International Quality of Life Month

International Quality of Life MonthWhat are the necessities of life or what is considered a good standard of living? Food, clean water, shelter, and clothing are the very basic elements that people need to stay alive. For some, these necessities seem more like luxuries because they are not accessible.

According to Encarta Dictionary the quality of life is “the degree of enjoyment and satisfaction experienced in everyday life as opposed to financial or material well-being.” So quality of life is the physical and psychological sense of well-being like health, diet, stress, and worry as opposed to tangible entities related to standard of living, which is the quality and quantity of goods and services available to people and how these entities are distributed amongst people. These two concepts are interrelated; having access to the basic necessities of living means you will feel less stressed about sustaining life. For International Quality of Life Month, take the time to realize the number of people around the world that do not have a good quality of life because necessities are inaccessible.

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