Coffee Fun Facts

Whether you drink it all day or only in the mornings, millions of people enjoy a cup of coffee every day. While many pour a cup of coffee without thinking, there are many fun facts about this beverage. So, sit back, pour yourself a cup (or two) and enjoy these fun coffee facts!

Coffee’s Popularity

Besides water, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in America. Over half of the American population drink at least three cups of coffee every day.

Despite this American obsession with coffee in its many forms, Hawaii and California are the only two states in America with the suitable climate to grow these magical beans. Most coffee beans are from the Coffee Belt, which features Brazil and Mexico. These countries feature tropical climates and mountain regions to produce coffee beans with different textures and flavors.

The Rise of the Espresso

One coffee brewing method that has risen in popularity is espresso. The espresso brewing method creates an aromatic and smooth cup of coffee without the bitterness of other brewing methods. The espresso brewing method is unique due to its long-lasting caramel aftertaste and consistent flavors. Some popular espresso based drinks include cappuccino and macchiato.

Skip the Cafe, Brew at Home

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or only enjoy a cup a few times each week, making coffee at home is an affordable way to enjoy your favorite drink. There are many options for brewing coffee at home besides using an automatic coffee maker. Your brewing options include:

Pour Over

A pour over coffee maker allows greater control over the entire coffee making process. Many coffee lovers prefer using this type of coffee maker as it allows them to control the taste, texture and strength of their cup of coffee.

French Press

A French press is a portable and cost-effective coffee maker. With this brewing method, you will have more control over the brewing process and can experiment with the water temperature and brewing times to change how your coffee tastes.

Cold Brew

To make cold brew, steep coffee beans in cold water before brewing. This brewing method provides an extra caffeine kick compared to other brewing methods.


An Aeropress is similar to a french press machine in that you will press down on your coffee beans during the brewing process. Using an Aeropress produces clean and flavorful cups of coffee.

Coffee Bag

The coffee bag brewing method involves placing a filter filled with grounds over a mug or carafe and then pouring water over the top to let the coffee drip down. This brewing method creates a clean coffee taste.


Brewing coffee using a stovetop coffee maker creates a coffee with a concentrated and delicious flavor.

Another option for at home brewing is experimenting with coffee beans from different countries. Vietnamese coffee has grown in popularity due to its strong and bold flavors. Some popular varieties include Ca Phe Nau or coffee with milk or Ca Phe Trung which is coffee made with egg yolks.

Specialty vs. Commerical Coffee

Next time you go to buy a bag of coffee, you may want to take a second to look over the packet to see if you are purchasing specialty or commercial coffee. Specialty coffee roasts in smaller batches, whereas commercial coffee roasts in bulk. Since specialty coffee is often a limited supply, it may be more expensive than commercial coffee, which is readily available.

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