The Complete Guide to Classic Cocktail Glasses

Educating yourself on the different bartending glass types as well as ones for various cocktails can help elevate your customers’ time at your establishment and improve the quality of your business or organization. From margarita glasses to the iconic martini, Collins and highball glass types, your company can experiment with various kinds to enhance guests’ experiences and keep them coming back for more. Our complete guide to classic cocktail glasses will show you how to use each type.

12 Classic Cocktail Glasses

Bars and restaurants worldwide use classic cocktail glasses to improve the quality of their drinks and provide a fun experience for guests. Here are 12 types of cocktail and bar glasses to keep in mind.

1. Margarita

A margarita glass is one of the most iconic cocktail glasses ever. Most of these glasses can hold between 9 to 12 ounces of liquid and are often used for martini, margarita, tequila and daiquiri mixes. The margarita glass has a long stem that helps keep the drink cool and fresh. The large brim also holds the drinker’s favorite salts and sugars to make various margarita types.

2. Martini

A classic martini glass can also be used for margaritas and cosmopolitan cocktails. They often hold between 9 and 12 ounces of liquid, making them perfect for the iconic martini mix. The martini glass has a long stem ending in a cone shape which helps control temperature. The wide mouth and cone shape enhance aromas in shaken and stirred martini mixes.

3. Hurricane

A hurricane glass holds between 15 to 20 ounces of liquid and is often used for piña coladas or blue lagoon, peach fuzz or scorpion cocktails. The hurricane glass has a tall, curved shape with a short stem. With such an ample bowl space, it can hold a large amount of liquid, making it a popular glass for summer drinks and tropical mixes.

4. Coupe

The coupe cocktail glass holds between 5 to 7 ounces of liquid and is often used for Champagne, a Manhattan, a daiquiri or a boulevardier mix. The coupe has a shallow bowl and medium-length stem for a classic shape. The shape also helps prevent hand heat from affecting the drink. It can also be useful for drinks meant to be slowly sipped over time.

5. Zombie

A zombie cocktail glass is one of the more unique liquor glass types. It can hold between 10 and 12 ounces of liquid and is often used for fun cocktails like a zombie, fuzzy navel or tequila sunrise. The zombie glass is tall and narrow, helping show off colorful drinks and eye-catching mixes.

 6. Collins

The Collins cocktail glass holds between 10 to 14 ounces of liquid and is often used for cocktail drinks like Tom Collins, mojito, El Diablo, black velvet, vodka or Paloma. The Collins glass is very versatile and has a tumbler shape. It is tall and narrow in a cylinder shape, often used to serve its namesake, iced tea or tropical mixes. They even make great glasses for serving virgin cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks.

custom collins glass

The Collins glass is sometimes called a Highball, though the Collins is taller and narrower in comparison, holding slightly more liquor. The tall glass helps keep drinks cold during the day and can be used with ice to dilute drinks and contain various mixers.

7. Copper Mug

Of all cocktail alcohol glasses, the copper mug is hugely versatile and can be used for multiple cocktail types. The copper mug often holds between 10 to 15 ounces of liquid and can be used for a mint julep, gin and tonic, sangria, ginger ale, greyhound or Moscow mule. Copper mugs keep drinks cold during hot days due to their copper construction.

While it is most commonly used to serve a Moscow mule, it can also be used for vodka, citrus juice or ginger blends. Copper is said to enhance these flavors while improving carbonation. Many copper mugs have a stainless steel lining to prevent actual copper from leaching into the beverage.

8. Highball

The Highball cocktail glass is a drinking tumbler similar to a Collins glass. It can be highly versatile compared to other cocktail glass types in a bar. The Highball glass is tall and narrow, ideal for mixed drinks with lots of ice or classic cocktail mixes like Bloody Marys, mojitos, whiskey and soda, vodka and orange juice or a rum and coke.

9. Snifter

A snifter is a type of cocktail glass with a wide bottom and short stem. The broad base narrows near the top, creating a unique shape. Snifters are often used to serve bourbon, whiskey or brandy, as the shape makes the experience of concentrated aromas. Due to the glass type, the spirit shines through, allowing you to appreciate the tastes.

10. Sour Glass

Sour glasses are often used for whiskey sours and other sour cocktail mixes. The sour glass features a long stem that keeps the drink cold for a long time, while the sour glass shape has a curved outer edge to let you enjoy the drink’s smooth and sour feel.

11. Bodega Glass

The Bodega glass is short and stout, making it versatile compared to other cocktail glasses. It is easy to hold and durable, making it great for long parties when served with wine, punch, cocktail mixes or liquor. Your hand temperature will affect the Bodega glass over time. However, they have many other wonderful uses. You can serve virgin drinks or other nonalcoholic beverages for those who need a small break from cocktail sampling.

12. Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora glasses are a unique cocktail glass type compared to other classic glasses. They have a vintage look and feel with an interesting bell shape. The long stem helps control temperature, and the mouth resembles the coupe glass. The mouth makes for easy sipping, while the body makes it easy to hold and sip liquid slowly over time. Use the Nick and Nora glass for fun cocktails like The Bee’s Knees, The Sidecar or Champagne variations. Shaken and stirred cocktails look well when strained into the Nick and Nora glass.

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