ePromos for Good Award Winner: Step Up

April 2018 Winner

ePromos has awarded Step Up with $500 worth of promotional products. Step Up won because of their 20-year dedication to young women and their belief that all girls should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Step Up’s main goal is to support girls through inspiration, encouragement and role modeling. Mentors encourage girls to dream about their career possibilities, enabling the girls to create a vision for their own lives. Mentors empower this young generation with confidence, so they are ready to join the next generation of professional women.

The program is specifically for urban high school students between the ages of 13-18 (grades 9 through 12), who live or go to school in underserved neighborhoods. The program’s accomplishments happen through after-school programs, mentorship and more. The curriculum that impacts the girls: learning to express oneself, opening, pursue goals, be resilient, build relationships, be a good team member, gain strong organizational skills, and navigate the college application process. Step Up’s entire approach to working with teens is based on the belief that each girl has untapped potential and that potential deserves to develop to its fullest. Step Up designs programming to unmask and build upon each teen’s individual potential.

Schools in the United States who have a partnership with Step Up include:

Atlanta: Benjamin Banneker High School, Booker T. Washington High School, South Atlanta High School.

Chicago: Carl Schurz High School, DRW College Prep, Farragut Career Academy, John F. Kennedy High School, Johnson College Prep, Lindblom Math & Science Academy, Muchin College Prep, Sullivan High School.

Dallas: Franklin D Roosevelt High School and Academy of Health Science, South Oak Cliff High School, Thomas Jefferson High School, Uplift Luna Secondary School.

Los Angeles: Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School, Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High School, Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School, Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School, Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School, Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School, Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy, Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy High School, Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School.

New York: Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx, Vanguard High School.

Donations come from membership dues, Shine & Dine events and events called “Power Hour”. Only at a Power Hour do attendees have the opportunity to rub elbows with top business minds while raising funds for Step Up programs. Funds to support these girls also comes from partnerships with major brand names. Supporters and Ambassadors for Step Up include Jessica Alba, Khandi Alexander, Tatyana Ali, Amy Brenneman, Anna Chlumsky and Garcelle Beauvais.

A membership with Step Up inspires women, which inspires growth in membership. Step Up Salons connect women at local retail sponsors and Step Up Power Breakfast help members start the day on an inspirational note by bringing philanthropic women together. In addition, Step Up annually brings a panel of women together for a conversation that connects them as women.

ePromos for Good

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