How to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month lets you show your company’s commitment to supporting breast cancer awareness and giving your employees a special space for acknowledging this important event. Keep reading to get breast cancer awareness ideas that your company can use with a fairly limited budget.

When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual awareness campaign that occurs in October. The purpose of this fall campaign is to raise awareness about the severity of breast cancer and how having access to mammogram testing can save lives. The color used to signify a breast cancer awareness campaign is pink, so a lot of Breast Cancer Awareness Month merchandise is pink or is marked with a pink ribbon.

Your company can donate to this October cause to support breast cancer education, fund mammograms and help underprivileged people who lack access to testing. Raising donations is an easy process with careful planning.

8 Ways to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Your company can promote its own seasonal campaign with an organized activity and exclusive merchandise. Below are several ideas for breast cancer awareness activities and other ways to celebrate your own campaign:

1. Organize a Pink Potluck

A company potluck themed around the color pink is a fun breast cancer awareness idea, and the simple color theme for decorations and food items makes it easy to set up. Coming up with pink dishes is a unique challenge that your resident home chefs will love.

A Pink Potluck allows your employees to raise funding and show support for breast cancer awareness with creative dishes and drinks. Encourage your coworkers to come to the potluck in exchange for special promotional products they can give to their kids or use themselves, like pink-branded food gift sets.

You can even have team members cook up their favorite dishes and have a company-wide bake sale to raise donation funds. Charge guests with a ticketed entrance to raise donation funds. To enhance your event’s theme, you and your staff can wear personalized aprons with pink logos, which are a practical touch if you’re serving food to guests.

For more impact, make some of the food items pink. Food items that will add pink to a dish include:

  • Strawberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Beets
  • Dragon fruit
  • Pink frosting
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberries

2. Host a Luncheon

A luncheon focused on breast cancer awareness can include a ladies-only event to celebrate all of the women in your company who serve as mothers, sisters, wives and many other roles. You can also open the luncheon for everyone or your coworkers’ families.

Below are some breast cancer awareness month ideas for your luncheon:

  • Decorate the meeting location with pink streamers and ribbons as a lively theme.
  • Invite a health care professional to give a presentation on breast cancer awareness or to discuss important testing and treatment options.
  • Make your luncheon memorable with promotional product gift boxes for the occasion that guests can take home.

3. Host a Scavenger Hunt

You can hold a company-sponsored breast cancer awareness scavenger hunt by hiding themed promotional items around your building or facilities for the participants to search for. This type of activity is fun for your coworkers and their families. You can charge a fee for participation and donate all proceeds to a related charity.

Your attendees can keep the promotional prizes they find around the facilities, or you can offer larger prizes to those who collect the most items during the scavenger hunt. Small scavenger hunt items like themed pens or hand sanitizers are practical items hunters can keep as prizes.


4. Hold a Race or Walk Event

A 5K run, charity walk or bicycle race are all possible events your company can hold to show support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The best part is that your company can donate all profits to a dedicated charity or foundation. You can collect donations from the participants and their families, or you can charge a registration fee to compete in the race.

Giving out pink promotional T-shirts or other company-sponsored apparel for a race event is a good way to give back to the community during this type of event. If you’re allowing anyone to compete, your participants will get a fun introduction to your company. Giving away t-shirts is a good marketing decision that leaves a lasting positive first impression. To collect more donations, you can choose to sell shirts.

5. Throw a “Mean Girls” Popular Culture Event

In the cult classic movie “Mean Girls,” the characters announce that they wear pink on Wednesdays. You can set up a Pink Wednesday event in October as a nod to the film and to commemorate breast cancer awareness. Ask all staff to wear an accessory or attire with the color pink.

You can even host a company lunch meeting where everyone can join in wearing pink. To encourage your employees to attend, offer promotional prizes to anyone who follows the fun dress code. You can also get your employees to look forward to this event by making it a casual dress day. If you want to earn money to donate to breast cancer awareness, have employees give a small monetary donation in exchange for getting to dress casually.

If you want to open this type of special event to your customers and clients, offer discounts or promotional gifts to anyone who comes in wearing pink on Wednesday.

6. Collect Donations for a Relevant Foundation

Locate a foundation or charity dedicated to the cause of shining light on breast cancer or providing accessible treatment options. Set up a charity box to collect donations for your chosen charity, and collect donations throughout the month of October.

You can collect donations from customers and offer discounts or small promotional freebie items in return. Some ideas for promotional gifts that you can give your customers, clients or workers for donations include:

7. Offer Social Media Spotlights

If you are unable to or would rather avoid holding in-person events for breast cancer awareness, you can use social media or your website to promote this cause. Post about your campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including information that your workers or clients would find useful.

You can also sponsor an online giveaway raffle event with promotional gift sets. Invite users to comment and share your posts to win promotional products.

Your social media posts can also include:

  • Personal testimonies from breast cancer survivors
  • Facts and information about breast-health and related care
  • Images of your giveaway items or gift sets
  • Links to related causes that you’ve donated to

8. Host a Virtual Fundraising Event

A virtual fundraising event can help with collecting donations if you can’t do so in person. You can host your virtual event using a platform that your customers or workers use to communicate. Inform all users that the proceeds are for an important charitable cause, and offer your participants company-sponsored promotional items in exchange for donations or taking part.



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