Budget-Friendly Advice for Your Next Corporate Outing

Regular company outings boost morale, encourage collaboration and create a fun, inclusive culture. Connecting in a relaxed environment lets your employees develop professionally and socially, enhancing their work experience and personal lives. Specifically, corporate get-togethers benefit both your team and your business. One important way is companies with strong company culture and high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Whether you’re a marketing manager or an HR professional, team-building is an essential part of any business to-do list. These in-person and virtual corporate event ideas will help you organize an interactive, unforgettable team-building event while maximizing your budget.

Host Company Events at the Office

Hosting your corporate team-building event at the office helps you save time and money on travel and other expenses. Whether you have a physical or virtual office, you can bring your employees together from the comfort of your workplace.

Nerf War

If your office has a yard or a large open area, a Nerf® war is an exciting and immersive team-building activity. Make your workers’ hearts race with a classic battle, a free-for-all or even a humans vs. zombies version. If you have the budget, you can enrich the experience using themed sportswear and gear. This is one of the best promotional ideas for team events, as your employees will go home with some great wearable gifts.

Office Trivia

How many people in your office wear glasses? What color is the break room? Now’s your chance to test your workers’ attention to detail. Ask questions about company values, how many people work in a certain department or where the printers are — be as elaborate or educational as you want. This challenge creates a sense of belonging and team pride, especially when you give away custom branded rewards.

Scavenger Hunt

With numerous variations and fun twists, scavenger hunts are sure to please. Simply prepare a list of items or tasks for your employees to find, collect or complete. Have a remote team? Try coming up with things to photograph using a smartphone or objectives they can easily accomplish at home. For extra interaction, ask them to collect objects of their teammate’s favorite color or sing one of their favorite songs.

Gaming Tournament

Are there board games or a ping-pong table at your office? Turn any games and activities you already have into a tournament! Keeping games and puzzles on hand prepares you for last-minute event planning or tighter budget requirements.

Remote Activities

If you have a remote workforce, there are plenty of ways to keep your virtual event engaging. Try hosting a virtual escape room, scavenger hunt or even a trip to Paris. Bring the adventure to your work-from-home employees, making them feel valued and connecting with them no matter where their location.

Volunteer as a Company

Group volunteering is an excellent chance to give back to your community, practice team building and leave a lasting impression of your company’s message and values. From local neighborhoods to global efforts, you’ll find community service and employee growth opportunities everywhere. Here are a few corporate volunteering ideas.

Volunteer at a Local Organization

Volunteering locally lets your workers dedicate themselves to a cause that’s close to home and to their hearts. Spend the day at your local food bank, animal shelter or other nearby organization — it’s easy to organize a fun corporate event your employees can bond over.

Invite Children to the Office

Remember “bring your child to work” day? Turn it into an interesting, educational experience for everyone by inviting kids from a local organization to play games, learn about your company and win candy and toys. Employees and children alike will love spending quality time together.

Clean Up a Public Space

From parks to roads to beaches, you and your workforce can help create a healthier, happier and safer place to live. You can even turn a cleanup event into a competition with rewards for whoever collects the most garbage. Host your own event or join up with a local cleanup crew to reduce pollution and enhance a neighborhood’s appearance.

Donate to a Good Cause

You can donate books, food, clothing and more to a cause in your community. Want to make it competitive? Divide your employees into teams and see who can gather the most donations! Many organizations accept shipped items, making this event idea suitable for both remote and in-person offices.

Tutor a Student

Sharing skill sets with students reinforces your employees’ knowledge and inspires kids to learn, grow and ask questions. Tutoring can take place at your closest school or college. There are also online programs that allow you to accommodate everyone’s schedules and needs, making it a great opportunity for remote teams.

Get Ideas From Your Employees

As an employer, you should recognize that your team members have different needs and preferences. While some may love a good Nerf war, others may prefer a more leisurely activity like decorating. Foster a collaborative environment from the start by sharing ideas, opinions and perspectives with your team. More viewpoints help you choose suitable activities, meaning your employees get the most out of their experience.

Receiving input also ensures higher participation. You should plan an event that fits most everyone’s schedules, circumstances and goals. Whether you want to improve communication and teamwork or relieve stress, commit to a time and date together so you’ll all have something to look forward to!

For a larger event, consider forming a committee. Employees from different departments and teams will be able to interact and connect, leading to unique corporate party ideas and a sense of camaraderie throughout the workplace. Be sure to send out surveys after the occasion — your team members will feel valued, and you can use their feedback to make your next outing even more enjoyable.

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