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We strive to do everything we can to promote your business so you can reach a wider audience. That includes helping you create and optimize your company's own online store.

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Streamline Your Services with an Online Company Store

In a world where online shopping dominates, having an online storefront is essential. Your business could reach people all over the country or even internationally without ever having to go out of office. And when you work from multiple locations, you need a way to consolidate your resources and see all your sales, shipments and financial records in one place.

Promotional products aren’t the only thing we do here at ePromos. We strive to do everything we can to promote your business so you can reach a wider audience. That includes helping you create and optimize your company’s own online store.

Online stores give your employees and dedicated customers a place to order their own merchandise, earning you more money and brand recognition. We’ll manufacture all orders on-demand in our warehouse and ship them to their final location. And because your online store will be the hub for every order, you’ll be able to track purchases and financial information in real time.

You’ll also be able to control spending within your company. Maybe you’d like to sell different branded uniforms for each department in your company, or maybe your managers would like to be able to order special gifts for their employees. In either case, you’ll be able to see spending by department and location.

Pick Your Products

Instead of scrolling through our thousands of promotional product options every time you need more merchandise, why not choose a few favorites, and reorder them as needed? That’s one of the many benefits of developing your own company store. Your products will stay consistent, and you’ll be able to reorder them in minutes.  We’ll also be able to discuss which promotional products will fit best with your brand’s established reputation. We know the quality and style of even your most basic promotional products will speak to your company’s quality and style in the eyes of your current and potential customers. We’ll help you choose custom merchandise for your online store that conveys your goals while being as on-brand as possible.

When you’re first getting your online company store up and running, it can take some time to determine which products — and which colors and styles of those products — are the best options for your store. Here are a few of our most popular options that companies come back to again and again:

Whether you decide to pick classic favorites, unique options, or a combination of both, we’ll be here to help you decide on your entire promotional product line. Here are just a few examples worth considering as you decide on what to feature in your newly launched online store:

Office supplies and writing utensils

Pens are the most popular promotional item in the United States. You might even have a few on your desk right now. Pair them with a classy journal to create a set that recipients will use every day.

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T-shirts and apparel

Just behind pens in terms of popularity are promotional T-shirts. Make your new branded tee a staple in every employee's closet or consider running a fitness campaign with our performance-wear shirts.

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Drawstrings and tote bags

Whoever you are, you could probably use another bag for eco-friendly grocery shopping or to easily transport sporting gear. Our promotional bags are so versatile everyone can find a use for them.

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Build Your Brand

When you’re trying to build brand awareness and recognition, it’s vital that you keep any logos, designs, fonts, and words consistent across all platforms and locations. Consistency will appeal to customers and help them more easily recognize your brand, and it can help promote unity within your own organization.

To keep your branding looking its best, ePromos will work with your marketing and management staff to settle on colors, sizing, and placements on your various promotional products. Once you approve everything, we’ll file all your branding, logo, and imaging information together in a convenient location your team can access whenever you need to.

See Your Success

Building your brand means building your customer base. And when you get those new customers who drive up your sales, you’ll want to know right away. Our online company store service has item sales tracking enabled. This data will help us understand buying preferences and trends and anticipate future expenses. We’ll provide you with up-to-date sales numbers and inventory reports, so you know what your bestselling items are and when to reorder more products.

Open Online With ePromos

When you work with ePromos to create and maintain your online promotional store, we’ll do everything we can to design and manage it based on your needs. You’ll have complete control over your store, but we’ll do the legwork so you can focus on the rest of your company’s needs.

Learn more about our products and services by calling an expert at 877-377-6667. You can also reach out to our custom online store team directly by clicking the button below. Already have a store? Please contact your Program Account Manager directly with any questions.

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