanzaa is the newest holiday of the winter season. This holiday was created by Ron Karenga to celebrate African American heritage. It takes a pan-African approach, honoring all the African cultures that have become a part of America today. Millions of people in the United States celebrate this holiday, to recognize the history and culture of African Americans. Kwanzaa lasts seven days, and each day has a principle behind it that reflects the contributions and values of the African American community. Among them are unity (umoja), responsibility (ujima), and creativity (kuumba). During Kwanzaa, black, red, and green candles are lit to celebrate the seven principles. Let ePromos help you show your kuumba with a myriad of printable items!  Get into the Kwanzaa spirit with our customized candles.  With so many holidays around this time of the year, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your employees you care with corporate gifts. Whether you’re getting into the holiday giving spirit or you’re looking for ways to boost your brand for the coming year, shop ePromos for promotional products, gifts for employees, and trade show giveaways! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Kwanzaa with ePromos Promotional Products