Celebrate National Chocolate Day on October 28

To many people, chocolate isn’t just a nice-to-have treat. It’s practically a food group! So-called chocoholics love their cocoa-rich candies and treats so much that they’ve turned chocolate-making into a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide.

Each year, October 28 is set aside as National Chocolate Day. This day offers a fun opportunity for your team to use promotional giveaways to get attention for your business. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll be amazed at all the different promo items that can help you get the word out about your company on this sweet, sweet holiday.

Creative Promo Products to Highlight National Chocolate Day

Looking for the right promo products for October 28th’s National Chocolate Day? Try these methods of building better relationships with prospects and customers.

  • Send branded boxes of cookies: Chocolate chip cookies are terrific pick-me-ups and unexpected treats. Your best clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness long after the last crumbs have disappeared.
  • Have chocolates made with your logo on them: You don’t have to be a candymaker to have branded chocolates. You can buy a box of chocolates with your corporate logo front and center. What more appropriate way to link your name with National Chocolate Day?
  • Set up a mug giveaway on social: Are you looking for something to freshen up your social media presence? Try a giveaway of promotional hot chocolate mugs. A thoughtfully crafted giveaway will allow you to engage your customer base and collect lead information. What could be sweeter?

Other Ways to Get Traction Through National Chocolate Day

Handing out branded merchandise and goodies is just one way to use National Chocolate Day on October 28 to shine a spotlight on your organization. Other methods can include:

  • Talking about chocolate-related trivia on your social media pages during the days leading up to October 28.
  • Hosting internal celebrations for your employees, like a chocolate chip cookie bake-off.
  • Making small, individually wrapped chocolates available at your point-of-service locations.
  • Bringing your employees together for a chocolate taste-testing adventure after hours.

You have lots of choices when it comes to making National Chocolate Day a part of your promotional marketing efforts. If you’re looking for promotional products that you can’t find anywhere else, visit the ePromos store online. You can grab great swag for less, allowing you to expand your marketing and advertising in the most delicious way possible.

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