National Lupus Awareness Month

Celebrate Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month helps amplify the voice of the many individuals living with this autoimmune disease. While not contagious or inherently hereditary, the irregular symptoms and effects of lupus puts an enhanced sense of importance on treatment, as well as the increased need for more research into its origins. As not many people know about the impacts lupus has on the body and spirit, taking the time to use your business’ voice as a method of raising awareness provides a unique opportunity for your brand.

Public Law 95-72, signed by President Jimmy Carter, first established Lupus Awareness Week in September of 1977. After several years of date switches ‒ and a lengthening of the observance from a week to a month ‒ the Lupus Foundation of America helped permanently establish May as the official observance period.

Ways to Give a Voice to Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus attacks the body’s own cells and tissues, causing uncomfortable symptoms for those dealing with this ailment. Commonly, those suffering with the disease suffer from joint pain, skin conditions, among other symptoms. While SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) affects the majority of those who live with it, other deviations can emerge due to medication use or, in rare cases, from birth.

The unique challenges of lupus provide many opportunities to educate your community on the effects it has on the body, as well as ways to maintain good health while living with the disease. In addition, the varied symptoms of lupus also allow interested businesses to provide knowledge on methods of prevention and treatment for common “overlap” diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Offer Knowledge & Insight on the Effects of Lupus

Preparing an event for Lupus Awareness Week is a great way to bring your community together. By organizing programming geared toward acceptance and education, you’re not only able to get your brand’s name out there, but you also lend your brand’s unique voice to a worthy cause. Read on for some suggestions to celebrate Lupus Awareness Month.

Put on Purple

The color purple is a widely recognized symbol of lupus awareness and patient solidarity. Designating a day for your office (or your patients) to wear purple for lupus gives you a way to boost office morale by showing off unique styles, but more importantly, offers a great opportunity for educating affected individuals and other clients on the impact of lupus.

Yoga Sessions for Lupus Symptoms

While modern medicine has made great strides in treating and mitigating lupus symptoms, utilizing alternative methods of treatment such as yoga sessions geared toward lupus patients helps bring similar individuals together to not only better themselves, but to lend much-needed support on their journey with the disease. Create a yoga group by finding an experienced and willing instructor who is aware of specialized positions aimed at alleviating chronic pain brought on by lupus.

Roundtable Discussions

Organize a group of individuals – with lupus, and/or friends and family members of those with lupus – to bring forth conversation. Allow these people a platform to talk about how the daily struggles and trials of maintaining the disease, and how loved ones can help. Create meaningful dialogue about the role of loved ones in a patient’s life, as well as what they can do to assist in amplifying the importance of lupus treatment and care.

Showcase Facts Using In-Office Signage or Social Media

Numerous lupus-related charities offer facts about the disease, as well as quick suggestions on how one can monitor and maintain their health. Fortunately, many of these charities offer this information on their site for no cost. Post facts in your office for every day of Lupus Awareness Month, or use your social media outlets to give a digital voice to this worthy cause.

Raise Awareness for Associated Diseases

Often misdiagnosed for other diseases such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus is a unique medical ailment. With this, it’s beneficial to clarify the symptoms and awareness of these other conditions, in order to further propel much-needed consciousness about lupus. Additionally, using this opportunity to tap into your company’s corporate social responsibility provides the perfect platform to promote your brand.

Promotional Ideas for Lupus Awareness Month

No matter what method your business uses, deciding to raise awareness for health crises such as lupus is a novel way to build credence for your brand, as well as support a necessary cause in our society. Gather your marketing department or team and come up with unique ways to promote Lupus Awareness month. Taking the time out to promote health-related causes by using your business’ brand shows your community how serious you are about helping, while also exposing your brand to potential new customers.

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