Corporate Gift Kits for New Pet Guardians

In 2022, 44.5% of U.S. households had a dog, and 29% had a cat. Pet adoption is a meaningful part of many people’s lives, and getting a new pet is extremely exciting. As a business owner, a client or employee welcoming a new pet into their home and family is an opportunity to go the extra mile and show them how much you care. Cat or dog gift baskets with personalized merchandise are an excellent way to position your brand or boost employee engagement within your business.

Whether you’re searching for gifts for new puppy owners, kitten owners or even an exotic pet, your business can show the pet parent support with a corporate gift kit.

12 Gift Ideas for a New Pet Guardians

Depending on the new pet, you could put plenty of gifts in a kitten or puppy gift box. Aim for a mix of practical and sentimental for the perfect gift for new pet owners. Consider some of the following ideas to complete your new pet gift basket.

1. Pet Accessory Bags

Pet owners have plenty of supplies to carry, from toys to shampoos and harnesses. A pet accessory bag is a practical and attractive gift. A pet parent can store accessories, toys and blankets, pack a travel bag or keep emergency supplies in the car.

New dog owners may find these bags invaluable when taking their four-legged friend to the park or puppy school. On the other hand, cat owners could prefer to store treats and toys. One of the best things about a gift like this is that it’s entirely up to the recipient how they use it.

2. Eating and Drinking Utensils

As any pet owner knows, you can never have too many food and water dishes. You need bowls for traveling, indoor and outdoor use. Since pets use food and water bowls daily, including some as gifts is another practical approach to welcoming a new pet into the family. Add a bowl that doubles as a scoop for pet food to make feeding a new pet that much easier, and consider a travel water dispenser for thirsty pets on the go.

Pet owners need drinking utensils too, and a printed mug or water bottle would be an excellent addition, keeping the gift basket pet- and owner-friendly.

3. Toys

Most pets love their toys, and play is one of the best ways for humans to bond with their pets, so pet parents will always appreciate promotional toys, balls, teething toys or stuffed animals. Depending on the pet, you can choose from various gifts. Consider brain-training toys for cats or dogs and soft toys for comfort which both owners and pets and enjoy together.

4. Training Tools

Training tools are fantastic gifts for new puppy owners, though some cat and exotic pet parents may enjoy trying to train their new family members too. You could start with a training book and make it breed-specific for that extra personal touch. Many pet owners favor clicker training, so consider gifting a clicker, as it’s a piece of equipment that often slips through the cracks amid the thrill of buying all the supplies for a new pet.

Training and puppy socialization are essential for new dog owners, so if your client or employee has a new dog, you can also consider a voucher to a quality trainer for the first few sessions.

5. Merch

Pet and owner merchandise is practical, memorable and personal, marking the moment of the new arrival and giving pets and owners something to wear daily. For pets, consider a branded bandana — ensure you research the new pet to order the correct size. Another thing every pet needs is an ID tag, and a branded set could be a fun and practical addition to your gift kit.

For passionate pet owners, any pet merchandise is a guaranteed favorite. You could print a sweatshirt with a slogan like “new pet parent” or gift a tote bag with an appropriate design.

6. Tasty Treats

Another thing pets can’t get enough of is treats. New dog owners can use them in training to create a bond with their new friends. Package some tasty pet treats in a way that represents your brand, and you can be sure they’ll have a prominent place in the kitchen.

7. Comfy Blankets

Most pets need a clean and cozy sleeping spot. An entire bed is probably too large for a gift basket, but a soft blanket is ideal. Look for a blanket that is big enough to fit on a sofa and small enough to fold and put in a basket at night. Consider a water- or dirt-resistant fabric if you want to go the extra mile.

8. Grooming Supplies

Shedding is the bane of even the most devoted pet lover’s life. Regular grooming is one way to limit shedding and bond with a new pet. Many grooming supplies are available, including gloves, nail clippers, brushes and pet shampoos. Adding some carefully selected grooming utensils is another practical way to welcome a new pet.

9. Pet Health Record Book and Journal

Many apps are available to record pet milestones and vaccination dates. Still, a pet journal is similar to a baby book, and half the fun is filling it in. Add an inscription with the pet or owner’s name and a congratulatory note for an extra touch.

10. Collars and Leashes

Though leashes are more suited to a new puppy gift basket, many pets can wear collars. Add a bell for kittens or small-breed puppies so their new owners always know where they are. This type of thoughtful addition makes you stand out in people’s minds.

11. Waste Bags and Litter Scoopers

Cleaning up after pets is an inevitable part of having them in your life. New dog owners will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a pet waste bag dispenser for park or training visits. Cat lovers will love a litter scooper in their favorite color. Gifting waste removal items is sensible, as new pet owners may have forgotten these essentials in the excitement.

Create a Furbaby Gift Kit for Clients and Co-Workers With ePromos

Getting a new pet is the perfect opportunity to gift a client or employee and celebrate the special moment together. With the above ideas, you can assemble a gift kit that represents you and shows the recipient how much you care. ePromos is here to streamline the gifting process. Our experienced staff wants to provide you with the best product options and service. Together, we can create a gift kit that exceeds your expectations.

From pet gifts to merchandise for pet owners, browse our wide range of gifting options and place your order today to create something extra special for new pet owners.

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