How to Promote National American Beer Day on October 27


When you look at a typical calendar, October 27 won’t look like anything special. But it’s a wonderful opportunity for your company to gain traction with your over-21 customers. Why? It’s designated as National American Beer Day.

For many adults, beer is a classic choice when it comes to game day or a night out with friends. You can leverage your audience’s appreciation of a good brew to get a bit of buzz for your business.

Strategies to Highlight National American Beer Day

As long as your marketing efforts lean toward attracting consumers who can legally buy and sip porters, ales, lagers and other brews, you can make the most of October 27. Below are a few fun, memorable methods to turn National American Beer Day into an opportunity to highlight your organization:

  • Purchase and distribute beer-related swag: You don’t have to be a brewery to give out beer-focused promo items that include your corporate logo. Anything from a beer insulator to a metal or plastic bottle opener can fit the bill. You can hand out your promo pieces at point-of-service locations or during meetings and sales calls.
  • Talk about National American Beer Day on social: You’re always in need of fresh content for your social media pages. Why not spend the week leading up to October 27 discussing interesting beer trivia? Look up some fun facts and use them to get people commenting on your social pages.
  • Host an employee happy hour: When your employees are engaged, you’re more likely to experience higher levels of workplace productivity, performance and camaraderie. Why not hold a National American Beer Day happy hour for your workers after closing time? Bonus points if you give them each a piece of glassware with your company’s logo or another piece of swag they can proudly display.
  • Offer a selection of brews: Help your customers find their new favorite beer by offering a few different kinds for tastings. Collect a variety of beers yourself or have employees offer suggestions for customers to try. Serve samples in tasting glasses to show off your company.
  • Make a beer-battered dish: Celebrating National American Beer Day is equally about the food. Make beer-battered meals such as French fries, fried chicken or hushpuppies to commemorate the day.
  • Craft your own beer: Showcase your company’s creativity by making your own beer. Let customers try your creation by using branded glasses for free samples.
  • Find your unique beers: Discovering unexpected beer flavors, such as berry or chocolate, will intrigue and excite your customers. Place the beers in a branded bucket for a fun way to show off your company and unique beers.
  • Offer new and interesting facts: America has a rich beer history. Find some of your favorite facts and post them on socials or on signs throughout your event to celebrate the day. To take the fun one step further, print a fact on branded products such as a promotional business growler or a stadium cup.

Benefits of a Holiday Marketing Campaign

When you think of holiday marketing campaigns, holidays like Halloween and Christmas may come to mind. However, bringing attention to smaller holidays such as National American Beer Day is a great way to boost your business and bottom line. Some benefits of holiday marketing campaigns include the following:

  • Create awareness: A holiday marketing campaign will help potential customers learn about your company. You also offer a fun way to celebrate a holiday your customers may not know about.
  • Expand your social media presence: Switching up your social media campaign for holiday marketing will interest existing customers and excite new ones. Changing up your campaign will also show that your company can have fun with your social media.
  • Obtain feedback: Use the holiday campaign to engage with customers and learn what is and isn’t working with your marketing campaign. You can also use your campaign for National American Beer Day to guide your strategy for larger holidays.
  • Indulge in activities: One of the best ways to boost engagement is to show your employees indulging in the holiday. Post pictures of your employees having fun or taking part in games to bring enjoyment to employees and customers alike.

How Our Promotional Products Can Elevate Your National American Beer Day Celebration

While your customers may not know when National American Beer Day is, they will remember your company as a trustworthy source if you celebrate the holiday correctly. One of the best ways to cement your place in your customer’s minds as their go-to source is with promotional products.

Unlike a post or an email, promotional products are tangible reminders of your brand. For example, beer promotion ideas — such as a kooler sleeve or a reusable straw — will ensure your customers remember your company each time they use these products. By keeping your company top of mind, your customers will be more likely to choose you when they need your products or services.

Mark Your Calendar for the End of October

You don’t have to be in the business of brewing beer to give a nod to National American Beer Day on October 27. Get your marketing and selling teams together for a brainstorming session in advance of the date. You’re sure to come up with some great ideas to try.

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Updated on 10/26/2022

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