National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

National Down Syndrome Month affords all Americans an opportunity to take note of the progress science has made over the past two decades in understanding developmental disabilities, especially Down Syndrome.  Throughout the month, people from all over engage in appropriate programs and activities to achieve a greater understanding of this condition.  The major event held during this month is the National Buddy Walk.

The National Buddy Walk® Program started in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of people in local communities with Down Syndrome.  The program started with only 17 walks through out the US and now today there are over 250 Buddy Walks spread all over the country with over 355,000 participating in 2013.  Also in 2013, $11.75 million was raised in dedication to support local and national programs supporting a better lifestyle for people with Down Syndrome.

Are you and your teammates all geared up to the Buddy Walk!?  ePromos is ready to help you get excited for the big event with all the promotional items you may need.  One great idea is to have your entire team wear matching custom baseball hats.  You can imprint any logo or personal message anywhere on the hat.  These hats are sharp looking and will be great throughout the rest of the year to wear and educate others about the walk.

When it comes to events, like the Buddy Walk, spreading messages in a quick and inexpensive manner, is the way to go. You can imprint your team logo or message on flags and pass them out to onlookers, participants, and sponsors.  We can guarantee your flag will be waving the entire walk.  No matter what event you are participating in this National Down Syndrome Month, ePromos has items that can help you celebrate and bring people together for an amazing cause.

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