Promotional Products to Leave Behind for a Lasting Impression

Getting the opportunity to meet in-person with a client or potential customer is a privilege, especially in today’s digital world, where everything seems to revolve around emails and smartphones. But did you know it’s also way more effective? According to this study, meeting face-to-face is a whopping 34 times more effective than an email or text communication. Getting in the door to meet someone is a solid step in the right direction, but what if you want to up the ante? How can you make sure you leave a lasting impression, one that actually makes a personal connection? We have good news; it’s not as hard or as complicated as you might think. Introducing “leave behinds”. In this piece we’ll describe what leave behinds are, and which promotional items make great leave behinds you can use at your next big meeting. Leave behind promotional items are custom products you can […]

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