Promotional Pen Strategy and Ways to Use Promotional Pens

Promotional pens make an excellent addition to your marketing strategy, and you can use them in various ways. Pens are affordable, practical, portable, effective and easy to incorporate into any campaign! And that’s just the start of their value.

Promotional pens can promote any message and raise awareness for your organization, product or service. Using promotional gifts like pens is a swift and powerful way to promote your message and build rapport with your customers.

Here are five creative ways to use promotional pens and why adding pens to your campaign can be a marketing win!

Why Give Out Promotional Pens

Promotional gifts are always going to be a hit, but pens can be especially effective for a number of reasons:

They’re Cost-Effective

A promotional pen strategy is extremely cost-effective and can yield an excellent return on investment. Pens are an inexpensive promotional item, but recipients will use them daily, meaning you get lots of bang for your buck. If you have a larger budget for promotional items, you can invest in executive pens or gift sets to impress your customers or co-workers — still without breaking the bank.

They Build Brand Awareness

Some of the most effective promotional items are the ones your customers or co-workers use daily. Promotional pens are great for advertising because recipients use them often and in front of others. Pens are also often shared, exposing more people to your brand and keeping your company at the top of mind.

They’re Practical

We all love freebies, but practical freebies are especially valued! Novelty gifts can make an instant impression, but the gifts that make a lasting impression are the ones recipients use often.


How to Use Promotional Pens to Promote Your Business

While promotional pens are awesome marketing tools in and of themselves, there are a few ways you can use them to fit your unique strategy. Consider these five promotional pen uses:

1. Leave-Behinds

When you sign a credit card receipt at a business or restaurant, leave your logo pen to be reused by employees or the wait staff. The same goes at the doctor’s or dentist’s office or any other busy place where you typically use a pen.

2. Tokens of Appreciation

Hand out customized pens to your staff and suppliers. They’ll appreciate the freebie, and they’ll likely use the pens outside the office, too.

3. Donations

Head to your local schools, churches, libraries and community centers with a few boxes of promo pens. These places often have small budgets but a significant need for supplies.

4. Direct-Mail

Enclose promotional pens in your business mail — not just promotional mailings. They make a pleasant surprise for the people processing your electrical payment.

5. Extras in Gift Baskets

Logo pens are easy to include in gift packages for clients, whether you’re giving them promo tumblers or elaborate gift baskets. It’s just one more way to get your message in front of them and show them how much their business matters to you.

How to Choose Which Pen to Give Away

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to top-notch pens, so these key points can help you choose the right ones and ensure a solid pen marketing strategy:

  • Set a reasonable budget to get quality pens.
  • Buy pens in bulk to save on costs and to have a selection for future promos.
  • Plan your design so that you understand how your branding will fit the pens.

Once you have considered these elements, some great options include:

  • Executive pens: Do you want to make a lasting impression on VIP clients? Executive pens are top-of-the-range pens perfect for gifting to high-paying clients or for celebrating milestones like big company anniversaries.
  • Gift sets: Pen gift sets are another sophisticated option that will make a stellar impression on new and existing clients alike.
  • Stylus and multi-functional pens: Stylus and multi-functional pens are perfect for gifting to a tech-savvy customer base.
  • Novelty pens: If you want to instantly grab your clients’ attention or build brand awareness quickly, novelty pens are the way to go!


Browse Promotional Pens From ePromos

When you look at promotional pen strategies and ways to use promotional pens, it’s clear why they are worth the investment. Pens fit every budget and can help build your company’s reach.

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