Promotional Gift Guide for HR Managers

Every person on your team plays a crucial role in growing and developing your company. Your human resources team ensures your company attracts and retains top talent.

Taking the time to celebrate Human Resource Professionals Day — or celebrating your HR department any day of the year — displays how much you value this Team. An excellent way to show appreciation is by giving your human resources department thoughtful gifts. We’ve put together a guide with 10 gift ideas for HR professionals.

The Importance of Showing Appreciation for Your HR Team

Your human resources team is one of the most critical departments in your company. They are in charge of several functions that are key to your success.

As with any employee, showing your HR team how much you appreciate them can help with retention. HR teams are often so busy finding ways to show others they are valued, they can forget themselves or get overlooked. The extra effort to show them you care can go a long way in retaining top-performing HR managers and professionals.

When Is Human Resource Professionals Day?

HR Professionals Day is held on September 26 every year. The day was established to celebrate and appreciate HR professionals’ considerable contributions to companies. There are three reasons why we should all celebrate HR Professionals Day:

  1. Educate: Use the day to educate yourself and others on what HR managers do.
  2. Celebrate: Spend time thanking your HR team for their hard work. Show them how much you value everything they do for you and the company.
  3. Motivate: By creating a campaign to honor your HR professionals, you can inspire others to work in HR.

10 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Human Resource Professionals

An ideal way to show your HR team how much you appreciate them is by giving them branded swag. Giving your HR professionals gifts can tell them how much you value their work.

Need help figuring out where to get started? Here are 10 human resources swag ideas:

1. Laptop Accessories

HR professionals spend much of their time on their laptops. Gifting your team useful accessories can make their day a bit easier and, in some cases, even safer. A branded webcam can make their online recruiting considerably easier. A pair of blue light glasses can help reduce the strain on their eyes as they work, and a desktop vacuum will keep their space clean. Minimize interruptions and boost laptop security with a webcam cover that also doubles as a “do not disturb” indicator.

2. Headphones and Earbuds

Give your HR team the gift of music for those time-consuming reports and analyses. A pair of branded Bluetooth headphones can help your HR manager stay pumped when working. A pair of wireless earbuds can let them take their conversations anywhere they want.

3. Office Supplies

Your HR manager is always taking notes. Whether it’s while they are researching new ideas for the company or during meetings and interviews, they always need a way to get ideas down.

journaling kit with sticky notes and a pen will help them be prepared for any situation. Maybe they need to be on the move most of the day. A notepad holder will make carrying their notes with them easy. If you want your team to be able to take their laptops to every meeting, a workstation portfolio easily holds everything from a notepad and pens to laptops and even business cards!

promo -Desk organizers

4. Desk Organizers

All the notes, business cards, pens and more can quickly overrun even the neatest person’s desk. Make desk organization that much easier with a desktop organizer set. Keep smaller items out of the way with a desk organizer and wireless charging station.

5. Sweet Treats

A sweet treat can brighten anyone’s day. Consider giving your HR team a box of decadent chocolate truffles. You can also brighten up the office with some assorted candies in a branded tube. They look good and taste even better. Tackle the cold with some hot chocolate bombs that are bound to be a team favorite!

6. Items for the Foodies

Treat the food enthusiasts in your HR department with snack platters and food kits. A gourmet taco night gift set can bring the heat to the next taco night. Make the next company barbeque one to remember with a gourmet BBQ gift set. With the holiday season coming up shortly after HR Professionals Day, a party starter gift box with a cutting board will make it easy to impress friends and family.

7. Self-Care Gifts

One of the best ways to wish your team a happy HR Professional Day is by showing you’re invested in their mental and emotional well-being. Enjoying a hot herbal tea can help relieve any tension from the day. And a beautiful deluxe adult coloring book is a fun way to relax after a long day. Choose these gifts to show you want your HR team to take as much care of themselves as they do everyone else.

8. Drinkware

Choosing to gift drinkware might seem simple, but everyone needs cups, tumblers and bottles. A branded water bottle is excellent for working out or using on the go. A travel mug and tumbler set ensures your HR team can get their coffee fix anytime they need it and keep their drinks cool at any event.

9. Family Gifts

Show appreciation for your HR manager’s family by gifting them something everyone can enjoy. A wooden tumble tower game can bring the house down on game nights. Or, let the family safely test their accuracy with a foam axe-throwing game.

10. Pet Accessories

Gifting your HR professional pet products has a double benefit. The gift is a way to show how you value their work and that you care enough to remember they have a pet. A branded pet accessory bag set will make traveling with pets easy. Add in a pet waste bag dispenser for a perfect gift for the next outdoor adventure.


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