Surgical Technologists Week

Surgical technologists are the grease that keeps your operating rooms running smoothly. Their field of medicine was born during World War II. The war created an overwhelming need for skilled health professionals before, during, and after surgeries. Since then they have become an integral part of all hospitals. Under the supervision of surgeons, they ensure the operating room is sterile and stocked with supplies and equipment needed during operations.

During the surgery, they assist the surgeons by handing them equipment, sponges, and fluids needed. Nearing the surgery’s end, they count the sponges and supplies to reduce the risk of foreign items retained. Their position in any operating room is an important one, and they should be thanked for all that they. The best time to recognize surgical techs’ contributions are during Surgical Technologist Week, which is celebrated in the third week of September each year.

Are your surgical technologists the unsung heroes of your hospital? It’s important to give them the recognition they deserve during Surgical Tech Week. It’s been proven that 78% of employees will work harder if they are shown appreciation from their employer. There is also a 46% turnover in employees at companies that are considered to have an ineffective recognition program. We’ll guide you on how to honor them and let them know you appreciate what they do every day. Maybe you can start incorporating some of these ideas into your yearly employee recognition program.

7 Unique Ideas for Ways to Celebrate and Show Appreciation during National Surgical Technologist Week


Break Room Treats

Start Surgical Tech week off with a group snack. You can leave a crafty message for your techs in the breakroom such as, We “DONUT” know what we would have done without all of you!

Put Them on Blast

Have your IT team change the screensaver on department computers with a fun or thoughtful thank you message. It shows you care while also reminding coworkers to thank them for all the help they provide them throughout the year. There’s a good chance your patients may even see it, and wind up thanking their techs before or after heading into surgery. Receiving gratitude from all different directions will remind them of how exceptional they truly are.

Employee Awards Show

Michael Scott from The Office may be considered The World’s Worst Boss (contrary to what his coffee mug may say), but he did know how to boost his employees’ morale and make them feel appreciated. With his invention of the Dundies, an annual employee awards show, he showed his staff how much he appreciated what they do and the personality that they bring to the workplace.

Why not start your own surgical room version of the Dundies? Everyone loves receiving an “official” award they can look at every day. You can get creative and include some funny personalized recognition awards just like Michael. Here are a few surg tech award ideas to get you started; Busiest Beaver Award, Whitest Sneakers Award, Show Me the Money Award, 37 Pieces of Flare Award, and Grace Under Fire Award.

Cash on Hand

During a long, busy day, no one needs a pick-me-up more than your surgical techs. Save them time by ensuring they always have funds for coffee or snacks on hand with a cellphone wallet. You can even include in it a gift card to the local coffee shop!

In House Mini Spa

Anyone in the medical profession knows that hands and feet take a beating, what with constant hand washing, and especially by being on your feet all day. Consider pampering their tired hands and tootsies with a mani or pedi. Many nail salons can send a nail tech directly to your location to spoil your techs one after the other. Of course, gift cards are always an easy option, too!

Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love candy? Hit two birds with one stone… candy in a company branded coffee mug with a fun saying that coincides with the candy. Here’s a list of our favorites.

  • Life Savers – You’re a life saver!
  • Their favorite candy bar – You are the best surgical tech, BAR none.
  • Butterfinger – You make things BUTTER by working your FINGERS to the bone – thank you!
  • Nestles Crunch – When it’s CRUNCH time, I want you on my side!
  • Mounds – For someone who does MOUNDS of work every day – thank you!
  • NutRageous – I’d have to be nuts not to appreciate you!

Special Scrubs

Let’s face it – surgeries aren’t fun. In fact, they can be a very scary thing for many patients and family members. Consider funny, personalized scrub hats for your surgical tech staff to lighten the mood. This small gesture shows you care, while also bringing a smile to even your littlest of patients.


Top 10 Quotes to Decorate Promotional Items Gifted During Surgical Technologist Week

We have a huge selection of items you can personalize for your surg tech staff. Our team can design and customize each item with your company branding – or you might opt for something less corporate, and more humorous to embellish your products!

If you need some inspiration, below are some of our favorite sayings:

  1. Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it.
  2. Behind every GOOD SURGEON is an awesome SURG TECH
  3. Shhhhhh I’m counting
  4. Doc, if I don’t have it, you don’t need it.
  5. OPERATING ROOM SECRETARY | An Instrumental Part Of The Team
  6. We do our best work behind closed doors
  7. Surgical Technologists do it on the cutting edge
  9. I fix broken hearts
  10. SURGICAL TECH PARKING ONLY – Violators Will Be Sterilized

We hope these unique ideas bring some fun into your hospital’s Surgical Tech Week. For these and other medical, hospital, or healthcare-themed products, shop here!



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