How Sports Teams Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is filled with events, including Halloween and the World Series, but it is also the month dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and it has an extensive history filled with medical and research milestones that paved the way for modern treatment and care.

As sports coaches, managers and promoters, it’s good to know how your sports teams can support breast cancer awareness authentically, and we’re here to help. There is no better time to build your breast cancer awareness support strategy.

The History of Breast Cancer Awareness in Sports

The American Cancer Society has partners and sports alliances that help them and others expand breast cancer awareness in sports.

WNBA Shoots for Breast Cancer Awareness

The WNBA was among the first sports leagues to support breast cancer awareness. The WNBA began play in 1997 and partnered with Sears in 2000 to form the Sears WNBA Breast Health Awareness program. They began raising money and awareness for breast cancer in partnership with the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO).

The WNBA holds the Breast Cancer Awareness Games in August as part of Fit Month. In addition to wearing and giving away a range of pink merchandise to promote awareness and encourage others to fight against cancer, they auction off game-worn jerseys to raise funds for charity.

NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Touchdown

The NFL supports breast cancer awareness and has since the NFL joined the cause against cancer in 2009. Coaches, players and referees wear pink game apparel to raise awareness, and through the Crucial Catch initiative, they have raised over $24 million in aid for cancer.

MLB Hits a Dinger for Breast Cancer Awareness

The MLB has supported the mission against breast cancer since the early 2000s. On top of wearing pink gear and using pink bats during October, which get auctioned off, the league hosts unique campaigns such as the MLB Mother’s Day Campaign.

In 2003, the MLB partnered with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and raised almost $1.8 million in support. They also actively participate in Stand Up To Cancer initiatives. Along with the Major League’s efforts, Minor League Baseball teamed up with the American Cancer Society for the Hope At Bat program to raise funds and garner awareness.

7 Ways to Create Awareness Around Breast Cancer

As a sports director, coach or stadium manager, you have a platform to inspire change and make a difference to those affected by breast cancer. People love watching and participating in a range of sports. Use their viewership and engagement to draw attention to supporting breast cancer awareness.

As an organization, there are many ways to increase breast cancer awareness and join the effort against this disease. Discover creative and compelling ways to show support, and tailor your strategies to your team, stadium and events.

people love watching and participating

1. Create Partnerships and Affiliations

Join the ranks of notable programs like Coaches vs. Cancer, a collaboration between the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the American Cancer Society.

Select your preferred breast cancer charity, and pledge to donate all proceeds raised at your cancer awareness events to them and their work against cancer. Additionally, seek out corporate sponsors to help in your efforts.

2. Organize Local Community Activities

Go beyond the stadium and sports field — organize a range of fun and exciting activities for the community where cancer awareness is front and center. Think of organizing various events and donating the proceeds to cancer charities and organizations. Consider the following:

  • 5k breast cancer charity run
  • Virtual events
  • Pink-themed scavenger hunts
  • Potluck with pink cookies and desserts
  • Pink sportswear fashion show
  • Team volunteer days for a breast cancer charity
  • Health and sports trivia evenings

3. Give Away Breast Cancer Awareness Sports Gear and Sportswear

Provide your players with vibrant pink breast cancer awareness sportswear and gear as they take to the field or court. Consider all aspects of sports apparel and activewear and equipment, such as breast cancer awareness sports socks and gear like the following:

4. Offer Branded Cancer Awareness Swag and Gifts

People love free stuff. To make giveaways more meaningful, include customized branding on your breast cancer awareness promotional swag for sporting events. Also, include fun pink extras such as the following:

5. Sell Customized Pink Products

At your sporting event, you can sell customized pink products and donate the proceeds to charity. You may order pink T-shirtsfood and candybranded umbrellas or travel cups to raise awareness or donations. People will love sporting pink to support the cause.

6. Get the Field, Mascots and Cheerleaders Ready

Advertise the game and direct spectators with promotional banners and signs. Dress your team’s mascot in pink and provide cheerleaders with pink uniforms and spirit-building pom poms for October games and other events like Mother’s Day.

7. Pink Out Your Sporting and Social Events

Paint the crowd, players and field pink at your breast cancer awareness sporting or social event. You might offer discounted admission to people wearing pink or spray paint the lines on the field pink during the month of October.

Go Pink for Breast Cancer With ePromos

Breast Cancer Awareness Month only began during the late 20th century. Breast Cancer Awareness Month began in 1985 due to the joint efforts between Imperial Chemical Industries and the American Cancer Society, with the help of Betty Ford, a former First Lady and breast cancer survivor.

They began the awareness, and now, it is up to you to encourage and promote fitness, vitality and breast health. To offer support, do more than hand out free trinkets — be strategic and contact ePromos today to customize your promotional material with quality leading brands and unmatched award-winning service to help you take home a win for breast cancer.

Go pink for Breast Cancer With ePromos


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