Essential Tailgating Gear for a Good Time

Tailgating on the day of the big game is a great way to enjoy time with your friends. But it will take the right supplies to host a successful tailgate.

Get the necessary equipment to create the perfect parking lot setup, especially when you’re inviting your friends and family. Make ordering the best tailgating supplies from the list below part of your pregame plan.

10 Essential Tailgating Supplies

You can make your tailgating event special by giving away branded products. Come prepared to set up your tailgate party with promotional items that will impress your guests. Below are 10 tailgating essentials for any outdoor game-day party to give you ideas:

1. Portable Chairs

Some tailgating events are held in viewing distance of the game, which leaves your guests with few options other than sitting in portable chairs. Even if you’re hanging out before going into the stadium, your guests will want somewhere to sit while they eat, drink and chat. Provide your own portable chair sets for everyone who attends the event.

Many portable chairs come with their own drink holders, perfect for keeping your refreshments close. Some of the chairs have additional features, like an attached side table for holding plates of food or a built-in cooler feature for storing additional food and drinks.

2. Grill Accessories

Eating hot food while you prep for the game is a must at any tailgating event. Having access to a grill allows you to cook up juicy hot dogs, burgers, kabobs and bratwurst to feed your guests. A grill accessory set for outdoor cookouts will provide you and everyone else with tailgating gear you need for a truly memorable gameday feast.

Whether you want to give away BBQ grill sets or branded aprons to suit the theme of your event, your guests will appreciate having something of value to take home. They can use these quality grill accessories to host their own tailgate parties or around their homes to host their own tailgate parties.

3. Drink Growlers

Insulated drinkware and growlers are valuable to have around as tailgate supplies. You want to make sure your beer and other drinks stay cold even on the hottest summer afternoon while you watch the game.

These 64-ounce drink growlers are made of stainless steel. Options include insulated, leak-proof lids, double-wall designs and a powder coat finish. These growlers are BPA-free and come with additional features depending on the brand.

4. Drink Sleeves

Drink sleeves make great bulk gifts for tailgaters as they’re highly practical during the special event. The available drink sleeves work with many different kinds of drinks and make your guests comfortable holding their ice-cold beverages directly from the cooler.

Most drink sleeves are collapsible, making them easy to hand out at a party. Some have handles or other features, like a bottle opener to make getting another drink a quick possibility.

5. Blankets

As the afternoon progresses, temperatures may drop during your tailgate party. Browse for blankets to hand out during your tailgate so your guests stay comfortable. Consider fleece, faux fur and other warm and cozy options.

Throw blankets have many uses. They make a good resting place for families with kids and pets and are valuable tailgating accessories even on a hot summer day.

6. Stadium Cups

A list of ultimate tailgating gear would be incomplete without drinkware. Providing your guests with stadium cups can give them a better tailgate experience than drinking directly from cans and bottles. These cups are reusable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam cups that will quickly pile up in the nearest garbage.

Look for stadium cups and tumblers made of quality materials like silicone and BPA-free plastic. Hand out temperature-sensitive color-changing drinkware, or order yours with special graphics for your tailgating event.

7. Hand Sanitizer

It’s always good to have hand sanitizer around when you’re eating outdoors. Instead of sitting out one large container of sanitizer for all of your guests to share, consider giving out small, personal containers of hand sanitizer with special features that guests can appreciate.

Personal hand sanitizers come in a spray, a gel or wipes. You can get pocket-sized products with helpful key chain clips and other unique features that make them a step above other products.

8. Can Coolers

Canned beverages are popular at tailgates, so including can coolers as a special treat for your guests can help keep things cold. With a range of can coolers to choose from, you can get a product similar to a drink sleeve but with more insulation. These coolers fit snugly all the way around your can to insulate the drink and keep it at a nice cold temperature.

9. Power Banks and Phone Chargers

Your guests are going to be outside for a long afternoon of game day fun. Many people who attend will want to stay in reach of social media. Use this as an opportunity to give out power banks that your fellow tailgaters can use to stay fully charged at the event.

Make sure these power banks are charged up before passing them out to your guests. You might even hand out charging cords or suggest tailgaters bring their own to use these handy devices.

10. Drinkware Accessories

For a crowd of game enthusiasts, going outdoors to hang out is easier when you have the right tools. With a variety of drink and barware accessories to choose from, you can order the items your party needs the most. Some options include:

  • Reusable straws: These sustainable tools reduce plastic waste while providing a solution for guests who prefer to drink with straws or require them. They come in many kinds, like ones with a travel case and others with a simple-to-use cleaning brush.
  • Cocktail multi-tool: This item has a bottle opener feature, knife blade and several other attachments, perfect for mixing up drinks at your tailgating party.
  • Ice molds: Round ice is usually a luxury that you can only experience at a cocktail bar or restaurant, but you can make it yourself with the right silicone molds. Order multiple to use for your tailgating party and give them to your guests after the event.

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