Customizable Options for Promo Products That You Didn’t Know About

At ePromos, we like to go the extra mile in everything we do. That’s why we have an array of services to give you exceptional custom products that others can’t. You’ll outshine your competitors when you tap into some of our unique services and products. Take a look below to discover some of our lesser-known offerings for products and customizations.

Variable Data Printing

Have you ever found yourself wanting to print a mass quantity of items, each one slightly different based upon the recipient? We have the solution for you with variable data printing! Simply let us know what needs to be changed during the printing process, and what words or images it should be replaced with.

This option is perfect for direct one-to-one mailers, flyers, letter inserts or other products where you want to speak directly to your targeted customer. Many choose to swap out first names or logos, but you’re only limited by your imagination!


Make your Custom Bags Look Designer

Go beyond putting your logo on the outside of a bag or tote. Now you can make your bags look as extravagant as designer bags by adding custom inner linings. Many designer handbags repeat their logo on the inner fabric. Give that same luxurious feel and attention to detail by putting your logo or monochromatic design on the bag’s inner lining.


Treat Filled Gift Mugs

People love their morning jolt of caffeine and people also love getting treats. Combine the best of both worlds by designing a unique cup and we can fill it with treats and wrap it in cellophane. To make your mug even more special coordinate your treats to fit the people receiving them. They make great company gifts around the holidays or during employee appreciation week.


Custom Apparel Hang Tags

Give a cohesive look to all your merchandise by using custom hang tags. They can display a lot of helpful information about your products such as color, size, and price. Hang tags can be used as an attractive marketing tool to remind your customers what sets your products apart from the rest. You can even include a QR code!


QR Codes

Make sure people are getting the message you want them to be getting by printing QR codes on your customized items. Once scanned by a mobile phone a QR code can take the user to a website you specify, special online offer, dial their phone, generate a SMS text message, or even prompt them to sign up for your newsletter. They’re great on hang tags, letter inserts, business cards, and any promotional item you give away.

Customizable Zipper Pulls

Custom zipper pulls are a powerful marketing tool you might not have thought about using before, but you should. We can custom die cut zipper pulls into the shape of your logo for instant brand recognition. You can also select from our pre-shaped zipper pulls to print your design onto. Once created, they can be attached to your apparel or bag line. Every time someone sees your brand proudly displayed on their friend’s coat, zip-up hoodie, or bag, they will be sure to ask about your company.


Custom Packaging: Boxes, Gift Bags, Ribbons & Tissue Paper

Last but not least, don’t forget custom packaging to present your products or gifts. Custom packaging puts the finishing touches on whatever you’re wrapping up. First impressions can mean the difference between one-time buyers to repeat customers. Impress your online buyers when they open up a package with custom boxes, gift bags, ribbons and/or tissue paper on the inside. Custom packaging doesn’t stop there. Let your storefront customers be your walking billboard on the sidewalk by putting items they purchased in branded bags.

At ePromos we have an array of services to give your products the perfect finishing touch. We’re here to help your brand stand out from the crowd! To learn even more about what we can do for you, check out our services page or call one of our helpful product specialists today.

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