4 Color Process Printing

The Growing Popularity of 4 Color Processing

Four Color Processing has become an increasingly popular choice when printing promotional products — and for good reasons. Technical developments have allowed this advanced method of printing to be much more accessible at a reasonable price point. Four Color Process, Explained “The most common method of achieving color in printing is referred to as CMYK, four–color process, 4/c process or even just process.” Pantone explains. “To reproduce a color image, a file is separated into four different colors: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K). During separation, screen tints comprised of small dots are applied at different angles to each of the four colors. The screened separations are then transferred to four different printing plates, one for each color, and run on a printing press with one color overprinting the next. The composite image fools the naked eye with the illusion of continuous tone.” As a result, this process […]

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