10 Hosting Tips and Tricks for Airbnb Hosts

Hosting an Airbnb® can be exciting, especially for new hosts who want to profit from one of their properties. If you want to know how to create a detailed listing on your website or what to include in your cleaning checklist, the proper research can make you a fantastic host for your guests. Before you dive into the booking process, try exploring some of our best Airbnb tips for hosts below.

1. Comply With Local Regulations

Make sure you comply with the laws and regulations in your area. Consider rules from your HOA, your landlord or any restrictions set out by your homeowners or renters insurance company.

In many cases, you might not be allowed to provide an Airbnb in your area, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere or find a property in another county or state. If you have an Airbnb in a restricted space, you could get fined or have to take down your listing, resulting in a loss of profit.

Before you create an Airbnb, you’ll also want to see whether your area has any restrictions. While some states or cities might allow Airbnbs to operate, they might have strong regulations you must comply with to do so legally. Read over any fine print you’re given, including paperwork and information provided by your insurance provider or Airbnb itself.

Ask yourself whether you need a special permit. Do you need a license to start an Airbnb in your area? What are the housing and building standards or zoning rules? Asking yourself these questions can save you time and money down the line.

2. Review Your Guests

Reviewing your guests after their stay with you provides feedback for other hosts to use. These reviews help support the Airbnb community, as you let other hosts know which guests are ideal guests, and which might not be the best to book.

It’s also a great way to encourage your guests to return. Leaving them a good review can encourage them to reciprocate and highly rate their stay with you. Positive guest reviews boost your chances of being seen by other potential guests, increasing traffic to your listing and raising profits with bookings.

3. Provide Directions to the Home

When guests can’t find where they’re staying, they might become stressed, confused or frustrated. Then, they might leave a negative review, which could result in less business and profits. Leave clear details and directions on your listing to combat this issue.

Try leaving instructions on how to get into the home, what the house looks like and how to get through gates or entries, including key information like passcodes and key combinations. The more you explain, the better the experience will be. You can even provide maps or pictures for those needing a visual explanation.

4. Pay Attention to the Presentation

When making an online listing for your Airbnb, add detailed pictures of the entire home or room. The cover photo should also be clear, crisp and well-lit, as this is the first thing potential guests will see when viewing your listing. The summary or description section of your listing is the perfect place to provide details about amenities, benefits, rooms, local spots or other information they might want to know.

The more information you provide, the better. Try placing good reviews on your page and using your logo as a watermark on your pictures or details. Presenting yourself as a reliable and professional business can increase trust in your property and lead to more bookings.

Try to create a welcoming atmosphere in the home when it comes to in-person presentation. You should leave a binder with details about amenities and local attractions and restaurants in the house so guests can learn about the area. Guests will immediately feel informed and prepared for their stay.

5. Automate and Outsource

As far as Airbnb hosting advice goes, automating and outsourcing is one tip that can save you time and money.

Try using smart locks for all your doors, allowing guests to easily check in and out on their own. When guests book online, you can use automated email templates to respond quickly to questions and inquiries while reducing your response time.

Outsourcing is another excellent way to increase productivity. Consider hiring a cleaning crew and providing them with a detailed checklist of what you want to be cleaned. You can even ask them to look out for items that need to be refilled, replaced or have gone missing.

6. Protect Yourself

While you might not want to think about having negative experiences with guests, the possibility is always there. In some cases, your guests might dispute you over damages to the home or leave the place without properly checking out or cleaning up after themselves.

To prevent or manage these issues, show up to the home in person when your guests check out, or take photos of the property before and after each booking. If you can’t show up in person, have someone else check up on the property or ask one of your cleaning crew members to look at the area while they clean. Protecting your property can prevent further issues at a later date.

7. Keep the Space Clean

Make a cleaning checklist and follow it whenever you prepare for a guest. Many Airbnb hosts also charge an extra fee to offset the costs of cleaning supplies or a cleaning crew.

A clean space should also have less clutter or decorations. While you want the place to feel like a home, you don’t want to overstuff the area with objects and overwhelm your guests. Keep decorations simple with minimalist rugs, bedding and wall art.

8. Stock up on Essential Items

Anticipating your guest’s needs is one of the most important parts of hosting an Airbnb. Stock up on everything they might need during their stay, including kitchen items like pots, pans and utensils, and toiletries. Some basic cooking items like seasonings can be a great help, too.

Some hosts will also provide unique or special items you might not find in other spaces to help their guests feel welcome. Items might include a vacuum, laundry pods, stain remover solution, a blow dryer or a blender. Consider what your space current has and what you might want to buy to make it a truly exceptional stay for your guests.

9. Personalize Your Guests’ Stays

Personalizing your guests’ stays at your Airbnb is a wonderful way to ensure they feel welcome, enjoy their time and leave a good review. Try leaving out welcome baskets filled with food or samples of local items like bread, wine, cheese, baked goods or popcorn. Items like handwritten notes or gifts with your logo promote your business while ensuring your guests feel comfortable and cared for.

10. Make Check-Ins Simple

Checking into your Airbnb should be easy. Make the door accessible with a keypad or smart lock, and send your guests a one-time code to check in. This way, they can check in easily, and they’ll feel safer knowing they’re the only person with the code. Additionally, make sure you know when guests are checking into and out of your Airbnb so you can on standby for any issues during the process.

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