10 Christmas in July Party Ideas

Sometimes, you start feeling nostalgic for the holidays in the middle of summer. That’s why celebrating Christmas in July is a fun way to prepare for the holiday season ahead. Better yet, gather your employees to join in the fun and have a Christmas in July office party! If you need some activities to plan, read on for our list of 10 fun Christmas in July ideas.

10 Festive Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

From sipping refreshing holiday drinks to having a gift exchange, celebrating Christmas in July at the office provides endless possibilities. Even if you want to make it Fourth of July-themed, but your team is closing the office to observe the holiday, you can always celebrate a day or two beforehand. If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate Christmas in July with your employees, browse the 10 suggestions below!

1. Decorate a Christmas Tree

It never truly feels like Christmas until the tree is up with all the trimmings. That’s why decorating a Christmas tree is the perfect way to radiate holiday glow and joy this July. You don’t have to go all out with a massive evergreen — as long as you have lots of baubles, a faux Christmas tree will do nicely. Grab some Christmas lights, plenty of ornaments and a tree topper, then gather your office crew to help decorate.

2. Make Holiday Crafts

If you’re feeling artsy this season, making some holiday-themed crafts is another excellent way to celebrate Christmas in July. Grab some art supplies and scour the internet for fun DIY Christmas crafts! Encourage your team to flex their creative muscles and take a break from their hard work.

3. Listen to Christmas Music

Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit in July like putting on everyone’s favorite Christmas tunes. Play some Christmas music in the background while everyone decorates the tree, eats snacks, makes crafts or does any other activities you might have planned. A playlist of lighthearted carols is sure to relieve some stress for everyone.

4. Build Gingerbread Houses

Liven up the festivities with a gingerbread house build-off! Split your staff into teams and supply each one with the materials needed to craft these tasty displays. Each team should have a gingerbread base with walls and a roof, some frosting and decorative candy.

Set a timer for an hour or so, then let the gingerbread house building commence! When this time is up, judge each team’s gingerbread house and have a prize ready for the winning team. Not only is this a fun Christmas in July activity, but it’s also a fantastic team-building exercise. Remember to equip tables with plastic tablecloths for easy cleanup.

5. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Need a break from the intense July heat? Close the blinds, shut off the lights, crank up the A/C and have a relaxing Christmas movie marathon in the break room. Kick off Christmas in July, enjoy your favorite holiday films and look forward to the cooler days ahead. And of course, you can’t watch a movie without popcorn, so have a full bag of it ready to pass around!

6. Make a Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar

While hot cocoa is a classic for Christmas and winter, a steamy beverage might not be what your taste buds crave in July. That’s why frozen hot chocolate is an excellent alternative for the scorching summer season. This refreshing chilled beverage typically consists of ice, milk and hot cocoa mix. Blend these three ingredients in a blender until smooth, then it’s ready to pour.

Create a mini holiday-themed station for your employees to fix and customize their frozen hot chocolate. Include toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, crushed candy canes and chocolate shavings. This fun and delicious drink is a surefire way to get everyone in the holiday mood. Don’t forget to put out some coffee mugs for everyone!

7. Serve the Community

Doing good deeds is a great way to spread some kindness and holiday joy, and many businesses could use the help during the summer months. If you’re looking for ways to give back this season, see if any employees would be willing to join you in a community service event. Then, try calling local organizations to ask about their current needs are and how you can all help out.

For example, you could organize a canned food drive, clean up a local park or donate pet supplies to a local animal shelter. You can also contact a senior living facility to ask if you can bring some Christmas in July cards for the residents. A sweet card with a heartfelt note will brighten anyone’s day, no matter the time of year.

8. Eat Christmas Cookies

Nothing rings in the holiday season quite like warm, freshly baked Christmas cookies. Whether you’re whipping out a classic family recipe or trying a new one, the aroma of sweet treats filling the office kitchen will transport you to December.

If you’re not one for baking — or you don’t feel like dealing with the oven heat in the middle of summer — skip the hassle of making them from scratch and purchase some pre-made cookies to pass around the office instead. Either way, your employees won’t be able to get enough of these tasty holiday treats!

9. Make Holiday-Themed Cocktails

Like with frozen hot chocolate, sipping some refreshing Christmas in July cocktails is an ideal way to beat the summer heat. Set up a drink station in the office break room equipped with beverages, mixers and drinking glasses so employees can whip up some holiday-themed cocktails. If your office rules prohibit serving alcohol at work, Christmas mocktails are a great alternative.

10. Give Gifts

Last but not least, giving gifts is one of the best ways to lift someone’s spirits and spread some Christmas joy. While giving your employees small presents or bonus checks is one option, you can also organize an office gift exchange if you’re feeling creative. Have everyone draw names for a secret Santa, or put together a white elephant gift exchange where everyone swaps and steals gifts to make things more competitive.

Whether you gift some trendy clothing, a handy tote bag or a tech gift, they’ll surely appreciate this kindhearted gesture for Christmas in July. If you need additional help coming up with ideas, browse our holiday gift guide for some inspiration!

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