10 Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas for Schools

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can support the breast cancer community this October. Your school can host an array of inspirational events that help with educating people about breast cancer, fundraising for breast cancer research and supporting those affected by the disease, allowing you to make an impact that lasts.

But what event can create this type of effect? Whether you’re an educator from a school or an events organizer at a college or university, this article provides 10 breast cancer awareness ideas for schools to inspire your next fundraiser event.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas for Schools

School activities are a way to engage students outside the classroom. It also helps them gain more in-depth knowledge about breast cancer prevention skills, such as performing self-examinations, building a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Cancer affects around 14 to 24 percent of students, so it is also great practice to show those students your organization’s support through these events.

These students may even be ideal project leaders for the events. Through their passion and the stories they share, other students may be able to understand the importance of breast cancer awareness and feel passionate about creating a meaningful event and a fun and beautiful experience for everyone involved. However, do not force these students into leadership positions that they do not want.

To help you plan the perfect event and experience for the students of your organization, we’ve compiled 10 breast cancer awareness ideas for schools, colleges and universities.

1. Host a Dress-Down Day

Even those unfamiliar with the film “Mean Girls” likely know the phrase, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” If the students in your school wear uniforms, start an October tradition where they can pay a small dress-down fee to wear casual clothes on Wednesdays. Offer a discount — or bonus points — if they wear pink! Be sure to donate the money that you raise from this event to a breast cancer cause.

2. Pink-ify Your Sports Team

Professional sports teams have already shown their support for breast cancer awareness through donations and wearing pink on the field. To raise awareness beyond your school, college or university, send your sports team out on the field wearing breast cancer awareness clothing. This can include anything from pink T-shirts to breast cancer awareness socks. This is an excellent way to remind people of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its importance.

3. Find Pink Pom-Poms for Cheerleaders

To match the theme of the previous breast cancer awareness idea, have your cheerleaders flaunt pink pom-poms. The students could either make their own pom-poms or buy them. A fun way to keep the hype going involves handing out pink pom-poms to the crowd. You may even enhance the cheerleading outfits by adding pink T-shirts and high-knee socks or letting them wear pink ribbons in their hair.

4. Give Your Mascot a Mission

If you want to make an even more memorable sports event, have your mascot wear pink. During halftime, announce to everyone that the mascot will come around to collect donations for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then, send your mascot through the stands with a box to collect any donations for your cancer charity.

Alternatively, you could send your mascot around to sell breast cancer awareness products. This could include snacks with a pink theme or pink T-shirts with your school’s name on them to show that they support your sports team and the cause.

Donate Event Admissions

5. Donate Event Admissions

Choose a few events that will take place during October and let everyone know that you plan to donate all funds raised from the admission fees for those events. These events can include a few sports events or artistic shows that may receive a large number of guests. Once people hear that the money is going toward a good cause, you may even receive more guests than there would have been before.

6. Host a Charity Run or Walk

Charity runs and walks are one of the most popular breast cancer awareness ideas for college students and schools. They often draw in a big crowd, allowing students, faculty members, community members, friends and family to join. During these events, you can encourage family and friends to sponsor a participant’s run or walk by donating a sum of money per mile. A bonus is that it’s an excellent activity for families and friends to have fun together and stay active.

7. Sell Breast Cancer Awareness Items

A great way to fundraise for breast cancer charities is by selling breast cancer awareness products. Potential buyers will immediately understand that their purchase will go toward breast cancer research and treatment, and you can sell products that will be of use to them. Some valuable items you could sell include some pink drinkware products, pink breast cancer awareness stationery and pink stress balls and other toys.

8. Sell Healthy Cookbooks

One of the breast cancer prevention methods is to follow a healthy eating pattern. Having students create and sell their own healthy cookbooks is a fantastic way to teach students about the necessity of good nutrition, and the effects of a healthy cookbook will extend beyond your students to their family and friends. Students can contribute various healthy recipes by collecting them from families, finding some online or creating their own.

9. Create a Support Group

Choose one day every week to host an assembly or support group for survivors, those battling with cancer, and family members and friends of someone with cancer. Allow these individuals to share their stories with the school and offer their support to each other. This is a wonderful way to foster deep connections between students and help everyone understand the importance of raising awareness. Moreover, you could sell some baked goods at the event and donate the money you receive from it.

10. Host a Cook-Off

Allow students to have a cooking competition for healthy dishes. Be sure to include an entrance fee that you can later donate to a cancer charity. This is a fun event that allows all guests to taste delicious healthy meals in a relaxed environment. Once the event is complete, you can award the winners with breast cancer awareness items.

Plan Your Breast Cancer Awareness Events With ePromos

Plan Your Breast Cancer Awareness Events With ePromos

Raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month can be a fun experience for both faculty members and students. Whichever event idea you choose to go with, they’re all a great way to bring your community together. To make your event stand out, use breast cancer awareness products that excite students.

At ePromos, we offer a wide array of promotional items to help you spread your message about breast cancer prevention and fundraising for breast cancer awareness in a meaningful way. Browse our various breast cancer awareness items and make a difference in your school, college or university by trying out one of these event ideas today!

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