Welcome Back to School Kits for Students

Welcome Back to School Kits for Students

Students return to school with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. You can help get them off to a good start with student welcome gifts.

10 Gift Ideas for Welcome Back to School Kits

Gifts for students typically focus on helping them stay organized or providing items they will need during their school days. Keep reading to find 10 helpful ideas for some back-to-school goodie bags for students:

1. Lunch Boxes and Portable Food Containers

Students of all ages can use a way to safely store their food, even if they get most of it on campus. If you decide to provide this type of item, you can choose between full-sized promotional lunch boxes or portable food tins and containers. Lunch boxes make great back-to-school gifts for students because they are:

  • Needed: Having access to food from home is important for the students’ lasting health as they strive to complete their assignments.
  • Practical: Lunch boxes are useful items to have on school grounds and during extracurriculars. Even students who prefer to buy their food will be happy they have a lunch box or food storage items for the class picnic or park trip.

2. Wall Chargers

A wall charger can be a lifesaver for students who need their devices to stay connected. Promotional wall chargers are good for students because they are:

  • Convenient: Having an additional charger can be a huge relief when students misplace their original charger or forget to bring it.
  • Compact: Wall chargers are small but valuable items that are easy to store in large quantities. You can easily give them away out of a box, and the students will love to have them.

3. Knit Hats

Free knit hats are something that many students will appreciate wearing before and after school as they begin their fall semester. Promotional knit hats are a good choice for a student welcome gift because they are:

  • Stylish: Knit hats are fashion items you can design to display school pride. They might even become some students’ favorite hats.
  • Comfortable: As the weather cools, whenever outdoors, students will wear whatever they can to stay warm. A knit hat is a stylish type of headwear that will keep their ears safe from the biting cold.

4. Backpacks

A backpack is a necessity for students of all ages, from kindergarten through college or professional school. A promotional backpack with premium features and customization options is a good choice for a back-to-school gift because it is:

  • Reliable: Just about every student will need to use a backpack or another type of bag. Providing one with your school’s logo gives students the opportunity to show their school pride. Students who cannot afford a large backpack will also enjoy this necessity.
  • Valuable: A backpack is a premium gift, especially when you choose one with extra features like thermal insulation, a USB charging port or a headphone port.

5. Sling Bags


A sling bag is a good alternative for students who want something lighter than a backpack but still have too many books to carry in their arms. Promotional sling bags are valuable items for students because they are:

  • Practical: Students with backpacks or book bags can still use a sling bag to carry their lighter items. Some students prefer sling bags because they are lighter and less bulky.
  • Valuable: Sling bags have high value as promotional gifts and will last throughout the average student’s school career.

6. Water Bottles

Many students carry water bottles as they go about their daily activities. Promotional water bottles are an excellent gift for students because they are:

  • Needed: It’s hard for students to find time in their busy schedules to stay hydrated. Their teachers may allow them to bring closed containers to class, or they can store their water bottles in their lockers.
  • Practical: A personal water bottle is a suitable gift for busy students who will bring this item to lunch, on field trips and to extracurricular activities.

7. Pencils

Students can always use more pencils — whether they’re wooden or mechanical — to take notes, do homework and create study cards. Promotional wooden and mechanical pencils make a thoughtful gift for students because they are:

  • Universal: Although students complete much of their work online in the current education system, they still need pencils for in-person exams, testing, worksheets and writing assignments. Many students also choose to take notes by hand during lectures instead of using a laptop or tablet.
  • Compact: You can order a large number of pencils for giveaways and store them easily.
  • Affordable: Pencils are highly affordable and appropriate for student giveaways.

8. Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers

Students who use pencils for taking notes and writing assignments will also need erasers and sharpeners. These tools are especially valuable for art students or those engaged in creative disciplines. Promotional pencil sharpeners and erasers are fitting for a back-to-school kit because they are:

  • Affordable: These items are inexpensive and easy to purchase in bulk.
  • Convenient: As small items, sharpeners and erasers are easy to misplace, and students will appreciate having extras.
  • Practical: Students who write with pencils appreciate these accessories for helping them complete their schoolwork.

9. Binders

Binders are helpful tools for helping students to keep their work organized. Promotional binders make valuable gifts because they are:

  • Practical: Most students will make use of a binder. Even if they keep theirs at home, it’s a great organizational tool for sorting their paperwork.
  • Helpful: Many students struggle to stay organized. Some just need to start the semester with the right tools to build good habits.

10. Power Banks

Many students have to do a lot of walking between classes and around campus every day. Promotional power banks and emergency chargers help them stay connected during crucial moments. These items are suitable for students because they are:

  • Convenient: Many students have limited access to wall outlets during school hours. A power bank lets them choose a place to study that suits them best instead of scrambling for a seat near an outlet.
  • Practical: Students need to stay connected to access their accounts and keep safe while they’re out alone. A power bank ensures they always have enough charge, even on long trips or outings.

Welcome Students Back to the Classroom With ePromos Gifts

ePromos carries all of the above gifts for students and many more. Browse our selection of back-to-school gifts for your student welcome kits. If you want more information about these products or any others, call us at 877-377-6667 or contact us online to learn more.


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