Best Water Bottles for Outdoor Activities

When it comes time to get outdoors or enjoy recreational activities, your clients and employees will appreciate a water bottle that’s both durable and versatile. Whether you’re looking for insulation, eco-friendliness or a budget-friendly design, you’re bound to find the ideal water bottle for you.

Consider many vital features before purchasing water bottles for your next work event. With different styles, sizes and features, you’ll want to ensure you make the best decision for your needs. Learn about the various types of outdoor water bottles and packing tips when it comes time to venture into the great outdoors.

Important Features to Consider in a Water Bottle

A great water bottle will keep you refreshed and last many years of exercising, hiking or working outdoors. Consider a functional, versatile and durable water bottle to best meet your needs.

The following are a few of the essential features to consider in a water bottle:

  • Price: Water bottles are available at various price points that can work with your budget. But like many items, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for a high-quality water bottle, you’ll find that added features and durability make it worth it.
  • Versatility: You might consider versatility when it comes time to purchase a water bottle. Many water bottles offer a wide range of colors and interchangeable lids or straws, depending on your needs. With a versatile water bottle, you’ll have the accessories you need to transition from your morning coffee vessel to your outdoor hydration bottle to your evening beer tumbler.
  • Insulation: An insulated water bottle is designed to keep cold liquids colder and hot beverages hotter for longer. An insulated bottle is ideal for transporting coffee or ice water on your commute, though they’re typically heavier than non-insulated bottles. Non-insulated water bottles are perfect for backpacking or hiking since they’re simple and lightweight.
  • Weight and packability: It’s a great idea to consider weight and packability if you need to transport your water bottle for backpacking or traveling. Heavier bottles might be more durable, but they can also be more challenging to carry around.
  • Functionality: Determine the functionality your water bottle will serve before deciding on one. For instance, a lightweight 30 oz. water bottle might be ideal when backpacking. On the other hand, a small leak-proof insulated water bottle is best if you’re commuting to work. If you’ll be traveling or hiking for several days, a higher volume insulated water bottle is a must-have.
  • Durability: Finding a high-quality, durable water bottle that can withstand years of adventuring is essential. To get the most out of your purchase, look for a hardy water bottle made of stainless steel that doesn’t flex or have many seams.
  • Eco-friendliness: Purchasing a reusable water bottle is often the first step many people take to reduce plastic consumption. While many water bottles have eco-friendly features, several companies go above and beyond to meet sustainability goals and protect the planet. A biodegradable water bottle, for instance, helps reduce waste, while BPA-free water bottles are safer for humans.
  • Mouth size: A wide-mouth water bottle makes it easier to clean by hand and to add ice than a narrow-mouth bottle or a bottle with a straw. However, a narrow mouth can prevent spills when you’re working out or on the trails and need a quick sip. Wide-mouth bottles also might not fit into most cupholders.
  • Handle: While having a handle might make your water bottle bulkier, it’s the ideal accessory for carrying your bottle while on the move.

10 Best Outdoor Water Bottles

Now that you know what to look for in the ideal water bottle, consider the 10 best types of outdoor water bottles from ePromos for your company:

1. Best Insulated Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle will keep your drink at the perfect temperature all day long. Whether you’re commuting, hitting the beach or simply looking for a practical all-day tumbler, the 22 oz. Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is the way to go!

The double-walled copper insulation prevents condensation and allows beverages to stay cold for up to 48 hours and hot for 12 hours. With its sleek and stylish finish, employees will appreciate how great it looks on their desk.

The Copper Vacuum Insulated water bottle is spill-resistant and features a carry loop, durable powder coating and 18/8 stainless steel construction, making it both functional and durable. Choose from nine fun colors and use this bottle everywhere you are and wherever you go.

2. Most Budget-Friendly Water Bottle

The most budget-friendly water bottle on the list is the 20 oz. Push/Pull Bike Bottle. This bottle is affordable and easily customizable. Clients can appreciate its crisp white or frost color that will complement any logo. Proudly advertise your school name or event on this bottle and enjoy its simple design and color variations.

This bottle includes a push and pull drinking cap for convenient hydration that comes in various colors, including black, green, orange, red, teal, violet, yellow and the attractive reflex blue. The Push/Pull Bike Water Bottle is also BPA-free and made in the United States.

3. Best Plastic Water Bottle

The new and improved CamelBak® Chute Mag Tritan® Renew is hands-down the best plastic water bottle on the list. Its ergonomic design includes a high flow spout and a two-finger magnetic handle that’s easy to carry and keeps the cap in place. This vessel makes the ideal sports water bottle with its lightweight and shatter-resistant qualities.

Appreciate the wide mouth that’s easy to clean and refill and features an angled spout that prevents spills while driving or walking. Moreover, the Camelbak® Chute Mag water bottle is made from sustainable materials containing 50% recycled plastic. If you’re on the hunt for sustainable Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) drinkware, this is a great option.

4. Best Collapsible Water Bottle

The best collapsible water bottle is the H20-on-the-Go Collapsible Water Bottle. You’ll appreciate the convenience of its attached carabiner and accessibility while on the go. Its ability to fold flat makes it the ideal backpack water bottle for taking on any journey. Simply fold it when not in use and pack it with your backpack and other items!

This water bottle has a removable cap clients can easily refill and clean as needed. It’s even dishwasher- and freezer-safe! Fill it with water, freeze it and use it as an ice pack for your cooler. It’s BPA-free and constructed of sustainable materials, making it safe and reusable for environmentally conscious clients.

5. Best Water Bottle With a Straw

A water bottle with a built-in straw provides convenience to stay hydrated and take your drink just about anywhere. The 25 oz. Contour Water Bottle has a flip-top lid and built-in straw that make it easy to take on the go. It’ll hold plenty of your favorite beverage, and the built-in straw and flip-top lid are perfect for a quick sip while driving, jogging or biking.

The unique slim shape of this bottle also makes it suitable for handling or placing in a backpack or cupholder. What’s more, this water bottle comes in various color combinations for the bottle and cap. Choose from a translucent green, blue or red bottle and cyan, royal blue or even violet-colored spout options to make your brand stand out.

6. Best Lightweight Water Bottle

When backpacking in warm weather, you’ll want a lightweight water bottle that’s easy to transport. Recipients will appreciate the CamelBak® Podium 3.0 Water Bottle to keep them cool on summer days.

It’s easy to carry around for those all-day hiking adventures and made with Hydroguard, an additive that inhibits microbial growth. As a result, this sports water bottle is both durable and simple to clean. The push-pull lid makes it easy to open and perfect for professionals and workout enthusiasts alike.

7. Most Versatile Water Bottle

The most versatile water bottle on this list to keep you hydrated is the Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler. Holding water for outdoor adventures is just one of its hallmarks.

This tumbler is the most multifunctional water bottle on the lineup, handling 20 oz. of liquid, hot or cold. Appreciate coffee on the way to work that’ll stay warm for eight hours or your favorite beverage on the beach that’ll stay cool for up to 12 hours.

The plastic flip-top lid and matching straw make this tumbler both functional and stylish. With its dual-wall vacuum seal construction, you can take this water bottle anywhere and stay hydrated on the warmest days.

8. Most Durable Water Bottle

The most durable water bottle on the lineup is the 24 oz. leak-proof Under Armour® Dominate  Water Bottle. This trendy water bottle features double-walled insulation and a non-slip Silicone base for added protection and better grip. The heavy-duty design also includes a lockable push-button lid and a carabiner loop so you can transport it anywhere and never have to worry about spilling or dropping it.

The Under Armour® Dominate water bottle makes an excellent gift and can beautifully showcase your brand. You’re sure to impress your recipients with attractive color options in smoke, royal or stainless steel.

9. Largest Water Bottle

When planning an extended outing that includes hiking, backpacking or exploring the backcountry, you’ll need a water bottle that will keep you refreshed all day. That’s where the 36 oz. Tritan® Sports Bottle comes in. This sports water bottle is perfect for those long treks where you know you won’t have easy access to water.

Stop and take a break with this lightweight, BPA-free water bottle that’s sure to quench your thirst and keep you going. Its tethered cap makes it easy to handle, and you’ll appreciate its size to help you transport as much water as possible to stay cool throughout your day.

10. Easiest Water Bottle to Carry

When it’s time to venture outdoors, you’ll want a lightweight water bottle that’s easy to carry and stores enough water to keep you hydrated. An excellent solution is the 28 oz. Shatterproof Titan Water Bottle. It has a handle and comes with a carabiner, making it easy to clip to your backpack or bag during extended hikes.

Its lightweight Tritan® material means it won’t bog you down while hiking or jogging, and its spill and shatter-resistant qualities make it the ideal backpack water bottle when you’re on the move.

Tips for Packing Water for the Great Outdoors

Hiking and traveling can present a unique set of challenges for staying hydrated. Tips and unique uses for water bottles in the great outdoors include:

  1. How to refill your water bottle on the trail: If you’re having trouble locating a deep, flowing water source, there are several ways you can overcome this challenge. One of the best solutions is to dig a deep pool beside any water source to submerge your bottle. Another idea is to find a stream of water where just drops are flowing over an edge and use a broad leaf to make a spout to feed the water into your bottle.
  2. How to prevent your bottle from freezing in frigid temperatures: It’s always best to prevent your water bottle from freezing if you’re hiking in colder temperatures. A full water bottle can burst when frozen, and cold water can lower your body heat and zap your energy. Keep your water bottle inside your sleeping bag or tent at night to prevent this. If daytime temperatures happen to be frigid, wrapping your bottle in a towel or buff while on the move can do wonders.
  3. Use your water bottle as a space heater: Sleeping with a hot water bottle can keep you warm on cold nights. It’s always best to ensure it’s safe to put hot liquids in your bottle before trying this tip.
  4. Use your water bottle to cook or boil water: A non-insulated stainless steel water bottle can make an excellent pot. To begin, place your vessel beside your campfire. Next, allow your water to boil for at least 10 minutes to kill any bacteria. You can use this method to make safe drinking water or rehydrate soup and other meals. Just add your water to a smaller dish such as noodles or couscous and voila! You’ve got dinner.

Design Your Own Promotional Water Bottles With ePromos

When it comes time to venture outside, you’ll want a high-quality water bottle that meets your company’s needs.

ePromos offers a wide range of high-quality water bottles. Choose from various custom outdoor bottles with unique colors, sizes and materials – from stainless steel to plastic and aluminum options. Whether you’re hoping to promote an event or looking for a gift idea for employees or clients, promotional water bottles will increase your brand exposure and express your appreciation.

For the ideal outdoor water bottles, browse our website today!

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