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50 Great Reasons To Give A Gift

Want to save some time this holiday season? Ditch the holiday gift-giving list. That’s right, throw it straight into the trash. While your mom and your spouse may be annoyed, chances are, those on your corporate gift list won’t notice a bit. As companies look to differentiate themselves in the minds of their clients, many are forgoing the traditional gift around the holidays and instead gifting their customers at different times throughout the year. “Send a client a gift in mid-December and they may or may not notice it,” says Jeanine Weide, a personal shopper and gift-giving expert. “Send the same client a gift in June and you’ll blow them out of the water.” The reason to give a gift doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive. Here are 50 simple reasons to keep on giving all year long. Gift Giving Reasons 1. Your client got a promotion. It’s […]

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