The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Charging Pads

Although wireless charging technology is nothing new, commercial wireless charging pads, or mats, have just begun to reach consumers. If you want the best wireless charging pad, you need to know the basics of wireless charging and how to select one that’s perfect for your devices and charging needs.

Because wireless charging pads have only recently come into the market, they make great giveaways for promotional campaigns at trade shows, workshops, events, or as incentives to your most loyal customers or clients. They’re relatively inexpensive, and they look great with your logo and contact information printed on them.

Not everyone has one. That makes them a novelty that will attract visitors to your locale, and they’ll want to show their friends and coworkers. As novelties gaining popularity quickly, people who receive them will be thrilled to have one. Simple and convenient, these promotional items have a high perceived value, practically guaranteeing a positive experience associated with your brand. Read on for some FAQ’s and Pro’s and Con’s around Wireless Chargers.

Wireless-Charging-Pad-iphoneWhat Is a Wireless Charging Pad?

Wireless charging pads belong to a whole group of devices used to charge batteries in cell phones and other mobile devices. They work with most modern smartphones and tablets, and, as the name implies, they charge devices without physically connecting the charging pad to the device. The only cable your pad needs will be the one that charges the pad itself.

If you have ever gotten into bed and successfully wound down for the evening, only to realize you forgot your phone charger in another room, you’ll love having a wireless charging pad. Just plug in the pad and set it on your nightstand, where it’s always within reach. You won’t have to look for your charger cable, fumble in the dark trying to plug it or worry about it getting disconnected when you reach for something nearby. These nifty devices are also fantastic for permanent placement on office desks and in conference rooms, on living room side-tables, or anywhere one would sit to rest and charge their phone.

How Do Wireless Charging Pads Work?

To charge your cell phone or tablet, you just set it on top of the charging pad. There’s no need to connect it to a cable in the wall or a USB port.

The wireless charging pads, themselves, connect to an outlet or USB port. Through the magic of technology, they charge your device by creating an inductive (or magnetic) field in a coil. This primary coil serves as an electromagnet not much different from those used in scrap yards or in electromagnetic door locks.

Within your cell phone or tablet, a secondary coil collects and stores the energy in the device battery. There, it provides the direct current that runs your device.

What are the Advantages of Wireless Charging Pads?

Wireless chargers provide a safer means of charging your devices. You never risk touching an exposed contact, as you do with traditional charger cables and phones. The lack of a “plug” that is constantly being pulled out also makes for one less moving part to wear, soil, corrode or damage.

Connecting is simple. Instead of fumbling for a power cord, you just drop it on the pad sitting on your nightstand or desk. As charging pads rise in popularity, you’ll soon see them in cafes, restaurants, and other gathering places.

What Are the Disadvantage of Wireless Charging Pads?

Wireless charging pads are limited to five Watts of power (just like a one Amp plug), so they may not charge your devices as fast as a two Amp hard-wired charger or one with Quick Charge technology . Also, PopSockets, cell phone wallets, or any other type of cell phone accessory will need to removed for the item to charge properly.
Finally, wireless chargers are a bit more expensive than traditional chargers. If your phone does not have the right technology, adding a case or adapter will add to your overall hardware costs.

How Long Does It Take the Wireless Charging Pad to Charge a Device?

Only a few years ago, wireless charging was practically an overnight affair, taking up to five hours. Early wireless charging pads were much slower than hard-wired chargers.

Although wireless chargers have not caught up to hard-wired charging speed, manufacturers have reduced wireless charging pad charge time, according to How-to Geek. More recently, charging time has dropped to two or three hours for an iPhone 8, reported Digital Trends.

Pad users reported to Android Central that their pads charge their cell phones in about an hour. Your charge time will, of course, depend upon the power wireless charging pad that you purchase, as well as the device that you want to charge.

You can get the best charging speed from your wireless charging pad by choosing one with a higher wattage. Wattages range from five to 15 Watts. Don’t go overboard, though: With a five W phone, a 15 W charger will not provide a significant advantage over a 7.5 W charger.

Full Color Charging PadHow Much Should I Expect to Spend on a Quality Wireless Charging Pad?

Wireless charging pads exist to fit any budget, with prices varying from under 10 dollars to more than $300. Popular pads now run between $30 and $70. Even so, you’ll find excellent chargers for much less.

Promotional wireless chargers and charging pads, designed with custom logos, are offered at a discount based upon the number of banks purchased. You’ll find promotional wireless charging pads with prices well below $10 each, with a few models priced around $30 per unit.

These pads make fantastic marketing collateral because potential customers will associate your business with the quality service and convenience of the wireless charger itself.

For those who use your charging pad at the office, prominent placement on their desk will serve as a constant reminder of your brand.

Will My Phone Support a Wireless Charging Pad?

Many phones now support wireless charging – You can find lists of compatible phones like this one at Mobile Fun. However, some of these pages do not receive regular updates. So, the best way is to check your phone’s specs online. GizModo shows you how to find online specs for almost any device. Look to see if your device is “Qi certified” or compatible with wireless charging.

For many incompatible devices, manufacturers produce unique replacement rear covers or cases to allow wireless charging. They make them model-specific, so if you go this route, make sure that you purchase the right cover for your device model.

If you cannot find a wireless charging cover for your phone, you can still go with a universal adapter. Even many older devices can take advantage of wireless charging pads with one of these adapters.

What are the Standards for Wireless Charging?

Recently, competing standards are making pad selection a little complicated. According to Transparency Market Research, varying standards, are brought about by three groups in the market, including:

● Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) – resonance technology
● Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – Qi (pronounced, “chee”) standard
● Power Matters Alliance (PMA) – merged with A4WP

Inoperability among these technologies deems it necessary to ensure that a particular cell phone is compatible with the specific technology complicated charger selection. However, the surge in the popularity of Qi – certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – has practically pushed other standards out of the market. A quick search for retailers stocking these devices verifies that they have all but disappeared. Qi-certified devices rule today’s market.

Can I Use a Different Brand Wireless Charging Pad with My Device?

The end result of the resonance technology – an electromagnetic field – varies little from brand to brand. Any brand phone or tablet should work with your wireless charger.


A wireless charging pad certainly provides a convenient, effective wireless charging option for your cell phone or tablet. With the information that we have provided, you can select the best wireless charging pad and get a quality device at a modest price. Call us, the Promo Know-How People to jump start your next campaign with custom wireless chargers, portraying your brand with new technology and style.

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