Battle of the Bottles

With so many great options to consider, where can you start? With this comprehensive guide to the battle of the bottles, you can find which options stand out among their competitors for overall quality, beneficial features and timeless styles for all to enjoy.

The Best Reusable Water Bottles by Category

Say goodbye to non-reusable plastic water bottles — reusable options are here to stay. Protecting the environment from waste happens one step at a time, and you can do your part by finding a reusable water bottle that you can refill often.

Water bottle designs, sizes and features are constantly expanding, offering users a unique drinking experience each time they fill them up. Let’s break up the best water bottle brands into categories that can help make your decision easier to promote your brand or gift to a dedicated co-worker.

Follow this battle of the bottles guide for our top picks for the best reusable water bottles available.

1. Best Water Bottle to Keep Water Cold

With the help of insulated water bottles and stainless steel bottles, you can depend on your water to stay cold throughout the day. If you’re a fan of iced water all day long, the following water bottles can help maintain that chilled temperature you love:

  • Sigg Hot & Cold: Keep your water cold for over 24 hours with Sigg’s Hot & Cold stainless steel reusable water bottles. When you want to bring hot coffee on the go, these bottles come with a detachable thermos cup for convenient drinking wherever you are. The liter-sized reusable water bottles are great for field workers working long hours outdoors in the construction industry.
  • Contigo Cortland Chill 2.0: Stainless steel and insulated water bottles like Contigo’s Cortland Chill 2.0 offer 12 hours of chilled water, ideal for traveling. You can have a full workday of cold water and up to six hours of warm coffee or tea. The lid doesn’t come off, making it easier to keep the whole bottle together when washing the cup.
  • Brumate Growl’r: Get your recommended daily amount of water easily with Brumate’s Growl’r reusable water bottle. The insulated material keeps water cold for 48 hours and more, with 64 ounces of available space for your chilled drink. This bottle is ideal for long workdays and road trips, as you won’t have to refill for hours.
  • CamelBak: The vacuum-insulated and stainless steel materials in this custom water bottle help keep your water chilled all day. Convenient to bring with you on a hiking trip, to work or anywhere you need, the CamelBak Stainless Steel Chute Water Bottle can keep your water chilled for up to 24 impressive hours. This size and chill time is excellent for a day trip outdoors or sipping throughout the day.
  • Hydro Flask Wide Mouth With Flex Chug Cap: Hydro Flask products have become some of the most popular water bottles in the game. With 24 hours of chilling power, the 34 ounces of space available in the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth bottle can keep you hydrated during a picnic, work event or long drive.

Our Choice for Best Water Bottle to Keep Water Cold

While numerous great contenders for the coolest water bottle offer several hours of chilled temperatures, our number one pick for the best water bottle to keep water cold is the CamelBak Stainless Steel Water Bottle. When you compare this reusable bottle to the other four options, CamelBak offers the longest chilled time for cold water in relation to the compact size it offers.

While the largest cup, the Brumate Growl’r, has the longest time for cold water, the size can make it challenging to travel with and make room for on your desk at work. The other options are also over 30 ounces in size, which can be too big to fit in a cup holder in a car. The CamelBak bottle is the perfect compact size to place in your cup holder, fit inside a backpack and carry with you wherever you go, with a guaranteed chill time of 24 hours.

All of these factors combined make the Camelbak Stainless Steel Water Bottle the coolest water bottle in a size that works for every buyer.

2. Best Water Bottle With a Straw

Built-in straws are simple yet revolutionary in the world of upgraded reusable bottle designs. It’s never been easier to avoid spilling water or other liquids on yourself with straws. To find the best mess-free bottles available, look through these reusable water bottle options that come with a straw:

  • Contigo: Easily sip your water throughout the day with Contigo’s convenient straw lid feature on their water bottles. The straw pops out of the lid flap when you press the side button and lowers into the lid when you finish sipping. This feature allows you to keep your straw clean from air contaminants, bugs or others who want a quick drink without you knowing.
  • ePromos Private Label Tritan Clean Sip Water Bottle: Nothing says quality and convenience quite like the Tritan Clean Sip custom water bottle from ePromos. The Tritan plastic and translucent material gives you 25 ounces of cold water to take with you anywhere you go. The lid comes with a sprout straw you can lift up when you want to take a sip. When you finish drinking, close the tab to the interior straw to keep it safe from germs and debris. Each bottle is customizable to promote your business or add your favorite designs to become your favorite water bottle.
  • Owala FreeSip: With a touch of a button, you can enjoy chilled water from Owala FreeSip’s reusable water bottle. The lid has a built-in straw that makes it easy to take sips of cold water throughout the day, or you can tilt the cup backward for the wide-mouth opening to get larger gulps of your drink. Once you finish taking a sip, push the lid back down to the top for a leakproof cup you can take anywhere.
  • MiiR Leakproof Straw Lid: Another great mess-free water bottle is MiiR’s Leakproof Straw Lid. The lid of this reusable cup comes with a built-in straw that pops out with a tug on the plastic clasp. This feature attaches to a straw that rests in the water bottle, meaning you won’t have to lean the cup back to take a sip of chilled water. This leakproof benefit makes it easy to enjoy a cold drink any time of the day. However, this cup isn’t suitable for warm beverages such as coffee or tea.

Our Choice for Best Water Bottle With a Straw

After considering several excellent contenders, our top pick for the best water bottle with a straw is the ePromos Tritan Clean Sip Water Bottle. This option is the perfect travel companion for you or your customers, with 28 ounces of free space for water. The built-in lid straw makes spills a mess of the past. You don’t have to lean the cup backward to take a sip of water, as the straw is inside the bottle.

Some water bottles have a straw that lies to the side to collect water, making you drink at an angle when the water runs low. With the Tritan Clean Sip Water Bottle, the straw rests in the middle of the cup so you can get as much water as possible with each sip. When it’s time to wash the water bottle, you can detach the straw from the lid to effectively get into those hard-to-reach places.

3. Best Reusable Water Bottle for Travel

Convenience, quality and mess-free features are the most desired characteristics of travel water bottles that are perfect for every user. The best choices in this category offer several benefits that make road trips and outdoor adventures easier for carrying cold water for hours.

Below are the best reusable water bottles for traveling purposes:

  • ePromos Private Label Stainless Steel Power Bank Water Bottle: One of the most impressive water bottles available for traveling is the Stainless Steel Power Bank bottle. At first glance, you’ll notice the 22 ounces of stainless steel that can keep water cold on road trips or hiking trails. However, the best feature lies within the water bottle cap. The lid comes with a wireless charging station for your phone while you’re on the go. The base of the water bottle also comes with a charging port for even more power when you need it most. The spill-resistant lid makes it easy to keep your vehicle, backpack and other transportation modes clean at all times.
  • Yeti Yonder Water Bottle: Its light weight and durability make the Yeti Yonder Water Bottle a strong contender for the best travel companion. With a liter of space for chilled water on the go, this water bottle can offer several sips whenever you need them. The chug cap also makes it easy to take larger swigs after a run or long hike. However, the large mouth opening can easily cause spills if you don’t screw the lid on tight enough after taking a drink.
  • Under Armour Infinity Water Bottle: With 22 ounces of vacuum-insulated space for your water, the Under Armour Infinity Water Bottle is a solid contender for the best option for a travel companion. The stainless steel material can keep water cold for up to 12 hours, giving you enough chilled temperatures throughout the day on a road trip or in the wilderness. The twist-off top gives you large gulps when you get thirsty after a long hike and can detach to become a tumbler for warmer drinks when needed. The loop on the side of the bottle is an excellent handle.
  • Swig Flip + Sip Water Bottle: There’s no shortage of stylish travel options with Swig’s Flip + Sip Water Bottle collections. Each bottle comes with triple insulated materials that keep water cold for up to 20 hours and coffee or tea hot for three hours. The size of each bottle perfectly fits in cupholders for long road trips and inside pockets in backpacks during a hiking trip. The built-in straw lid is excellent for sipping water throughout the day without spilling or leaking.
  • RTIC Outdoor Water Bottle: The RTIC Outdoor Water Bottle is a travel companion that offers numerous benefits. This monochrome water bottle uses stainless steel to keep water cold for hours without condensation making the exterior challenging to grip when traveling. If you’re on a long walk in the fall or winter seasons, the double wall insulation in these water bottles can keep your hands from getting too cold when carrying it around, making it ideal for hiking trips or long runs.
  • Toadfish Insulated Eco-Canteen: You can find a fishing and boating buddy in the Toadfish Insulated Eco-Canteen water bottle. The insulated 32 ounces keep water cold for a full day, so you won’t have to refill the bottle with ice for several hours. The lid has a built-in spout for sipping without spilling a single drop. The exterior also has fun fish anatomy designs if you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

Our Choice for Best Reusable Water Bottle for Travel

This category has numerous impressive candidates for making the most out of traveling situations. However, the Stainless Steel  Power Bank is our choice for the best reusable water bottle for travel. You can always prepare for the unexpected during a road trip or time in the wilderness. When you need it most, the Stainless Steel Power Bank water bottle can provide 22 ounces of cold water and two power methods for your electronics.

Each trip you or your customers take to work, an after-hours event or a trip to admire nature can come with spill-proof features and plenty of opportunities to keep your phone charged until making it back home. The other five options don’t offer the impressive features that make the Stainless Steel  Power Bank so unique. The convenient size also fits perfectly in cupholders for optimal transportation, which larger cups can’t do without needing alterations.

4. Best Water Bottle for Kids

Finding affordable, mess-free and kid-friendly reusable bottle is a must for families with young children. You can find cute designs for bottles that let kids drink comfortably without heavy materials weighing the cup down. Searching for the best water bottle for kids means considering the accessibility for handles or gripping material for kids to hold up their cups, spill-proof features and a lightweight option that makes it easy to bring to school or carry in a backpack.

Here are the contenders for the best water bottle for kids:

  • Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 12 oz. with Twist Cap: This adorable kids cup uses cute designs to attract children’s attention, so they drink enough water in a day, with several other benefits included. The Klean Kanteen Insulated cup is small but mighty, with 12 ounces of space for water, juice or milk and 33 hours of chilled temperatures for optimal daily drinking times.
  • ePromos Full Color Mini Water Bottle: Drinking water has never been easier with this custom water bottle’s small size and mess-free features. Each Full Color Mini Water Bottle offers 12 ounces, ideally suited for a child’s serving size of fluids when refilled three to four times. The lid provides two spill-free features — the suction cap and the plastic cover. A child can un-suction the cap to take a drink from the bottle and push it back in once they finish to avoid water leaking from the cup. The plastic cover fits over the lid to prevent spills in the car, on clothes or at home.
  • S’ip by S’well: With adorable minimalistic styles kids will love, S’ip by S’well water bottles are a great gift to families with young children. Each bottle has a sleek exterior without handles and a metal twist-off cap. Kids might need assistance drinking from these cups because of the tall structure and lack of graspable material. However, they fit well in backpack side pockets for school lunches.
  • Corkcicle Kids Cups: Small kids-sized reusable cups with simple designs and an easy sip spout lid make the Corkcicle Kids Cup a solid contender for the best water bottle for young children. The spout lid acts as a thin straw to prevent big spills when you least expect them. The top also comes with a small handle for kids to carry by their side when moving around. However, the cup doesn’t come with a side handle or gripping material, making it more challenging for children to hold onto when taking a sip of their drinks.

Our Choice for Best Water Bottle for Kids

After considering each option’s features compared to a child’s ability to drink independently, our top pick for the best water bottle for kids is the Full Color Mini Water Bottle. This choice is lightweight, offers two spill-free features and comes with customizable designs children will love.

The other three choices from Klean Kanteen, S’well and Corkcicle still offer valuable benefits, including extended chill temperatures to keep water cold and adorable designs. Still, none compare to the accessibility for kids the Full Color Mini Water Bottle brings to the table.

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