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Whether your business just started out or your company is ready to rebrand and move into the modern era, our team of professional artists can help design the perfect logo for your business.

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ePromos has promotional products to serve the needs of businesses in any industry — big or small, old or new. Whether your business just started out and is trying to establish its brand or your company is ready to rebrand and move into the modern era, we want to help. We have thousands of promotional products for sale, and we employ a team of professional artists to design logos and artwork for our customers.

How Our Logo Design Services Work

Need to update your logo or create a new one? Our skilled graphic artists are always ready to help you with your logo so that it’s sure to pop on any promotional product. We’ll start by looking at your current logo, if you have one, and any sketches or design ideas you might have in mind. You can also talk to us online or over the phone so we can get the best possible idea of what you’re looking for.

Then we’ll get to work. With any purchase you make at ePromos, we’ll give you a special deal. For only $300, our professionals will create five unique designs for your new logo. Ultimately, you’re in charge of your brand’s aesthetic, so we want you to have options. This service includes up to two revisions to ensure you’re happy with all the details.

When you’re fully satisfied with your new or updated logo, it’s time to start showing it off! Decide which products you’ll use to showcase your rebranding, then determine which printing styles will display it best.

Imprint Options

Once we’ve decided on the most standout design for your products, the next step is printing them. The type of printing service you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the products you’re using for promotion.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is perhaps the most popular method of printing graphics on apparel, decals, and electronics. It involves using mesh held taut by a frame that allows ink to be distributed onto a product in the desired shape using a squeegee.


The embroidery method is exclusive to fabric products, as it involves sewing the design into the product using a needle and thread. The extra detail and texture that come from embroidery add an unparalleled level of quality, making it a perfect choice for your next promotion involving T-shirts or tote bags.

Laser Engraving

As the name suggests, laser engraving will etch your logo into the surface of your product using a laser. Laser engraving stands out on products with hard surfaces such as drinkware, USB drives and jewelry.

Heat Transfer

If you’ve ever used iron-on patches or decals, you’re familiar with the heat transfer printing process. We’ll print your logo onto a special kind of transfer paper and place it on your product. We’ll then apply heat and pressure to transfer the design from the paper to the product. Heat transfer printing is best used on canvas materials such as sweatshirts and backpacks as well as heat-resistant products like drinkware.

Digital Imprinting

Digital imprinting is an excellent choice for printing pictures or highly-detailed digital images onto a product. It’s also a versatile option that can adhere to most substrates. However, if you have your eye set on a particular set of colors, you may want to try a different method, as it is not possible to match Pantone® colors with this method.


Debossing is the process of imprinting a logo or design into the surface of a product using heat and pressure, similar to, the heat transfer printing process. Think of it as the opposite of embossing, which imprints a raised design into a paper or other substrate. Debossing is a common printing style to use on products with a leather-like or rubber material such as notebooks, bracelets, and tags.

3D Raised

Your logo will literally stand out with a 3D logo print. Using a clear, high-gloss epoxy or polyurethane to cover the design will give it a smooth, raised feel that will add a new dimension to your product. This option looks ideal on promotional products like key chains and USB drives and as a logo tag on larger products such as coolers and bags.

Mixed Media

Sometimes one printing method isn’t enough. Mixed media printing combines laser etching with either embroidery or digital print overlaid for a unique, sophisticated look.

Let ePromos Help Create Your Best Logo Yet

Before spending money on new promotional products that could last for years, make sure you love your logo. If you don’t, find someone that can help you revive your brand. A fresh, stylish logo can help you garner new attention or excite current customers for whatever comes next.

If you’re ready to make your brand look the best it ever has, get started today with ePromos promotional Logo Design Services! Give us a call at 877.377.6667 today. Our artists are excited to work with you.

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