Spooky Swag for Halloween Giveaways

Halloween is a fun holiday that brings special opportunities for your company to delight employees, connect with the community and promote itself. You can celebrate this time of the year by providing Halloween giveaway items that are especially spooky. Gifting Halloween promotional items brings awareness to your brand through cost-effective marketing that gets employees ready for the spooky holiday. Keep reading to get some ideas for fun, tasteful promotional Halloween items that fit the atmosphere of the season.

Ideas for Promoting Your Company During Halloween

Halloween presents a unique opportunity for your company to engage with your audience, promote your brand and create a memorable experience. Here are some ideas for promoting your company during Halloween:

Halloween Parades

Participate in local Halloween parades by designing a captivating float or dressing up your employees in creative costumes that incorporate your brand elements. As you march through the streets, distribute promotional items to the spectators, such as branded candy, stickers or small toys. This interactive approach allows you to make a lasting impression on the community while increasing brand visibility.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Organize a Halloween trick-or-treating event in collaboration with local businesses. Set up stations where participants can collect treats and promotional items along the way. For community members, offer branded candy or small giveaways that align with your company’s values. This creates a positive brand association and fosters community engagement and goodwill.

Employee Rewards

Show appreciation for your hardworking employees by organizing a Halloween-themed celebration or providing them with special promotional gifts. Consider hosting a costume contest or pumpkin carving competition to foster team spirit and camaraderie. Choose practical and personalized items for employee-specific promotional gifts, such as branded apparel, customized mugs or company-themed gift baskets. By recognizing their efforts, you enhance employee morale, loyalty and motivation.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Engage your online audience by organizing Halloween-themed giveaways and contests on various social media. Ask your followers to share their creative costumes, spooky stories or Halloween decorations using a specific hashtag associated with your company. Offer enticing prizes such as exclusive Halloween gift sets or limited-edition merchandise. This strategy boosts brand engagement, widens your reach and encourages user-generated content.


11 Bewitching Promotional Items to Celebrate Halloween

Since your company can celebrate Halloween in a range of ways, the variety of related promotional products is expansive, but items in the colors black and orange and recognizable shapes like pumpkins are favorites. Receiving promotional items during a popular holiday helps build brand affinity, instill loyalty, build partnerships and increase retention rates. Below are 11 ideas for Halloween promotional items:

1. Pumpkin Tote Bags

Give your employees tote bags with a Jack o’ Lantern pattern just for Halloween. These bags are useful for storing candy, and they will continue to serve a purpose long after the holiday is over. Employees can use them while they’re out and about, helping draw attention to your brand and encouraging a sense of pride as they showcase a special item made just for them. Pumpkin tote bags are a perfect personalized gift for employees and are::

  • Practical: Tote bags are always useful for home organization. A Halloween-themed bag is the perfect storage tool for labeling seasonal decor that will need to come out the next year.
  • Compact: Tote bags are stackable, making them convenient to store, so you can keep a large order in supply.

2. Candies and Cookies

Candy is a simple giveaway item that has long been associated with Halloween. Providing candies and sweets for this holiday is a special way to show your appreciation to your employees. Many people have a sweet tooth, making candy an excellent gift to brighten your employees’ day and let them know that you’re thinking of them. Sweet gifts that would fit the spirit of Halloween can be:

  • Luxurious: Gift sets are luxury items that will show your recipients how much effort you put into your promotional gifts for their enjoyment of Halloween. When employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to stay loyal to the brand, helping improve retention rates.
  • Festive: Trick or treat is the slogan of Halloween. These sweet gift sets are fitting for a holiday where candy is offered as a free gift.

Spoil your employees with delicious candy and cookie gift sets to thank them for all they do.

3. Promotional Flashlights

A flashlight is a helpful item to have for the many outdoor activities that your employees will likely participate in during spooky season. Promotional flashlights with special features come in many size options, and several have additional capabilities for a wider range of use. You can order anything from lanterns with Bluetooth® speakers to flashlights with screwdrivers. Promotional flashlights are a good choice for your next Halloween marketing campaign because they are:

  • Safety-oriented: If your industry is concerned with safety, this item makes a thoughtful gift and can even help out on the job. Additionally, your employees will probably spend time outdoors with their families enjoying the autumn festivities, and flashlights are a practical gift for the occasion. Your employees will make fond memories with a flashlight that has your brand attached, building a sense of loyalty and appreciation for your business.
  • Personalizable: Customized flashlights come in a variety of styles, and each type has several features to make it a unique item. Your company can select the type of flashlight that would fit its message and goals the best. Customizing a flashlight shows your employees that you care about them as individuals rather than considering them part of a number. Showing genuine care and compassion for employees helps increase retention and productivity rates.

4. Halloween Stress Balls

For a simple gift that would appeal to most people, give your employees or customers promotional stress balls shaped like pumpkins or another style of stress balls in the shape of skulls. Themed stress balls are fun for everyone and are:

  • Spooky: These items are themed for the season. They are fitting for any Halloween or fall event.
  • Affordable: Stress balls can be high-quality while still being affordable and easy to stock.

Stress balls also show your employees that you care about their mental well-being and want to help them decompress in the office. Investing in the little things that show that you care about your employees can go a long way.

5. Folding Wagons

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to experience the childhood joy of going on a wagon ride. A folding wagon is a good promotional gift for families with children that offers these qualities:

  • Valuable: Folding wagons are an affordable version of a valuable product, but they are designed to be just as sturdy as noncollapsable wagons.
  • Useful: If you’re hosting a shopping event or anything similar, your recipients can use the wagons to take home their purchases. These items are also useful for transporting certain pets.

Wagon rides are a great way for your employees to connect with one another and encourage strong relationships that will help in the workplace. These rides also show employees that you care about them having a good time outside of work, which helps build loyalty and increase retention.

6. Light-Up Shoelaces


For something a little different, light-up shoelaces are another fun product for outdoor activities that can be given to adults or children. Glow-in-the-dark items are a good choice for promotional Halloween gifts for employees because they are:

  • Fun: Light-up shoelaces in multiple colors are a fun gift, especially for kids. Your recipients can choose their favorite colors to wear while representing your brand.
  • Unique: Shoelaces can be used in many different ways. If your company is artistic and values creativity, this gift will bring personality to your Halloween event or marketing campaign that also has some utility for your employees.

7. Light-Up Logo Bracelets

Like glow-in-the-dark shoelaces, these light-up logo bracelets will make it easier for your recipients to see each other or keep track of their kids in the dark. Glow-in-the-dark bracelets are great gifts for employees because they are:

  • Fun: This is another bright and colorful item that children love and is also fun for adults.
  • Compact: The bracelets are small enough to store in bulk and can be given out to large groups of people.

These bracelets are an excellent way to showcase your brand while bringing your employees together during the holiday and building a bond with each other. They can make your employees feel more connected to your brand throughout their day, helping increase their sense of loyalty.

8. Pumpkin Drawstring Backpacks

A drawstring backpack with a seasonal theme is a useful item with many practical purposes. A pumpkin drawstring backpack offers the following advantages:

  • Practicality: A drawstring bag can store a variety of products or other promotional materials.
  • Festivity: The spooky Jack-o’-lantern face on these bags make them a fitting gift for celebrating Halloween.

Your employees or customers will appreciate the thoughtful gift that they can use during the holiday season and for the months after. They’ll also promote your brand as they carry it around.

9. Pumpkin Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are an eco-friendly item that your company can use to market its sustainability efforts. Pumpkin-themed shopping bags are a good choice for Halloween giveaways, as they are:

  • Stackable: Shopping bags are easy to store, so you can store them in bulk and give away multiples if needed.
  • Festive: These items are the ideal gifts to customers for spooky season. If you’re hosting a shopping event around Halloween, shopping bags with a festive Jack-o’-lantern pattern are the perfect giveaway items.

Shopping bags are a great way to encourage sustainability among your employees and customers and show them that you care about the environment.

10. Individually Wrapped Candies

If you want to award your customers or workers with candies for the holiday and would rather go the affordable route with your giveaway items, individually-wrapped lollipops are the perfect item because they are:

  • Affordable: These candies are one of the most affordable items on the list, making it easy for you to stock up for a large crowd or audience.
  • Small: If you are specifically looking for an item that is small or compact, lolipops are the perfect fit. You can hand them out to anyone or use them to stock a candy dish.

11. Halloween-Themed Branded Water Bottles:

To express your appreciation for your employees and celebrate the spooky season, offer your employees customized reusable water bottles. With these water bottles, they can stay hydrated while embracing the Halloween spirit. Branded water bottles are:

  • Festive and functional: Halloween-themed water bottles add a touch of Halloween cheer to the work routine. With their captivating designs and durable construction, these bottles are perfect for staying hydrated throughout the workday, whether in the office or on the go.
  • Encouraging employee well-being: Encouraging healthy hydration habits among employees is essential. By providing Halloween-themed water bottles, you can show your employees you value their well-being and want to promote a positive work environment, all while celebrating the Halloween season.

Encourage your employees to stay refreshed and embrace the Halloween spirit with Halloween-themed water bottles this season.

How Halloween Corporate Gifts Help Promote Businesses

Promotional gifts serve as effective marketing tools by promoting the business in several ways:

  • Brand visibility: Promotional gifts with the company logo or message create brand visibility. When employees or community members use or display these items, they become walking advertisements for the business, attracting attention and spreading brand awareness.
  • Loyalty and engagement: Businesses can enhance employee loyalty by providing thoughtful and personalized gifts. Employees who feel appreciated and valued are likelier to become brand ambassadors, promoting the business to their networks and increasing overall engagement.
  • Customer attraction and retention: Promotional gifts for community members can attract new customers. By offering useful or enjoyable items that align with the Halloween spirit, businesses create a positive association with their brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.
  • Social media exposure: Promotional gifts, such as costume contest prizes or Halloween party packs, can generate social media exposure. Encouraging participants to share their experiences or photos on social media platforms using specific hashtags or tagging the business helps extend the brand’s reach and create a sense of community around it.
  • Positive brand image: Thoughtful and creative promotional gifts, such as Halloween-themed greeting cards or decorative candles, help create a positive brand image. These items evoke emotions of gratitude, care and personal connection, enhancing the perception of the business in the minds of employees and customers.


Enjoy a Spooktacular Halloween With ePromos Gifts and Giveaways

At ePromos, we have all of these promotional items and many others just in time for Halloween. We carry only exclusive, high-quality products for any occasion. Our promotional items are a great way to build brand awareness while improving employee retention. Browse our Halloween inventory for your company’s fall plans today!


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