Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue (RMLR) is a completely non-profit organization made up of volunteers that aim to find and rehome Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes. The organization was started by Amy Dickerson and her husband, who first became passionate about rescuing labs when they rescued their pet, Walter, from a high kill shelter in Southwest Oklahoma. Although Walter was a nine-hour trip away, they knew – thus sparking their passion of rescuing Labs and Lab mixes.

Many times, RMLR is alerted to Labs that are in high kill shelters out of state that are soon to be put to sleep due to shelter capacity issues. These shelters are typically in rural areas, where there is a usually a higher population of strays that have not been neutered or spayed. On average, dogs in high kill shelters are only given a mere 4-5 days to find a home before being euthanized. This is where Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue steps in.

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue’s Impact

RMLR relies solely on a small group of volunteers to provide foster homes to at-risk labs. The more volunteers that step in to offer a shelter to these labs, the more labs RMLR is able to rescue from high-kill shelters or abandoned puppy mills. For those that are not able to house the dogs themselves, the organization also greatly relies on and appreciates donations in the form of collars, leashes, crates/kennels, toys, treats, and food.

The organization’s efforts have made a great impact, with their website citing that “with the support of the community, Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue has been able to save over 2000 dogs in just 9 years”.

Educating Others About Our Furry Friends

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue aims to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets as a means to reduce overcrowding in high kill shelters. They also aim to spread the message that saving a life through dog adoption is better than buying from a pet store or unprofessional breeder. “Please join us in the fight to get more and more dogs adopted and less and less put to sleep!” RMLR urges.

For Organizations Like RMLR that do Good, ePromos Wants to Do Good, Too

With $500 worth of promotional products Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue has been awarded through ePromos for Good, the organization intends to distribute promotional items at their upcoming 9th annual 5k. Held yearly, RMLR’s 5k is a dog-friendly event, and money raised goes back to support stray and at-risk Labradors. They will also use this reward to purchase branded pet supplies such as collars and dog toys for Labs that are in need.

Check out their organization (and adoptable dogs!) here.

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