the importance of branding

The Importance of Branding Your Company – and Using the Benefits to Benefit Others

When it comes to making a name for your business, longevity can certainly play a role in strengthening brand recognition. Just ask Loretta Knauth, Director of Corporate Alliance and Public Relations at United Service Organizations (USOHRCV). The USOHRCV has been around for over 75 years, but people still associate it with Bob Hope and World War II, the period in American history when the business got its start. But as Knauth knows, it takes diligence and care to transition an organization through the decades, and to maintain its relevancy in the eyes of customers, clients, supporters, and business partners.   First, a Background on the USOHRCV USOHRCV of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia is a private organization that supports America’s military service members at home and overseas. They provide support – such as travel assistance and transitionary services for those moving back home – to those in uniform that bravely […]

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