Warm and Cozy Gift Guide for Winter

Winter is coming. It’s time to wrap up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and watch a marathon of your favorite holiday movies.

As it gets colder outside, people tend to stay inside more, making it the perfect opportunity to start brainstorming gifts for someone who is always cold. You can take advantage of the season to boost your marketing efforts by adding your logo, business colors or brand name to these products.

16 Warm and Cozy Winter Gift Ideas

Stock winter items for customers to buy or give them out as winter promotional gifts. No matter how you plan to pass on the warmth, get inspired with these winter-themed gifts and cozy ideas.

1. Mug With Spoon

Every mug needs a spoon. This gift is ideal for the colder months when everyone enjoys warm beverages. People may also enjoy eating soup or microwave cake out of a mug. With its ceramic texture and matte finish, a mug-and-spoon combo will become a year-round favorite. Choose an interior color that suits your brand and add your logo to the front for a promotional touch.

2. Promotional Light Box

While winter can bring people’s moods down, this gift is a great remedy. Writing an inspirational quote or putting a positive message on this board before delivering it could be the needed change in someone’s day. The bubble-shaped promotional light box makes a great addition to an office, waiting room or any room in a house. Add your company name on top for a branded reminder whenever someone admires this gift.

3. Scented Soy Candle

Candles are one of the more comforting gift ideas to give someone during the colder seasons. Candles provide peace and tranquility, filling any room with soft light and your choice of scent between lavender or vanilla. This scented soy candle with a bamboo lid is available in seven colors with your logo expertly imprinted to add a unique touch.

4. Embroidered Stripe Scarf

In addition to being fashionable with its branded embroidery and fringed edges, a scarf is also a functional part of a wardrobe. Scarves are a versatile accessory people can wear almost anywhere. Add your company name, brand logo or a special winter message between the stripes with embroidery options.

5. Warm Beanie

Beanies are one of the best cozy gifts for the winter. With various styles and colors in stock, you can choose any knit hat — from classic, simple options that’ll suit a range of recipients to those with fun touches like fur pom-poms. You can even find beanies with built-in headphones for a winter gift that’s sure to impress. There are so many knit textures available, and the different color options are sure to suit your brand.

branded blanket gifts

6. Cozy Blanket

When you think of winter souvenirs, soft and cozy embroidered blankets are one of the most versatile corporate gifts for the cold. Your customers can use them as couch decor, snuggle material or even a warm pet bed. Adults, children, friends and family love these snug gift ideas. Fleece blankets are soft and comfortable and would be suitable to bring to a hotel for the night when traveling or to college for a sports game.

Browse various styles, sizes, materials and colors to see what best suits your brand. Printed or embroidered logos add a promotional touch that lets recipients associate your company with comfort during the cold months.

7. Popcorn Kit With Seasoning

Popcorn Kit With Seasoning

This winter, recipients won’t have to look much further for a holiday movie snack. Add a pop to your party with custom popcorn kits that include corn kernels, seasoning and four popcorn boxes for those movie-feels. Customize them with your logo in a full-color imprint on the sleeve. Give these to employees as holiday gifts at staff parties or movie-themed events.

8. Traveler Hot/Cold Bottle

Whether you’re looking for hot or cold office gifts, the Pelican Traveler hot/cold bottles are the perfect solution for enjoying a beverage on the go. These bottles can keep a drink warm for up to 12 hours and are easy to take on the go with their screw caps and handles. They are BPA-free, and when winter ends, they’ll be great for keeping summer drinks cold.

9. Branded Jacket

Cozy jackets and promotional outerwear are must-haves in wintertime. Find water-repellent and wind-resistant options, plus jackets that include multiple pockets inside and outside for necessities. Packable jackets are great for travelers, while fleece outerwear can make a striking appearance for cold winter months.

Jackets with your logo or company name make impressive winter gifts for employees. Your team will look cohesive, warm and stylish, and they’ll surely appreciate these warm gifts.

10. Ice Scraper With Brush

When a big snowstorm moves in, people need ways to get into cars frozen over with ice and snow. That’s where the practical gift of an ice scraper comes in. And best of all, it comes with a heavy-duty brush for that hard-to-reach snow. With your company name printed on the blade and 12 colors to choose from, recipients will recognize your brand as they clear the snow.

11. Gift Boxes

A cozy gift box filled with gourmet treats will delight everyone lucky enough to receive it. Assembled with crackers, cheese, nuts and more, this gift box with a bamboo cutting board and cheese knife will have people basking in luxuriousness all year round! Imprint your logo on the cutting board and let the party begin.

12. Fleece Ear Warmer

In winter, many people forget about the need to keep their ears warm. Getting ear warmers as a gift is a wise decision, especially for those who don’t wear hats in the cold.

Breathable and soft, the 100% anti-pill polyester fleece ear warmers fit most and are exceptional at keeping ears warm during outside events like sports games. Your recipients can keep ear warmers in their coat pocket to ensure they’re always at hand when needed. Imprinted with a logo, the ear warmers can also show off your brand.

13. Socks

Socks are a winter-weather must, especially for people who are always cold. Why not liven up this gift with a pair of branded socks or footwear? Fun, full-color socks show off personality, while ankle-style options suit almost everyone. Another great idea is grip socks for a corporate gift, which are great for people who want to wear a cozy accessory all day.

14. Hand Warmer and Power Bank

This handy rechargeable multi-purpose device can warm up your fingers, whether you enjoy spending time outdoors or indoors. What could be better than a rechargeable hand warmer? One that includes a power bank, of course! Your teammates who often forget to charge their devices will appreciate the USB-compatible charger part of it.

The dual-sided warmer comes with six different heating settings, a convenient lanyard and a nine-hour battery life, making it an ideal companion for any cold-weather event or outing. Choose from several vibrant colors and showcase your imprinted logo.

15. Tea-and-Shortbread Gift Set


The tea-and-shortbread gift set will warm up its recipients from the inside out. For those who enjoy a piping-hot cup of their favorite blend, there’s always time for tea and biscuits. These sets come with four English breakfast black tea and four Earl Grey tea bags, plus four shortbread cookie packages. Select between red, blue and silver ribbons and add your brand’s full-color imprint or logo on the hang tag.

Give it as-is or include it with other corporate gifts for a complete package!

16. Hot Chocolate Bomb

Nothing beats indulging in the coziness of drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day. If you want to elevate this gift, consider getting Belgian hot chocolate bombs — a fun and delicious way to whip up a hot mug. These chocolate spheres come with a surprise treat inside, revealed by adding hot water or milk. They’re available in 11 delightful flavors, packed in full-color imprinted boxes.

Prefer a gift bag? Opt for a hot chocolate bomb in a bag with ribbons and hangtags instead.

Welcome the Winter Season With ePromos

As it gets colder outside, you will need to find winter-themed gifts. ePromos has a plethora of gift items to browse. These options make great holiday gifts at the office, for customers, event attendees and, of course, family and friends.

Winter gifts can be practical or a special treat, but no matter what you’re looking for, ePromos has winter items that will delight everyone. Learn about our product options by getting in touch with us today.

corporate winter gifts

As it gets colder outside, you will need to find winter-themed gifts. ePromos has a wonderful selection of gift items to browse. These options make great holiday gifts at the office, for customers, event attendees and, of course, family and friends.

Winter gifts can be practical or a special treat, but no matter what you’re looking for, ePromos has winter items that will delight everyone. Learn about our product options by getting in touch with us today.

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