National EMS Week

Celebrating National Emergency Medical Service Week

For more than 40 years, National EMS Week commemorates those individuals who answer the calls of the distressed. As a vital part of the patient care chain, emergency service workers provide support and necessary care to individuals at the scene of a crisis with compassion, care, and diligence – all equally met with a crucial sense of urgency.

President Gerald Ford first honored the week in 1970, thanks to the persistence of the American College of Emergency Physicians. After a string of varying dates over the years, the organization officially recognizes the celebration during the third week of May. Honoring the sacrifices and work that accompany this profession across all of its operations, from dispatchers to paramedics and EMTs, the silent care of emergency responders is reason enough to raise awareness – as well as celebrate – all the good that they do.

Answering the Call for EMS Workers’ Recognition

Whether attending to a small emergency at a venue, or answering the call of duty of more tumultuous disasters, the efforts of emergency experts like Paramedics and EMTs go beyond sending the injured to the nearest hospital. Armed with knowledge in life-saving procedures and many ailments, the onus is on them to make certain that patients are attended to efficiently and quickly – preparing them for more long-term care if needed.

Because of the nature of their work, emergency response professionals must put their own personal feelings and platitudes aside, as a way to ensure that they give their all to the people who need it at the time of care. Regardless of the venue, EMS workers put on a brave face to ensure their charge’s safety. Still, EMS professionals are people too, and National EMS Week gives businesses the opportunity to give thanks to those in the community that give their time to taking care of those in need at a moment’s notice.

Ways to Celebrate the Work of Emergency Professionals

Many use National EMS Week as a way to raise awareness about preserving and protecting one’s own health. From preventing broken bones and staying healthy every day, to navigating natural disasters and ensuring your family’s safety during times of uncertainty, this week serves as a perfect opportunity to give the knowledge of good health to your community.

Highlight their Accomplishments & Recognize their Efforts

Thanks to the variety of medical skills available to emergency responders and professionals, there are many ways to promote this wonderful event. No matter your industry, your company can honor EMS workers throughout this commemorative week in various ways, from speaking engagements to medical demonstrations, social gatherings, and much more.

Speaking Engagements

Use this week to take this time to let workers on the medical front lines tell their stories. Thanks to the unconventional situations emergency workers experience on a case-by-case basis, offering the spotlight to these unsung heroes as a way to let them express their insights on their profession. Also, speaking engagements allow the audience to learn more about the unseen work done between calls, while facilitating discussion on the emergency response experience.

Emergency Grab Bags

As is the case with many EMS professionals, there is never a day off from emergencies. With this in mind, you can offer healthy utility kits to prepare for any danger. Flashlights, Swiss army knives, tool kits – even health foods like granola bars and bottled water – all work to prepare recipients for emergencies big and small. Organize a workshop on emergency preparedness to bring people together in learning how to stay ready for anything.

Children’s Emergency Prep

Keeping the community informed about important health and safety tips serves as a perfect opportunity to bring families together to celebrate brave emergency workers across the EMS spectrum. Organize a CPR demonstration, host a running event, or an athletic competition of your choice to stay active and offer good health to all who attend.

Raise Money & Awareness for Health-Related Causes

In addition to recognizing the sacrifices of emergency medical workers throughout National EMS Week, many organizations use the week to focus on more health-focused topics of discussion with assistance from volunteers from firehouses, hospitals, and independent ambulance services. If you’re looking for other ways to involve your group or community, consider these options:

  • Donate to charities of your local EMS servicer’s choice
  • Collect health & beauty aids for the less fortunate
  • Create a skit or sketch about the importance of emergency responders
  • Organize a tour of the local firehouse (or emergency response center, if possible)
  • Promote any volunteer EMS openings within your community

Ideas for Promotional Items to Hand Out For National EMS Week

Observing National EMS Week by using promotional products to spread awareness regarding the impact these professionals have on our everyday lives. This tactic is more than just an effective way to market your brand and give your business a platform. Providing useful and creative items to enhance your company’s message of support is a safe bet no matter what your industry. By getting creative with your marketing team, you’ll be sure to find the right items to enhance the message of EMS in your community.

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