Custom Drinkware for Weddings and Events

Whether you’re getting married or preparing for another large event, you have a lot of planning to do. Between deciding on the venue, food and any entertainment, it’s easy to forget the small details. Custom drinkware can make a big difference for your guests.

You can have the perfect reception or cocktail hour with personalized, high-quality drinks, or you can give these items to your guests as party favors so they will have a lasting memory of your special day.

Custom Drinkware Ideas for Weddings and Events

Custom wedding drinkware comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles, meaning you have plenty of choices for expressing your unique vision. A common choice is getting your initials monogrammed on the items. Your requested design can help you create the drinkware you envisioned when you started searching for supplies.

Find the drinkware you need for serving beverages of all kinds, from wine and beer to cocktails, tea and carbonated drinks. Here are some ideas for wedding drinkware and sleeves that you can order:

1. Stemless Wine Glasses

Your customized drinkware for your guests can be much more than simple dining accessories that you would find at any venue. Stemless wine glasses are a fashionable type of drinkware that can also make appealing table decorations. They are just as nice to look at as they are to drink from.

Custom stemless wine glasses are crafted from high-quality materials. They can help prevent accidental spills with bases that are low to the tabletop and steady during any jarring or nearby dancing.

2. Wine Glasses

The display of classic wine glasses filled with white champagne or another drink of your choice immediately sets the mood for a celebration. During the ceremonial speeches, your best man, maid of honor and other important guests will have the perfect wine glasses to hold for a toast. These are some of the most universal glasses, making them ideal for purchasing in bulk for your entire guest list.

You can also customize wine glasses for your event. Adding a caption or graphic is a creative way to show your personality at your event.

3. Flasks

Stainless steel custom flasks are a fantastic choice for a party favor. This gift item is unique enough to be an unexpected surprise for your guests.

Flasks can also match the aesthetic of some themed weddings. Planning an event themed around pirates, Westerns, medieval fantasy or another fantastic genre? An unusual item like a flask can capture the imagination.

4. Wine Tumblers

Custom wedding and bridal wine tumblers have lids and can be taken almost anywhere. They are available in elegant materials such as stainless steel and wood grain finishes. Wine tumblers make great gifts for the wedding party or party favors for your guests. After your special event is over, they will have a memento of the experience that can last a lifetime.

5. Pint Glasses

This type of clear glass is another classic that your guests will likely be familiar with. Pint glasses are a practical, stylish option for non-alcoholic beverages, but their universal shape is also appropriate for beer or cocktails.

You can customize pint glasses with a message just for your event to commemorate the day.

6. Beer Growlers

A custom beer growler might be the most unusual option on this list. Your guests can take these air-tight beer jugs home as a party favor, or you can use them to highlight a specific theme at your reception. Growlers preserve the quality of draft beer when you take it outdoors or wait to drink it.

7. Whiskey Glasses

Custom standard whiskey glasses are small enough for liquor but slightly larger than shot glasses. They can provide a classic touch to your venue and encourage guests to treat the event like a party.

8. Rocks Glasses

If you plan to serve cocktails at your venue but want to use a bit of a different style than a standard glass, a rocks glass is an excellent choice. They are short enough to add visual appeal to ice cubes, which look larger in a rocks glass. They are commonly used for drinks with high alcohol concentrations.

9. Shot Glasses

Custom shot glasses are the smallest items on this list that you can order for your big day. Delight your guests by adding jello shots to your dessert menu. Custom shot glasses can also serve as an attractive feature around your cake.

10. Beer Mugs

Mugs are the best choice for serving cold, foamy beer to your guests. Having your own beer mugs placed around each table contributes to a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere at a reception dinner party. Mugs are an excellent choice for a pub-style event venue.

You can also use beer mugs to serve ice cream desserts like root beer floats after guests finish the main course. Beer mugs are large and universal enough for use as an aesthetic feature for non-alcoholic beverages too.

11. Coasters and Drink Sleeves

Once you have decided on the drinkware, remember to look at coasters to match your party’s aesthetic. Keep your tables well organized with unique custom coasters. The options available are creative and fun, modern or traditional.

If you want to add a simple touch to your event without buying glassware, order some custom can coolers.

Create a Memorable Experience With Custom Cups and Sleeves

Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary or another special event, custom drinkware helps personalize the venue space. You can use custom wedding drinkware in the following ways:

  • Party favors: When you’re hosting a large celebration, party favors are a fun way to help guests remember the occasion.
  • Part of the tablescape: If you’re having the food catered, you might want more options for the decor, including the plates and glasses. Using custom, high-quality drinkware gives your guests another interesting component to observe.
  • Bridesmaids gifts: The bridesmaids enjoy a few perks from being in the bride’s close circle. Custom drinkware can be an excellent, practical gift they’ll use long after your event.
  • Groomsmen gifts: All the groomsmen will look uniform as they sit around the wedding party table with their custom drinkware.

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