Everything You Need To Know About Golf Apparel

Newsletter: Everything You Need To Know About Golf Apparel – April 18, 2008 The ePromos Golf Shirt Guide Ever wonder what makes one golf shirt different then another? Or what pima, piqué and mercerized mean? Well, here is everything you ever wanted to know about golf shirts (and more). Materials The material a shirt is made out of is very important. It can determine the use of the shirts (casual play, hot weather, etc.), how the shirt feels, how it fits and drapes and also how expensive the shirt can be. Cotton – There are different types of cotton used to make golf shirts, most notably are Pima cotton and mercerized cotton. Pima cotton is a high quality cotton known for its long fibers. When woven into fabric, creates an incredibly dense, soft fabric that is very light but still provides a good deal of warmth. Mercerizing is a process […]

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