National Veterinary Technician Week

Veterinary technicians play a critical role giving medicine, drawing blood, managing anesthesia, and assisting in surgeries. They are indispensable for veterinary practices to operate day-to-day in an efficient manner. All the duties they manage allow vets to perform surgeries, make diagnoses, and prescribe medications. They don’t only work at your local vet clinic but at animal hospitals, farms, ranches, research labs, and zoos.

Vet techs provide care and compassion every day to a variety of animals. It’s important to give recognition, thanks, and appreciation to these animal lovers for all they do. Since 1993, the third week of October has been dedicated to giving them those acknowledgments. Follow our guide on how to make it fun while recognizing your techs during National Veterinary Technician Week.

Food Is The Way To The Heart

Many offices serve donuts or muffins on employee holidays. Go beyond the ordinary and do something different to really show how much you appreciate what they do! Make it fun and invite everyone out for a Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour. Surprise them with a breakfast omelet bar. Or, depending on how big your practice is, you could order lunch in or have it catered. No matter what you choose your techs will feel special.

Monthly Recognition

If you haven’t started an employee recognition program yet, Vet Tech week is a perfect time to do so. Create a personalized plaque to honor one of your techs as the Vet Tech of the Month (or Year!). Each month, you can swap out who the honor is bestowed upon. Employees love to be recognized, it makes them feel appreciated for all the hard work they think goes unnoticed. Let this week start a regular tradition of recognition and thanks.

Personalized Veterinary Technicians Gifts

Recognition doesn’t have to be the same old, same old. This holiday isn’t an obligation – it’s a celebration! Depending on your work environment and attire allowed, you could personalize a few items from scrubs, sweatshirts, mugs, or bags.

If you decide on mugs or cups, be sure to throw a bag of animal crackers inside for a nice touch. Here are a few of our favorite veterinary technician sayings you could use to put on any item:

Top 10 Sayings for Vet Tech Week on Promotional Products

  1. BITE ME – I’m a Veterinary Tech
  2. The finishing touch to any outfit is cat hair.
  3. I speak for the animals.
  4. I like Big Mutts and I Can Not Lie
  5. You think  your job is bad… I play with poop all day – I’m a Vet Tech!
  6. ANYTHING A VET TECH CAN DO, VETS CAN DO TOO! (of course, it will take 3 vets, 6 times as long, cost 7 times as much, and make 10 times the mess!)
  7. I give shots in my sleep
  8. The vet tech is going to do what to my behind?
  9. We can’t fix crazy but we can sedate it
  10. He NEVER Bites, They Said… He’s Really Sweet, They Said

Coworker Appreciation

Don’t forget to allow a time for your vet techs to recognize one another for all that they do for each other. Consider asking your techs to do a secret gift exchange during Vet Tech Week. They can pull names and bring small gifts in for one another. Perhaps they’d rather do a mini-Valentine’s Day. Each tech brings in thank you cards for the other techs. Either choice will add to the fun festivities while promoting team building.

Pet Parade

Too often, vet techs see their furry clients on the animal’s worst days. End Vet Tech Week on a high note by letting the techs enjoy time spent with the animals they help while they’re well, by having a pet parade! The whole community can join in, and their owners will love it.

Many cities will let you block off a side street for a mini parade, or you can host the event at a local park. The pets will love playing with one another, and the techs will love playing with them, too. It’s a great way to bring a fun week to a close.

We hope these fun activities and ideas make your Veterinary Technician’s Week special.  For these and other healthcare-themed or animal products, shop here!

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