How To Put Logos On Promotional Acrylic and Plastic Mugs

What are promotional mugs? A promotional mug is a mug with a company’s logo imprinted on the cup. The logo is usually a stamp and sometimes it is painted on the cup. The custom imprinted coffee mugs are a way of advertising. The company will give out logo plastic mugs at a luncheon, or business meeting. The company will want for those who attend the luncheon to use the logo acrylic mugs and think of the company. When a company gives out a promotional mug at a business luncheon, or business meeting the company sometimes receives exposure that the company did not realize. When a person who attended the business luncheon, or business meeting uses the mug in front of a guest at the person’s home the company is receiving exposure.  When the person’s guest reads the company’s logo, the person will think of the company the next time the […]

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