Promoting Heart Health at Work

Heart disease kills one in five Americans annually, and around 805,000 people will suffer from a heart attack. Workplace habits can keep individuals sedentary throughout the day, causing them to miss prime exercise and diet opportunities. In addition to harming individual health, heart problems can also impact the workplace. Learn how you can promote heart-healthy habits in the workplace with ePromos.

Why Is Promoting Heart Health at Work Important?

Heart disease and strokes cost businesses around $130 billion annually for indirect expenses, like missed work. Increased absenteeism for hospitalization and doctor’s appointments can impact company productivity and efficiency. Employees can work better as a team for streamlined functionality when they are healthy. You can support better operations by promoting health and wellness through heart-healthy activities and support.

4 Ways to Promote Heart Health and Wellness at Work

Employers can support their employees’ health by creating a company culture that prioritizes physical health, including heart health. Opportunities that increase health awareness and chances can inspire employees to improve their health investments.

1. Offer Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules allow employees time to do what they need to care for their health. Maintaining a healthy heart involves a combination of exercise, diet and medical care. Flexible schedules enable employees to take more breaks throughout the day, allowing them to exercise and get fresh air. Whether they want to go to the gym or take a brisk walk, they have more opportunities to improve their heart health.

Flexible schedules also ensure employees can take time to receive the essential health care required to promote healthy hearts. Regular checkups can identify risks of heart disease and stroke while connecting individuals with resources, specialists and other essential practices to keep themselves healthy.

2. Provide Healthy Snacks

Many employers like to provide snacks in the break room for employees to enjoy throughout the day. From donuts to popcorn, employees often appreciate the opportunity to snack as they work or socialize. Vending machines in offices increase the food available to employees, so they can find something that suits their preferences and cravings.

Employers can boost heart health by investing in healthy snacks for their employees. Consider offering more fruit and nuts to employees in place of processed foods high in cholesterol.

3. Educate Employees on Health Benefits

Many employees overlook various health care benefits their employers provide because they forget or don’t know they exist. Some insurance providers offer rewards and other perks for engaging in health habits, like getting regular checkups and hitting the gym. During onboarding, you can support health benefits use by providing extensive resources about what’s available to them. You might offer pamphlets highlighting services and resources or create online guides employees can access anytime.

4. Include More Exercise Opportunities

Because exercise is so important, the tools and resources offered at your office can increase employees’ opportunities to exercise. Many companies are switching to standing desks, which can easily rise so employees can stretch their legs or even walk without leaving their workstations.


Others organizations are investing in on-site gyms, allowing employees to exercise before or after work. If you lack the space or money to implement this strategy, you can partner with local gyms for discounted memberships.

Heart Wellness Month Activities for Employees

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you can see hearts everywhere in February. February is Heart Health Month, promoting health and wellness through awareness and organizations. Many organizations use February as an opportunity to address American heart health, and your company can participate by bringing this cause directly to your employees.

While your company offerings can support health year-round, February can give you more opportunities to raise awareness and encourage people to improve their heart health. You can get serious or implement something fun, creating many opportunities to get individuals involved.

1. Participate in Red Days

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) encourage individuals to deck out in red on the first of February to kick off Heart Health Month together. Your company can take this idea further to increase involvement with weekly red days. You can choose any day of the week, allowing your employees to show their support for heart health with their favorite red attire.

2. Host a Health and Wellness Fair

Education is an essential aspect of maintaining and supporting healthy hearts. During Heart Health Month, you can help your employees care for their bodies by bringing in experts and medical professionals. General practitioners or nurses can host information sessions that discuss the risks of heart disease, signs of heart attacks and preventative measures. Dieticians can walk employees through foods and meals that support heart health.

You might also partner with a local hospital or clinic to offer free testing for body mass index (BMI), cholesterol and blood pressure. Employees can better understand their health and how to care for themselves.

3. Offer Heart-Healthy Cooking Classes

While dieticians can introduce employees to healthy eating habits and practices, it is often easier said than done. As part of your Heart Wellness Month ideas, invite a local chef or avid cook to work with your employees and walk them through some easy, tasty and healthy meals that support heart health.

If your employees love to cook, you could also consider hosting a potluck with heart-healthy meals. Your employees can introduce each other to their favorite dishes when each person brings something they love.

4. Have a Step Challenge

When you want to promote increased exercise and heart health, friendly competition can help give your employees the boost they need to get active in February. If your employees use fitness trackers or smartwatches, they can record their steps to meet daily and weekly goals. You can encourage employees to reach new distances and even have individuals or teams compete to see who can walk the most throughout the month.

Promote Your Heart Health Month Events With ePromos

When planning a campaign with activities and events, you need the right promotional items to excite your employees and increase awareness for the cause. ePromos allows companies to put individualized messages, logos and designs on countless products, so you can create promotional materials for giveaways, prizes and keepsakes for your office.

While heart health is a unique theme, ePromos has the perfect products to remind everyone of your theme. Our heart products have many functions, so you can find the product that will support your event and cause. If you are looking for something your employees can use to promote healthier habits, our promotional health and safety products can serve your needs.

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