EVIT on The Importance of Branding and Understanding Your Target Customer

Patrick Jervis is the Brand and Social Media Manager at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). EVIT is a career and technical education district school in Mesa, Arizona that serves the students from approximately 10 school districts in the Phoenix East Valley area. In addition to training high school students, they offer affordable adult education programs. Established back in 1990, EVIT now has nearly 40 tuition-free career specific training programs for high school students. These programs help students get professional accreditation in their career field of choice, such as cosmetology, welding, or culinary arts. These programs allow high school students who might otherwise be disengaged in regular studies to have another choice when it comes to their future. According to Patrick, “Two out of three high school students go onto college or postsecondary training” after attending vocational/technical training, such as EVIT. Branding and the Public Eye While you might think […]

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