University Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Universities are bustling with students going to classes and participating in activities. Recruitment events and tournaments happen every day, and the clubs and societies available are endless. Today, many students are also participating online, so the reach of universities extends across the country and even around the world, allowing students to attend from the comfort of their homes. But how can you unite these students? How can you give them something to show off their school pride? One of the best solutions is promotional giveaways — quality products branded with your university’s or college’s logo. Give students something that they can wear and use, and they’ll be able to show off their school pride wherever they are. Benefits of school promo giveaways

Benefits of Promotional Giveaways

University and college promotional giveaways are about more than just gifting students various items. They help your university in numerous ways, growing your brand and encouraging students to show love for where they go to school. Here are some benefits of promotional giveaways. University Giveaway Ideas

Boost School Spirit

Students love showing school spirit, but sometimes there aren’t clear ways to show that spirit. You can give them an avenue to exercise this spirit with promotional items — such as shirts, backpacks and planners — items that show their school’s brand. They can use these items daily and take pride in their university or college. It’s a simple yet powerful way to capture school spirit and transform it into a palpable object.

Show Appreciation

While students can show appreciation for their university through school spirit, the school can show appreciation to their students through these giveaways, as well. This is extremely beneficial at a recruiting event. Giving out branded items will speak to how the university treats its students. Thoughtful, quality products with the college or university brand will show that the school cares about the students and that their value isn’t going unnoticed.

Improve Morale

In the chaos of classes and GPAs and thinking about what to do after graduation, students can get bogged down and overwhelmed with work. Exam times can be particularly stressful. If students are working online, they might feel isolated or detached from university life. Morale can start to dwindle. Promotional giveaways, though a small gesture, might be the little boost students need to keep going and stay motivated throughout the semester. One small gift from the university has the power to connect students to their school and make them feel valued. University Promotional Giveaway ideas

Three University Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional university and college giveaways for students are effective ways to unite your students and give them a method to show their school spirit. The challenging part can be finding the right times and places for giveaways. You’ll want to find times when promotional giveaways will impact students. Though there are many possibilities for student giveaways, you can target three main categories — recruiting, spirit swag and sports tournaments.

1. University Recruiting

University and college fairs, along with freshman and new student orientations, offer a way to affect potential students positively and leave a lasting impression. These types of recruiting events are the perfect place to offer giveaways to students. When you’re looking for new students to welcome to your university or college, you want to show them how much thought and value you put on your current attendees and those who are thinking about attending, as well. College fair promotional items can help a student feel welcomed to a select part of the university before they even attend. Potential students will take these promotional items home with them, use them and wear them, and it will remind them of your school and the effort you put in. University and college fair promotional items could be just the thing you need to recruit students.


Pens are classic and very popular giveaways, and for good reason — everyone loves a pen. They’re functional, they can be classy if you find the right one, and they’re likely to be in someone’s house for a long time, offering some priceless branding for your university.


Pins are great giveaways as well. Simple and timeless, you can brand them with your university name and colors and allow prospective students to wear them with pride. Even before they enroll, this can give them a sense of already being a part of the team.


Stickers are one of the best giveaways for prospective students. The popularity of stickers is increasing steadily, as people love decorating their laptops, water bottles and phones. It lends some personality to their accessories and tells people who they are without even saying anything. A sticker with your university’s brand is a great way for potential students to show off where they plan to attend.


Magnets can decorate refrigerators, whiteboards and cars, and their versatility means they can go anywhere and be seen by many people. Magnets act as a way for recruits to be reminded of your school and they create a way for many people to see your brand.

Key Chains

Key chains are another excellent giveaway because they’re so functional. Everyone has keys, and once you put a new key chain on, it probably won’t come off for a long time. A branded item like this will be in someone’s life for a long time, becoming an added fixture of who they are and a great way to celebrate a part of their identity. Pens, pins, stickers, magnets and key chains are all great ways to inspire students to attend your school and to get more eyes on your brand. When you invest in quality giveaways, you’re investing in your university’s future.

2. Spirit Swag

While focusing on recruiting new students is always important, you’ll also want to show some love to the students already at your university. Giving them some school spirit items can help boost morale and show them that a university or college is more than just a place to get a degree — it’s a welcoming atmosphere that appreciates its students. With the endless amount of items at your disposal, here are some popular school swag items you can give to students.


Technology has become an added fixture to university life and life in general. The students on campuses today have grown up with technology, and it has become a guiding force in their lives. You can align with this lifestyle by offering technology to your students that you know they’ll use:

  • Earbuds: It’s hard to walk around a university campus without seeing at least one person wearing earbuds. Students wear them while walking to their next class, during workouts and to relax after a long day. With the vast amount of music and podcasts available, there’s always something to listen to. This makes earbuds an ideal giveaway. People always need an extra pair, and offering a branded version is the functional, morale-boosting item you could be looking for.
  • Speakers: Speakers are extremely popular as well, as students can set them up outside on a nice day or play them in a common area.
  • Chargers: Chargers are hot commodities nowadays. They are an excellent idea for a giveaway that students will need.


In a university atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with education promotional items. They’re certain to be useful to your students, and they’re items that align with your institution’s central values. You could gain multiple benefits with one giveaway — helping students with their studies while also showing some appreciation:

  • Notebooks and planners: Students can always use an extra notebook, and planners are one of the best organizers. Branded planners and notebooks are great ways to show that the university is invested in students’ academics. Help build organization and productivity within your school with these giveaways.
  • Totes and backpacks: Branded backpacks are trendy and will undoubtedly make students feel deeply valued. They’re two of the giveaways that people will likely use for a long time.
  • Pencils: Though laptops are the main vehicle for notetaking nowadays, there’s something to be said about the power of the pencil. It’s still a great giveaway and a gift that aligns perfectly with educational values.
  • Blue light glasses: With the amount of time students spend looking at technology daily, blue light glasses are becoming more and more popular. These glasses help block harmful light from screens to protect their eyes. Giving out this giveaway tells students you’re investing in their safety and well-being.


It’s also beneficial to consider how students will use these giveaways. A giveaway might be more effective if it’s functional — meaning someone can use it daily and for a long time. This puts even more value into the item and means your brand will last longer, and will likely be exposed to many others, as well. Here are some functional university and college fair promotional items.

  • Cell phone wallets: These go on the back of your phone and can hold credit cards and IDs. They’re wildly popular among students and offer convenience for anyone who has a cell phone — which is everyone.
  • Cases: People are constantly dropping their phones. Giving away a phone case can help keep someone’s phone protected in the future and promote the university at the same time.
  • Neck pillows: Students are often travelers — traveling to and from home on the holidays or studying abroad, and they can spend a lot of time in cars or planes, trying to find a good way to sleep. Neck pillows are an excellent giveaway that students can get great use out of.
  • Hand sanitizers: In today’s world, health and safety is paramount. Portable hand sanitizers will emphasize this cleanliness and may even help reduce sickness on campus.
  • Lanyards: It’s easy for students to lose dorm key cards, key fobs, car keys, and house keys. Offering them a branded lanyard will help keep track of things while showing off some school spirit.

3. Sports Tournaments

Sports tournaments are another ideal time to offer promotional giveaways. School spirit is often at an all-time high during these events, so giveaways will definitely be a major hit.

Water Bottles and Tumblers

Promote school spirit and hydration with branded drinkware. A huge majority of students use these daily, so offering a personalized version will be very popular.


T-shirt giveaways are perfect for sporting events. One of the first and most successful promotional giveaways of all time, you can’t go wrong with branded T-shirts.


Another functional item that students can use for a long time is a cooler. Quality coolers can last for a while, and they can make for a treasured gift that students and even alumni can hang on to for years, bringing them on trips and to different activities with their school logo proudly displayed on the front.


To align with the sports theme, you could also give out branded jerseys, a unique, quality giveaway that will excite students. Students will love to wear quality jerseys around campus, to various sporting events and an assortment of other activities.


Hats can come in all different colors and styles. You could go for the classic baseball cap or, for colder weather, go with a knit hat. You can pick and choose depending on the season and what you think will be most popular. Value-of-Promotional-Products-for-Colleges

The Value of Promotional Products for Universities

There’s great value in giving out promotional products at universities. Here are some specific reasons:

  • Spreads the word: With quality, functional products, people will use your giveaways often and in many different places. This means many people will see your brand, likely across the country. Investing in promotional giveaways means investing in the university’s reach.
  • Gives back: Students invest a lot of time and money in attaining a degree. Students can start to feel overwhelmed amidst all of the exams, homework and deadlines. The university can begin to feel like something inanimate instead of a living, breathing atmosphere where learning and inclusivity are emphasized. Giving back to students with giveaways can make them feel welcome again and can create an atmosphere where they feel valued and a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Increases satisfaction: A simple giveaway can go a long way in making someone satisfied. It lets a student know that they’re a part of the team and that they’re noticed. It can also increase their satisfaction with being a part of that school.

The value of promotional products at a university is clear. You might be wanting to discover these advantages and more by giving out promotional products on your campus. Your next step would be to find a trusted company that can offer you quality products while guiding you through the promotional process.

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