Top Trending Promo Items 2016

The Top 10 Promo Trends for 2016

Products that were once up-and-coming, and consequently hard to come by, are now making a big splash at affordable price points. This can be attributed to advancements in the production of many of these products – be technical or scientific – and more competitors in the market driving down prices. Here we outline 10 of 2016’s hottest, trendiest products for marketers and business owners to use in their promotional and operational efforts.   1. Bluetooth Headphones Wireless headphones were some of the most expensive headphones for aperiod of time, despite their limited battery life and other technical limitations. However, Bluetooth headphones are becoming affordable more recently, with both performance and cost enhanced by their popularity within the marketplace. Bluetooth and other technical advances, paired with a variety of features at different price points, have created growing interest in these headphones. They’re also especially useful for those on the go, who […]

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