How to Use Promotional Zipper Pulls to Increase Sales

Brand growth and awareness is an important part of business development. An excellent way to build your brand’s recognition is by using promotional zipper pulls. Invite customers to become your ambassadors when they sport them on their jackets and bags. Their size and placement are sure to catch the eyes of passersby, elevating your branding efforts and inviting conversation that reinforces your brand’s offerings through word of mouth.

According to Ask Your Target Market, 62% of respondents said that they are more likely to make purchases if someone they know recommends it to them. With your logo and company message proudly displayed on clothing and accessories, zipper pulls become a talking piece that promotes your business.

Why Use Zipper Pulls at Trade Shows?

Zipper pulls are a wonderful company giveaway at events and trade shows. Be sure your employees are wearing them, and then set them up as free swag available at your tradeshow table to draw people in. Since they’re gender neutral, they’re useful for everyone from kids to adults. Custom zipper pulls are a top-notch promotional product for functions of all kinds. Plus, since they are lightweight, they are easy to travel with to and from all the events you attend.

How to Design Your Custom Zipper Pulls

At ePromos, we can create eye-catching designs on zipper pulls to ensure your accessory looks like no other. Decide on the look you’re trying to achieve – whether it’s fashion forward, practical or quirky. We can even create a custom die cuts of your logo to give you a one-of-a-kind shape to your zipper pulls.

Contact one of our trained sales reps to work with you on your order, and we’ll assist in creating the perfect design for your accessories. If you have your own graphic designer, we can work with them, too. We have an array of sizes, shapes, materials and colors to choose from, or you can design your very own, original zipper pull.

Add Decorative Details to Make Your Brand Stand Out

With zipper pulls, you can customize and create that extra detail your company uniforms, apparel, or products need to become more memorable. Their added touch will make your promo items and brand name stand out from the crowd. They’re also outstanding at creating a cohesive aesthetic among clients and coworkers when you affix them to company laptop cases, messenger bags, padfolios, tablet cases, and uniform apparel.

Just imagine how the look of matching zipper pulls will unite all of your employees, both on and off-site. When they pull out their laptop case or padfolio in a meeting, everyone will know what company they’re representing.

Custom Zipper Pulls for Safety

The benefits of zipper pulls extend far beyond brand recognition, as they can also be used as a simple safety device, too. Schools, sports teams, and organizations no longer limit kids’ field trips to locations across town. Nowadays, they are visiting other states for games, overnight field trips, and even out of the country travels for long, cultural immersion trips.

It can be hard for kids to remember to take contact information with them every time they have a game or are leaving the hotel while on a trip. That’s where custom zipper pulls come in. Put the name of your organization with the chaperone’s contact information on it. That way, in the event they get separated from the group, they have the contact information they need. By putting these zipper pulls on their coats, bags, and other apparel they are apt to take with them, minors are guaranteed to have a point of contact in the event of an emergency.

Added Benefits and Convenience

Using zipper pulls as safety devices offer a few added benefits for adults, too. For those who are prone to losing and forgetting items, zipper pulls with the owner’s contact information will help ensure your lost item is returned. Especially while traveling, zipper pulls make it easy to identify your luggage in the line of bags coming off the carousel.

Camping stores, outdoor tour guides, and other outdoor and recreational businesses may be interested in customizing a zipper pull with a compass. That way, their shoppers will never lose their sense of direction. Ski resorts, boat enthusiasts, coaches, and lifeguards will love our handy thermometer zipper pull and keychain combo. It even has a handy chart to help you determine what the windchill is.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to designing your zipper pulls with ePromos! Take a look at our promotional zipper pull selection to begin creating your unique product. Call or chat online with one of our friendly staff members if you’d like help getting started in spreading your brand’s message through zipper pulls and other handy accessories today

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