The Importance of National Campus Safety Awareness Month

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month. As college students begin moving back into their dorms for another year of unforgettable memories and new learning opportunities, what makes this month crucial for their educational experience?

Instructors and administrators play a significant role in protecting every student from harm. Campus safety precautions should prioritize everyone’s happiness and satisfaction as they work toward earning a degree. Learn what NCSAM means for teachers and their students and how schools can promote safety on college campuses nationwide.

What Is National Campus Safety Awareness Month?

Each year in September, colleges in the United States observe National Campus Safety Awareness Month. Congress approved this recognition in 2008 to promote violence prevention on American campuses for all students.

Student safety is essential for colleges to provide a comprehensive education for everyone who steps foot on campus. For instance, some schools hold workshops and lectures throughout September, so undergraduate and graduate students can learn the importance of safety measures as they go to class each day.

Preventing violence, theft and sexual harassment enriches students’ time at school, while giving peace of mind to parents, professors, faculty and future applicants.

The Value of Campus Safety


Student safety is the top priority of schools across the nation. When university leaders act to stop violence or misconduct, it creates a better environment for people to learn, make lifelong friends, earn an education and form unforgettable memories.

Ensuring Future Student Confidence

When high school seniors and their parents begin exploring their higher education options, many of them tour campuses and prioritize amenities before making a final decision. In 2022, over 20 million students applied and enrolled in college. This astounding number of seniors anticipated the excitement of undergraduate education and making new friends along the way.

Potential students can read reviews online or hear from alumni about the safety precautions the school takes to keep everyone free from harm. Promoting campus safety now can ensure student satisfaction for years to come. Your school can make time to implement safety precautions for current students and future applicants who will admire your dedication to your plans for maximized security.

Promoting Equality

Promoting Equality

College campuses nationwide are seeing a rapid increase in student diversity. This exciting change can spark new meaning for educational equality for future students and their families. Though diverse perspectives can enrich the educational experience, over 400 hate crimes occurred at various college campuses in 2019, with tactics including intimidation, assault and property damage. This number decreases annually but still weighs heavily on students who strive for a good education without experiencing harassment for their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender identity, disabilities or sexual orientation.

Schools can promote equality throughout the student body by bringing these hateful instances to light during campus safety month.

Reducing Sexual Harassment

Sexual violence toward women occurs more often than any other crime on college campuses. This increasing number is alarming for all students walking across campus at night or alone. Campus security can help prevent harassment and promptly deal with students or visitors who display inappropriate behavior.

Bringing awareness to sexual violence on campuses across the country can warn students of the signs that someone has been assaulted or plans to harm another person. Preventing these actions may seem challenging, but with the proper precautions, students can walk safely around the school without feeling unsafe.

7 Ways to Promote NCSAM

7 Ways to Promote NCSAM Pinterest

Understanding the message behind NCSAM is vital for American college students, faculty and staff. Communicating through actions can be slightly different. Your school can implement NCSAM protocols by taking the following steps to ensure student safety.

  1. Campus lectures: Encourage students to attend educational workshops where they can learn self-defense and the signs of harassment on campus.
  2. Consent training for students: Teach returning and incoming students about the importance of consent. Demonstrate the signs of peer pressure and how to say “no.”
  3. Bystander training for students: It only takes one brave person to prevent harassment or hate crimes by speaking up against others’ unkind behavior. Educate students to take immediate action if they witness another student in a dangerous situation.
  4. Residence hall meet-and-greets with public safety officials: Students living on campus can learn how to contact the school’s public safety office during information sessions with campus police and safety directors in residence halls.
  5. Active shooter training/lockdown exercise: Schools in urban and rural areas can benefit from participating in active shooter drills. Teach students about the signs of a potential shooting, how to barricade doors and safe routes to take in an emergency.
  6. Theft prevention workshop: Theft takes place on every college campus. Stealing electronics, textbooks, bikes and other personal items is a severe offense for students who already pay thousands of dollars to be on campus. Take time to teach students about the importance of stopping theft when it occurs and keeping their valuables in a safe place.
  7. Midnight walk to voice lighting concerns: To prevent violence and sexual harassment, take students or faculty on a nighttime walk around campus to identify any dark areas between buildings or along walkways. Install lampposts in these areas, so students feel safe navigating campus after late-night study sessions.

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