rebranding: when to do it and why

Rebranding: When to Do it & Why

Rebranding is a popular marketing strategy – one that has been successfully implemented by small and big brands alike. On the topic of branding and traditional marketing theory, author Anil Kumar Singh et. al. says, “A further premise that underpins marketing education and practice is that strong brands are built through many years of sustained investment which, if well judged, will yield a loyal consumer franchise that will result in large sales, a high market share and a continuing stream of income for the brand owner.” (Rebranding and Organisational Performance) That being said, rebranding seems to counteract traditional marketing practices. Rebranding means potentially jeopardizing the very investments your brand has cultivated: such as capital, time, and client base. To this end, rebranding sounds a lot like sloppily gathering your company’s worth into an overflowing rucksack and heading to the nearest landfill – carelessly dropping your hard earned relationships, savings, and […]

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