Everything You Need To Know About Golf Apparel

Newsletter: Everything You Need To Know About Golf Apparel
– April 18, 2008

Everything You Need To Know About Golf Apparel

The ePromos Golf Shirt Guide
Ever wonder what makes one golf shirt different then another? Or what pima, piqué and mercerized mean? Well, here is everything you ever wanted to know about golf shirts (and more).
The material a shirt is made out of is very important. It can determine the use of the shirts (casual play, hot weather, etc.), how the shirt feels, how it fits and drapes and also how expensive the shirt can be.

  • Cotton – There are different types of cotton used to make golf shirts, most notably are Pima cotton and mercerized cotton. Pima cotton is a high quality cotton known for its long fibers. When woven into fabric, creates an incredibly dense, soft fabric that is very light but still provides a good deal of warmth. Mercerizing is a process that removes stray fibers from cotton thread before it is woven, making the fabric stronger, smoother and shinier than regular cotton and provides a superior comfort and fit.

ePromos Picks: Our Devon and Jones Pima Piqué Golf Shirt and our Executive Club Mercerized Polo Shirt

  • Performance FabricsPerformance golf shirts have become very popular for both their moisture-wicking properties and their fit and feel. Performance shirts are made from polyester microfiber, making them lighter than 100% cotton. Performance golf shirts may also come in cotton and poly microfiber blends. When cotton is blended with another material, like polyester, it makes for a more movable, flexible, fabric which increase the performance of your golf swing. Finally, many performance fabrics feature antibacterial treatments that inhibit odor causing bacteria.
    ePromos Pick: Piped Performance Polo with BodyFreshe
    Brand name golf shirts are very important in associating your company with quality. The better the quality brand the bigger your company will be in the eyes of your customers. Here are our ePromos picks for quality brand name golf shirts that you can make a part of your next golf outing.
  • Nike Golf – When you use a Nike golf shirt your company will be associated with the same quality they expect from Nike brand apparel. For a classy and professional look, Nike offers great looking golf shirts especially when embroidered with your logo.
    ePromos Pick: Dri-FIT Pique Sport Shirt by Nike
  • Callaway Golf – The Callaway brand is well known in the golfing world, making it a popular choice for quality and value. Golfers trust Callaway since they are one of top leaders in golf equipment and apparel, this is great to associate your brand with.
    ePromos Pick:
    Callaway Dry Sport® Performance Titanium Pique Polo Shirt
  • Adidas Golf – This high-quality golf brand will set your company alongside its high standards. Adidas is known for quality sports apparel, making them a great choice for your next golf outing.
    ePromos Pick:
    Adidas Golf ClimaLite® Stretch Pique Polo Shirt®
  • Ashworth Golf – Ashworth golf shirts, are top quality shirts that come at a very affordable price. They are chosen by many of our customers for their look, feel, and overall comfort.
    ePromos Pick: Ashworth Classic Solid Pique
    Having right fit of your golf shirts is very important as it will determine how comfortable the people wearing your promotional apparel will be in it.
  • Men’s vs. Women’s – A small men’s golf shirt is not the same as a women’s golf shirt! Golf shirts for men and women are cut differently to conform to the different body shapes. You can find matching styles for many of our golf shirts making the choice very easy for you. While men’s shirts are typically a looser cut, a well-designed women’s golf shirt is typically has a more fitted cut, a smaller placket and collar and tailored sleeves.
    ePromos Pick: Matching men’s and women’s golf shirts.
  • Weight – For golf shirts and other apparel, weight refers to the thickness of the fabric, specifically the weight of a square yard. For golf shirts, weights range from 4 ounces to 8.5 ounces. The lighter weight shirts are typically performance or blended fabrics, and the heavier weights are typically 100% cotton. While heavier shirts are more substantial and better in cold weather, the current trend is towards lighter weight, more flexible shirts.
    ePromos Picks: Our Lightweight 5 oz. Silk Touch Polo and Our Heavyweight 7.4 oz. Perfect Pima Polo
    Bonus fact: Piqué refers to the style of weaving that leaves a raised design. The weave gives the fabric more body and helps it drape well.

Golf Outerwear: Different Styles for Every Season

Choose Your Golf Outerwear by the season

As unpredictable as the weather tends to be, your promotional outerwear should suit the seasons. Below are our picks for spring, summer and fall.
Spring – As the weather begins to warm, you have those occasional days where it is cooler than you wished. A promotional wind shirt, like the V-Neck Windshirt by Port Authority Sport Tek can help on those days when you get an unexpected chill.
Summer – With sunny days ahead and the heat of the summer sun blazing down, what can you do if you are on the 4th hole and suddenly a dark cloud rolls across the sky? Don’t let your golf outing be ruined by a freak rainstorm. Instead, a promotional poncho is the perfect item to keep the game going.
Fall – When the weather fluctuates between summer and the cooler fall climate things can get very unpredictable. Having an imprinted jacket like the Clubhouse Jacket by Devon & Jones is perfect. It is light-weight so it won’t restrict your swing, and it definitely keeps you warm on your way from the water hazard.

Golf Cap Roundup
Help your customers keep the sun out of their eyes on the green…while staying stylish! Here are our top picks for our three major golf hat brands:

  • Callaway

– Callaway is known for being tops in the golf world, now it can be tops for your company as well. This Callaway Unstructured Cap is a great product for any golf event or apparel promotion you have going.
Callaway Unstructured Cap

  • Nike

– The unstructured twill Nike cap is made from100% cotton, and is the perfect golf hat for your next golf outing. If you want your company logo next to a quality sporting brand that is well-known, this is the hat for you.
unstructured twill Nike cap

  • Ashworth

– Looking for an inexpensive golf hat that looks great? The Low Profile Structured Cap with Embossed Back Strap by Ashworth ® is the perfect choice. Ashworth is a leader in the golf apparel industry.
Low Profile Structured Cap with Embossed Back Strap by Ashworth

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