Golf Tournament Gift Bag Ideas for Your Next Charity Event

Charity golf tournaments are an excellent way to boost audience engagement with friendly competition and a well-loved sport. Swag bags and promotional items can help organizations show their gratitude for their donors and participants while offering many marketing and brand awareness benefits.

Why Offer Golf Giveaways?

When planning a charity golf tournament, swag and gift bags can offer several benefits to your organization. You can also add your company’s branding to the items to build brand awareness. Some more advantages of making golf swag bags include:

  • Creating memorable experiences: Participants can receive golf swag items upon arrival at the tournament. Regardless of when they get their goods, the gift bags can serve as a reminder of their time at their event and will trigger positive memories. They’ll associate your brand with the great afternoon they had playing golf.
  • Meeting functional needs: You can include many items in your gift bags that your participants can use during the event. The attention to detail is sure to impress guests and donors. Including items participants will need throughout the day will make their experience more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Strengthening relationships with partners: Giveaways also show your partners that you care about their presence at the event and are grateful for their support. You may even ask some of your partners to sponsor your event by donating goodie bag items. Companies that donate swag bag items can receive more exposure. Individuals will use the products during and after the event, and they will serve as powerful marketing materials.

Understanding the benefits of this reward type can strengthen your event and improve your relationship with your target audience and event sponsors.

5 Golf Tournament Swag Bag Ideas

Knowing good golf giveaway ideas can help you optimize your efforts when planning to host a golf tournament. You can create goodie bags that best suit your event, organization and audience.

1. Golf Gear

Golf gear is great to provide participants at your tournament. You can allow them to use the materials throughout the tournament and encourage them to sport their new gear the next time they return to the course. Some promotional golf items to consider including:

  • Golf balls: Your participants can work through the tournament with promotional golf balls. You can print your event or organization’s name on them along with a logo, or you can get golf balls with one of your sponsor’s information. You can also alter the golf balls’ packaging to provide additional advertising and marketing material for you or your sponsors.
  • Golf pencils: These writing utensils are handy because users can tuck them into pockets or behind their ears. For marketing purposes, you can print organization names along the sides.
  • Tees: Golf tees are a must-have for any golfer and an affordable addition to a gift bag. These functional items can help enhance their experience at your event.
  • Polos: Polos are a staple of golf attire and gear. With a promotional golf polo, your participants can have something to wear when they return to the course. You can make the label on the corner match the symbol or logo of your campaign, organization or sponsors, giving you more promotional opportunities.

Avid golfers will appreciate receiving appropriate gear they can regularly use, while you and your sponsors can benefit from increased brand awareness.

2. Protective Materials

When they’re out on the course, golfers need adequate protection from the elements, whether it’s hot and sunny, windy or rainy. The items you provide in your goodie bag can match your area’s climate to provide participants with quality goods they’re sure to use even after the event ends:

  • Sunscreen, lip balm and bug spray: You can keep your participants safe and comfortable with sunscreen, lip balm and bug spray. These options allow participants to protect their skin and prevent burns or irritation so they stay longer at your event. You can add names, logos and slogans to these promotional materials for increased brand awareness.
  • Hats: Hats are another staple of golf attire, especially when paired with polos. However, they can also shield your participants’ faces from the sun. When you add logos and names to the front, they can also become powerful reminders of your event and organization.
  • Sunglasses: When the forecast for your event says sunny, sunglasses are the perfect solution. Promotional sunglasses give organizations more creative freedom — you can choose the style, material and color in addition to the promotional information. Matching your sunglasses to your audience can result in participants incorporating them into daily use.
  • Umbrellas: If there’s a chance of rain on the day of your event, you might consider adding umbrellas to your gift bags. They can protect your participants from the elements and help them enjoy the event. They also have more surface area to add promotional materials for optimized marketing.

While the weather can be challenging to predict during the planning stages, considering regular weather patterns can help you decide what items to include.

golf promo

3. Coolers

Coolers are an excellent option for your event if you have the budget to provide some bigger items. Coolers or another type of bag can function as the goodie bag itself, safely storing the other items inside until participants need them. Your participants can use them for many functions after your event, from golf days to road trips and days at the beach.

4. Calendars

If you want to combine functionality with memorabilia, calendars can meet participant needs after the event and spark fun memories of their experience. They can use their calendars to boost organization at home or work, and frequent use can increase brand awareness for promotional materials. You can even use a golf-themed calendar to strengthen the connection to your event.

5. Key Chains

Key chains can also serve as excellent reminders of your event and allow your organization and sponsors to spread more brand awareness. You can include more information on keychains, including your address and contact information, to help increase leads.

Find Quality Golf Tournament Swag Bag Items With ePromos

As you prepare for your golf tournament, your selected promotional items can have a lasting impact on your organization, sponsors and participants. Your promotional materials can function as lasting marketing materials, reminding participants of your event, organizations and sponsors. Finding the right supplier can strengthen your promotional efforts and connect you with the right items for your event.

ePromos gives organizations the creative freedom to submit logos and choose colors for your items, so you can better match your branding standards. Our outdoor promotional items are perfect for events like golf tournaments to create goodie bags your participants will love.

Contact ePromos today to discover how we can provide quality golf goodie bag items for your event.


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