You Are My Sister, Inc.

You Are My Sister Inc. is an organization that aims to promote solidarity amongst women by providing a safe, welcoming network. The founder of the organization is Naomi Melton – a Houston, Texas native that began her career in the acting and modelling world. Melton explains the catalyst of You Are My Sister to be “…my family went through a series of unfortunate events. My grandfather had just had major surgery, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and my other grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. My acting career had to be put on hold so that I could assist in the care of my family.”

That was when she recognized that perhaps acting and modelling weren’t her true calling – supporting others, specifically women, is the path she ultimately finds most rewarding. Now Melton is able to share the three key components she feels are the foundation of her organization: unity, love, and support. It is an open network for sharing, where personal experiences are used as concrete examples to teach complex human behavior and provide smart and efficient advice.

The organization is very active on social media, which has become a common ground for women of You Are My Sister to share experiences and feel a part of something bigger. Through sites like Facebook and Twitter, the organization can broaden their reach outside of the Houston, Texas area to create a community with women on a larger scale. Some Twitter and blog outreach the organization has recently shared range from women’s event announcements and inspirational quotes to thought pieces on relevant women’s issues.

Her work has been recognized by the Girl Scouts of America, which granted her a lifetime membership in 2015. The City of Houston also commended the work of You Are My Sister, where a letter from the Mayor cites the organization’s “…great efforts in bringing together best practices and empowering women.”

Outside of supporting women, founder Naomi Melton’s other passion is writing. She has published four books ranging in topics – a children’s adventure book, a dramatic suspense story, a compilation of inspirational thoughts and a book of Haikus.

The You Are My Sister organization will continue to grow as a platform for women to connect and a safe haven for women to build each other up.

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