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Tina Meier lost her 13-year-old daughter, Megan, to cyberbullying in 2006. Out of this tragedy was born the Megan Meier Foundation, which was founded in 2007 to bring awareness and education to children, parents, and educators about bullying and cyberbullying.

Today, Tina Meier travels throughout the country as a keynote speaker, and since 2008, has spread the Foundation’s message and Megan’s story with more than 120,000 students.

She’s made national and international media appearances on TV, radio and syndicated talk shows, and in 2011, she accepted a Presidential invitation to attend the White House Anti-Bullying Conference.

For Meier, her goal is simple: create awareness and promote positive change by creating a safer and kinder world.

Helping To Achieve The Mission
ePromos is thrilled to select the Megan Meier Foundation as a winner in our ePromos for Good charity program. We’ll provide $500 in free promotional merchandise to help the Foundation continue to work to stop bullying and cyberbullying.

Alex King, Program Manager, plans to use promotional pens and padfolios at the Foundation’s Fall 2014 Leadership Workshop at Maryville University in St. Louis.

The event draws hundreds of middle school and high school students along with educators, school officials, and counselors.

“We’re bringing in leaders who can make change,” King says. “We want the event to be fun, uplifting, and memorable. Having something like pens that they can take back, use at school, and keep as a reminder is really powerful.”

The workshop will be packed with events ranging from small-group sessions to panel discussions with various mental health and pediatric professionals. King is confident that customized padfolios and pens will be useful giveaways.

“The idea is to ensure the success of the program,” she says. “The pens and padfolios provide them the opportunity to pay attention, jump in, and take notes. And it gives them something to use in the future. Without these products, we can’t effectively have them participate and get involved.”

To learn more about Megan Meier Foundation and to find out how you can help, please visit

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