When Dr. Roxann Abrams’ son returned home after bravely serving in three tours of duty in Iraq as a combat soldier, she felt a surge of relief. But it was short-lived.

She lost her son, SFC Randy Abrams, to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2009. Out of her grief, Abrams founded Operation:I.V.,Inc, a nonprofit organization that provides free specialized treatment for PTSD combat veterans nationwide.

Abrams is dedicated to honoring her son’s life by improving life after combat for veterans.

“He was a returning combat soldier who did not receive the help he needed and tragically died because of it,” she says. “When I learned of the suicide rate among combat vets, I simply could not sit by and watch them suffer and die from post-traumatic stress like my son did and not do anything about it.”

Operation:I.V. means “an infusion of help” for combat veterans. Its treatment program, called the Veteran Intervention Plan (V.I.P.), is a fully customizable, managed-care program that’s available to enrolled combat vets throughout the country. It allows them to reestablish their emotional footing, and it helps them apply their military skills into successful civilian careers.

Abrams applied for the ePromos for Good charity program with the hope of gaining greater brand awareness. “We want people to recognize our name and drive them to our website,” she says.

Operation:I.V.,Inc runs an online store where shoppers can purchase a variety of logo merchandise – from t-shirts to first-aid kits. With her ePromos for Good win, Abrams plans to purchase custom USB drives and add them as an offering in the shop.

It’s critical to Abrams that the products associated with Operation:I.V.,Inc serve a real purpose for supporters.

“People are overwhelmed at the number of problems and nonprofits in our society. Trying to decide which charity to support can be overwhelming,” she says. “Having quality, useful promotional products is key. I want to give people things they need. I want people to pick up our USB and want to go to our website.”

Watch this video to learn more about Operation:I.V.,Inc and visit the website at http://www.operationiv.org.

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