Corporate Wellness Ambassadors

Today, more than ever, it’s important for companies to take a vested interest in who works for them. It’s becoming essential to create an environment that allows employees to flourish in a positive, engaging atmosphere. One of the best ways to show support for your employees is through wellness gifts.

Benefits of Wellness Gifts

Wellness gifts for employees have the power to greatly improve people’s lives. They’re the perfect way to inspire fitness in your employees for the new year, setting them on a track to increased longevity and productivity. Here are some of the various advantages of wellness gifts and fitness ideas:

1. Improve Engagement

Sometimes, employees can feel disconnected from the company itself. Their work may start to seem detached from a greater whole and become tedious. With wellness programs and gifts, the company can connect back to the employee, showing support and the opportunity for growth.

Those gifts can align companies with employees via similar goals, creating an enriching partnership that can rejuvenate engagement.

2. Boost Productivity

Wellness gifts also have the ability to make us feel good. Whether it’s a workout, a healthy snack or some guided meditation, wellness gifts can clear our minds and make us see what’s important. In turn, they can have a significant impact on productivity, raising levels of focused work.

They may even help contribute to cutting down sick days and the like, helping employees feel better for more time out of the year.

3. Build Company Culture

Company culture is becoming more essential to employees each year. Younger generations see a culture of wellness as the single driving reason behind whether they’ll work for a company, and companies that show a vested interest in their employees are more likely to flourish in the future.

Wellness gifts and programs are some of the best ways to build positive culture in a company. You’ll be investing in the well-being of your employees while also unifying the company.

Fitness Work Programs and Wellness Ideas

There are many ways you can show appreciation for the well-being of your employees. Many companies are using wellness programs to help their employees succeed in and out of the workplace. Here are some wellness ideas you can start to incorporate into your company:

1. Guided Meditation and Yoga

The benefits of meditation and yoga are very advantageous to an employee. With all of the stress someone goes through during the workweek, having a little bit of time to unwind and relax can work wonders on the mind and body. Meditation can be especially helpful in an environment where stress is high.

Guided yoga and meditations in the office are a great way to ease some of the pressure off of employees’ shoulders to allow them to do their jobs more effectively. These can also help unify the office around a central activity that everyone can participate in.

2. Healthy Lunch Options

Healthy foods and snacks show that a company is invested in the longevity of its employees. Donuts and cake might be a nice gesture on special occasions — but they may also hurt employee productivity, leading to a drop in energy over the course of the day. Healthy yet tasty options can satisfy employees while also keeping them alert and clear-headed.

Try offering a DIY smoothie bar or cater a nutritious lunch instead of setting out muffins and bagels.

3. In-Office Fitness Classes

Many people have gym memberships, but they don’t ever actually get to the gym. Lack of time and overcrowded spaces at gyms can turn many people off. One way to inspire regular fitness is to bring it into the workplace. Having some light fitness activities either virtually or in-office is the convenience some employees may need to get on a healthy workout regimen.

Employees will likely feel grateful for the option, and it’s another way to bring people together doing a fun activity. It can also help boost productivity, working against those lulls in the day and afternoon sugar crashes.

4. Volunteer Activities

Wellness programs don’t have to only concern healthy food options and fitness. Sometimes, it means giving back to the community and engaging in volunteer activities around town. Participating in those activities is one of the best ways to build engagement and culture within the company.

In modern times, it may sometimes become unclear how everyone in the company connects and helps each other throughout the workday. A simple activity like cleaning up a local park or repainting a public building can bring things into focus and connect employees through a common goal.

5. Wellness Giveaways

Prize giveaways are a fun way to show appreciation for employees. Quality corporate fitness items show care and support for workers, helping to inspire a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. You can make the giveaways company-wide or have prizes based on performance and productivity.

Employees can take their branded fitness items with them to gyms and parks, spreading the word about the company and allowing them to take pride in where they work.

Corporate Fitness Giveaway Ideas

Wellness giveaways cover a broad variety of objects, from water bottles to jump ropes. Here are some choices that might be appealing for employee gift ideas:

1. Drinkware

One of the key tenets of wellness is hydration. You can emphasize this wellness aspect by giving quality drinkware, inspiring a way for employees to stay hydrated in and out of work.

  • Water bottles: Invest in durable water bottles for your company. Employees will be happy to use them and may even carry them to gyms and other places outside of work, spreading your brand awareness. Water bottles also come in different designs and materials — choose from glass, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and more.
  • Tumblers: There’s nothing like having a nice, cold beverage waiting for you after a long workout. A corporate tumbler is the perfect solution, giving employees a way to keep drinks cold for a long time.

Drinkware is versatile, allowing employees to store tea, water, juice or whatever they see fit. It’s an easy and effective way to inspire wellness and promote the company at the same time.

2. Yoga Mats

Many people may want to start doing yoga — they’re just lacking the basic equipment to start. A yoga mat is the perfect nudge some people may need to get started. Yoga mats are a wonderful way to spread brand awareness and introduce employees to a healthy activity.

If you’re planning on having a group yoga session in the office, a custom branded yoga mat could be an awesome pairing with a branded water bottle. Employees will be sure to enjoy this functional wellness gift.

3. Exercise Bands

Many people prefer to stay at home instead of going to a crowded, busy gym. At-home workouts are becoming more common, and you may want to find a gift that fits that kind of convenient approach to fitness.

Exercise bands are a wonderful gift to match a home workout. It’s an easy and portable way to get a workout in. If people do want to go to the gym, they could even bring the promotional bands with them.

4. Apparel

Company clothing is one of the best ways to advertise your brand. People love showing off where they work, and you can give them a tool to do this by giving apparel they can wear proudly:

  • T-shirts: Ideal for any kind of workout, T-shirts are wildly popular giveaways that match up perfectly with a wellness theme. Choose from various sizes and materials and unique designs suited to your specific company.
  • Jackets: It’s important to keep your muscles warm before, during and after a workout. Answer this need with quality company jackets that are long-lasting and durable.
  • Socks: Special performance socks have wicking capabilities that are specifically designed for working out.

When you buy quality clothing for your employees, they’ll be sure to wear it around town and to the gym, creating an awesome way to get brand exposure.

5. Gym Bags

What better way to celebrate employee wellness than with a unique gym bag? Employees can use this on their trips to the gym during lunch, for travel or even just for carrying in their belongings at the start of the day. A gym bag will likely last a long time and acts as a functional item that people can use daily.

6. Hand Grip Exercisers

If you’re looking for one of the simplest and most convenient employee fitness gifts, you gift them hand grip exercisers. These are small yet effective enough that employees could even get a workout while sitting at their desks.

7. Jump Ropes

Jump roping is an excellent exercise that works many parts of the body. For such small and affordable branded fitness items, they offer plenty of wellness advantages:

  • Muscle strengthening: Jumping rope is a full-body workout, relying on lower body muscles in your legs and muscles in the upper body like your shoulders and biceps. Few workouts can compare to that kind of comprehensive workout. The more you jump rope, the more it’ll help your muscle endurance, which allows you to work out longer without getting fatigued.
  • Cardio improvement: Most people jump rope as a form of a cardio workout, and for good reason — over time, jumping rope can strengthen your heart and improve lung capacity. It’s also an effective workout for burning calories.
  • Helps coordination and balance: Jumping rope takes a degree of coordination and rhythm to time your jump and rotate your arms correctly. As you attempt to stay centered, you’re also practicing balance, relying on a strong base to keep you steady.

Along with all of these health benefits, jumping rope is simply a ton of fun. You can challenge yourself with different speeds and times, working to grow your endurance and coordination. It’s a terrific workout and gift for your employees to utilize for wellness.

8. Headphones and Earbuds

So many people listen to music while they work out. Headphones and earbuds are an essential tool to have at the gym. As an added function, you can use them in the office to focus on deep work. Find sleek and elegant earbuds for your company with your corporate logo displayed on the case.

9. Fitness Trackers

For an upgraded wellness gift that’s sure to wow your employees, look into buying a smart fitness tracker. Employees can wear these devices on their wrists and track various aspects of their health like calories burned, heart rate and even sleep.

Smart fitness trackers connect to an app through your smartphone so you can easily get accurate readings of your current health status, They’re an ideal way of inspiring wellness in the workplace

All of these corporate fitness items have advantages for employees and companies alike:

  • Brand awareness: Whether it’s a T-shirt or a gym bag, employee wellness gifts offer a way to expose your brand to hundreds, even thousands, of people.
  • Quality wellness items: Recognition of wellness is one thing, but going to the next level and actually investing in fitness gifts for your employees shows a unique level of support. You can attract new talent and inspire loyalty with quality wellness items.
  • Functional and long-lasting gifts: You’ll also be able to give lasting gifts — employees can use things like water bottles and jump ropes for years to come, acting as a reminder of the company.

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