Golf Promotional Product Guide

Golf continues to grow as a sport, attracting older and younger players alike. Many of your clients and employees likely play the game often, making promotional golf products a great way to show appreciation for those relationships.

Golf products cover a wide range, from apparel to tees. Players can always use more products in golf to help them thrive and having a unique, branded product is a way to add some personality to their golf game.

As a company, you can offer that personality. Give clients and employees a way to express their loyalty to your brand while also exposing it to new eyes on the course.

Branded Golf Balls for Clients

It’s no secret that golf is a challenging game — people are often slicing shots into a pond or off into a dense field. Multiple balls may be lost over the course of a round. Promotional golf balls offer a real functional gift to clients, replenishing their supply while also addressing their love for the game. Clients who play the game will be grateful for the gift and admire your attention to detail.

The branding and design of golf balls often become a topic of conversation on golf courses. Offering your uniquely branded company golf ball to a client will be an effective way to market your business. Another benefit of giving promotional gifts like golf balls is that you can tailor them specifically to your client. Using a few different methods of delineation, you can make your promotional golf balls truly unique:

  • Brand: Even though one golf ball might seem identical to the novice golfer, they actually have slight differences that can change aspects of the game like distance, speed and spin. Choosing the right brand might be important to your client. Picking the right one could add that level of detail that really impresses a loyal customer. Choose from brands like Titleist®, Callaway® and Wilson® to find the right choice for your client.
  • Packaging: You can even make the packaging special. Send golf balls in a personal business card box. It’s an elegant and thoughtful way to spread the word about your company and give a great gift to a client or employee.
  • Material: For those with an eye for detail, you can look for a certain material for the golf balls you send to clients. Some materials will appeal to golf players on the more advanced end of the spectrum. Choose from materials like urethane, linen and ionomer. The material of the golf balls determines softness and will play differently on shorter approach shots.
  • Logo design: You can’t forget the logo — that personal and unique way you want people to view your branding. You can use your distinct logo or come up with artwork specific to the situation. Whatever you choose, ePromos is the company that can help bring your design to life.

The little design specifics of golf balls let you tailor your promotional gift to a client. Using a certain branding and material, you can impress your clients and utilize an effective marketing strategy.

Branded Golf Apparel

People find many aspects of golf appealing. Aside from the game itself, many take pride in what they wear on the course. Offer apparel to your clients to let them show off some promo golf swag.


Golfers need a wide range of shirts in their wardrobe to stay ready for various weather conditions, from scorching heat to chilling downpours. For those golfers who play multiple times a week, they’ll need a large collection of clean shirts to rely on. Gift a quality golf shirt to a client and use a specific type to make it personal.

Find your customers’ and clients’ favorite brands by browsing brands like Nike®, Adidas®, Vineyard Vines® and more. Purchase polyester shirts for moisture-wicking capabilities with added UV and antimicrobial protection, or shop cotton polos for a soft and great fit that looks stylish. Specify by color and craft the perfect logo to display.

With a quality golf shirt that looks nice and feels good, clients will be proud to wear it around the course. It’s one of the best ways to get exposure for your brand.


Hats are another critical staple of golf. It’s one of many pivotal golf swag items that adds to a player’s repertoire. Hats come in a variety of colors, materials and designs. You can specify your design to a specific client.

Do they like the look and feel of a functional, unstructured Nike hat? Or maybe something a little lighter, such as a visor cap? Pick out the perfect hat for your client and give them another reason to proudly display your company logo to others on the course.

Golf Product Guide

Golf is a game requiring an assortment of different products. A bag, clubs and golf balls are just the beginning — you also need various accessories like tees, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas and much more. There’s always something else to add to a golfer’s collection — that’s why offering promotional golf products is such a good idea. They’re functional items that clients and employees will actually use on the course, attracting eyes to your company.

Here are some ideas for customizable golf products.


If you’re looking to go to the next level with your promotional golf gift, focus on a golf bag. This is a gift sure to impress clients and anyone on the course that sees it. It says a lot that a company values a client so much to offer a promotional bag. Though your client or employee may already have a golf bag, a new one is an additional option they’ll be sure to use on the course.

Bags are also great gifts for those clients who are starting to golf. If you know a particular client is starting the game and using an ancient bag they found in their garage, a new golf bag could be just the gift that jump-starts their new hobby. Get them a quality bag with a lightweight design, a kickstand and double-padded straps for comfort. If hosting a company golf tournament, a promotional golf bag can be the perfect prize for the winning team.

Golf bags are also essentially standing advertisements — with the intricate company logo design on the bag, the word could get around about your company.


Promotional golf tees are the perfect gift for clients and employees because they’re always certain to need more. On average, a golfer will probably only get a few good uses out of a tee, so they’ll need more each round. Branded tees fill that need.

Switch up tee designs in various colors and packaging — go for a neat matchbox packaging design or a company-branded bag. Whether you’re hosting a tournament or just gifting a client, golf tees are a great option for promotional gifts.


Golf is a sunshine sport, meaning players are always defending themselves against the sun’s rays. Promotional sunglasses are the ideal gift for a golfer. It’s a functional and effective item that always has a place in a golf bag. Sunglasses are universal, as well — they’ll travel far beyond the golf course, exposing your brand to plenty of people.

Sunglasses also have a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to central attributes:

  • Design: Sunglasses designs vary widely. For a cool look, you can get aviators. For something more unique, check out woodtone sunglasses.
  • Material: Clients may prefer one type of material over another — choose from silicone, metal, plastic and more.
  • Function: Consider what the golfer will want the sunglasses for. Are they the type of person who will just wear them for style, or do they want functionality above all else?

Sunglasses are a necessity on the course and a fun way to thank your clients for their business.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Along with sunglasses, golfers need sunscreen and lip balm to defend against the sun. If playing 18 holes, golfers could be outside for several hours, basking under the glow of the sun. It’s essential to have sunscreen to stay safe.

Invest in some promotional sunscreen and lip balm to show your clients you have a vested interest in their well-being.

Bug Spray

After a rainy day or during a twilight game of golf, the bugs can join your game. Often golfers forget to bring this staple product onto the course — bug spray. Promotional bug spray might seem like an obscure golf gift, but it could be the essential item needed during a round. Bug spray is often shared by multiple people, giving your branded spray the opportunity to become the focal point of the round.


Weather is unpredictable and a scorching day can soon turn to rain. Golfers need a selection that caters to golf’s many weather conditions. An umbrella is one of those essential items that can keep players from getting drenched.

Brand your umbrella with a company logo and give it to a client or employee as a functional, essential item on the course. When players are stranded on the course huddled under one umbrella, they’ll have your company to thank for the protection.

Rain Ponchos

Like umbrellas, ponchos are a great option to defend golfers from rain. While other golfers might get drenched, your clients stay protected with a thoughtful gift from the company, with your specific logo on the front.


On hot summer days, there’s nothing better than enjoying an ice-cold drink on the course. They’ll find plenty of coolers on golf courses, storing the players’ favorite beverages. Offer one of your company-branded coolers to a client so they can enjoy cold drinks for a whole round.

Water Bottles

Branded water bottles are another great option for promotional gifts. Long rounds often require lots of hydration and a handy company water bottle acts as the safe and useful gift golfers always need.

Golf Calendar

For those who love the game of golf, anything that reminds them of the game could be a great gift. A golf-themed calendar is a great way to show appreciation for your client and add some fun organization to their day.


Golf is all about staying loose and strengthening your muscles. The more limber and stronger you are, the more likely you are to hit the ball effectively. You can help someone’s golf game by giving out promotional resistance bands and yoga mats to inspire strength training and stretching.

3 Benefits of Branded Golf Products

Promo products offer many advantages for your company. Since golf is becoming even more popular and offers a wide appeal to so many people, golf-themed promotional products are even more beneficial.

Here are a few ways branded golf products are good for your company.

1. Increases Brand Exposure

Promotional products do just that — promote your brand — through quality products. Whether it’s someone holding a company umbrella with your logo on it or someone teeing up your company ball, you’ll be sure to have eyes on your brand. Golf courses are often a place to exchange pleasant conversation and even business talk — put your company in the mix without being physically at the course.

Quality products and the act of showing appreciation for clients and employees are sure to build a good rapport with people who see it from the outside.

2. Offers Functionality and Quality

When you find the right provider, these golf promotional products can also become great additions to a client’s regular golf game. Shirts, golf balls and bags are all staples of the game — functional items that clients can use again and again. These products might even travel beyond the golf course. A nice pair of sunglasses could be worn anywhere and your company could get brand exposure that goes far beyond just the boundary of the golf course.

3. Shows Appreciation and Respect

Promotional products are about exposing your brand and showing appreciation for your clients. Every once in a while, it’s good to show your respect and thank clients for doing business with you. General gifts work well, but gifts that account for their favorite hobbies mean even more. Some of your clients may truly love the game of golf and giving them a gift relating to something they cherish is a great way to honor your relationship.

Bulk golf accessories, a golf bag and branded golf balls are all excellent strategies for showing appreciation for your customers and clients.

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Branded golf products increase your brand exposure and show respect to your clients, customers and employees. Because of those advantages, you might be looking for a provider who can get you what you need. ePromos offer a huge selection of golf products. Choose from branded golf apparel, golf balls, tees, bags and more. You can filter through product types and various materials, allowing you to find the perfect product for your clients and employees.

We’ll put your logo on our products or help you bring an artistic idea to life. ePromos offers a comprehensive set of services that guide you through fulfillment. Contact us today!

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