market your business on a budget

How to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

Any seasoned entrepreneur can tell you that the effectiveness of their marketing efforts is extremely important to the success of their business. Setting up your storefront or website and hoping for people to come visit you is a lackluster method to keeping your business afloat. While the term “marketing” might sound like an expensive undertaking, if done right it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money in order to be effective. There are many avenues to marketing that you can take. What’s most effective for your business will depend on the industry, type of service or offering, and your level of commitment. Online Marketing In the world of the internet, businesses have tons of opportunity to get their name out there. The biggest challenge to this is that there are so many other businesses vying for the same attention. Digital Advertising Oftentimes, many people think this competition makes digital […]

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